Ex Cathedra by The Lost Abbey

Rating: 6/6

Ex Cathedra by The Lost Abbey is a 12.5% ABV Belgian Quad brewed with Ginger and Orange and aged in Bourbon Barrels

The Holiest protector of dogmas, doctrines, faith, and spirituality, the Pontiff is in charge of it all. He’s got his own Italian city and a bullet-proof Popemobile to take him wherever he wants. And he answers only to the big guy upstairs. Dude’s living large, all while acting as The Rose to the world’s moral compass.

That’s a ton of pressure being the wisest sage in the land and having your finger on the trigger of Ex Cathedra. Maybe it causes him to throw back a few glasses of the Sacrament from time to time? Lord knows if we were in that situation, we’d tipple to.


It is not often I get these little Lost Abbey bottles. In fact, many times I won’t simply on principle since I can get their beer on tap for much cheaper. If I ever do get one though, I do it to put it on the website. I take the hit so you don’t have to unless you want to and mainly to see if it is worth the price. With some new releases especially the religious ones, I definitely always want to bring them here to the site especially since I’m a sucker for the artwork and Lost Abbey was one of the primary reason I started label collecting before I did reviews. The last time I tried a pope beer was the Sede Vacante in which pope Benedict was leaving office and the new pope was given the chance to appear which is the current one, Pope Francis. This beer seems more of a tribute than Sede Vacante. Let’s have a look and see how this beer is, cheers!

Dark Belgian candy sugar, dulce de leche caramel, bananas, bourbon, anise, clove spice, ginger bread, coriander, oak marshmallows, chocolate smores, dark chocolate, dark fruits like raisins, figs, plums, prunes, currants, cherries, orange preserves, fruit cake, orange pound cake, piloncillo sugar cone, allspice, nutmeg, pecan pie and mint chocolate chip.

Rich anise, clove spice, Ginger bread, coriander, bananas, oak, marshmallows, toasted coconut hint, licorice, mint chocolate chip, dark chocolate, dark fruits like raisins, figs, plums, prunes, currants, cherries, Dark Belgian candy sugar, dulce de leche caramel, bourbon, rocky road ice cream hints, toffee, orange preserves, tangerine jelly on rye bread, piloncillo sugar cone, allspice, nutmeg, pecan pie, whipped cream, fruit cake, orange pound cake, Belgian chocolate, marshmallow chocolate smores, chocolate waffle cake, capirotada raisin bread pudding and flan.

Finishes rich with dark fruits, fruit cake, ginger bread, orange notes, orange pound cake, oak, pecan pie, and dark chocolate. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV. Dark murky brown full body, smooth, creamy, velvety and chewy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

Definitely amazing! Especially if you love fruit cake and ginger bread cookies and orange pound cake. For a barrel aged quad I think it is sure damn exceptional and supremely complex. The most awesome parts of the quadrupel mix super well with the mix of uncommon ingredients and the fact it is barrel aged, this one is a winner for sure! While I do believe this beer is damn exceptional and I highly recommend it, the only down side is the price at 17$ for a 350ml and while I think it is damn delicious, I recommend you get this one on tap if you don’t wanna pay 17$ for it. I would get this one again only if it was cheaper priced or if I can get it off the tap.

Anime Corner:
Dizzy from Guilty Gear was used as I wanted a character that represents the divine and the deathly. Dizzy literally has a wing of death and an angel wing. So the way the give advise to her is similar to the way the archbishops give advise to the pope in the label. Also, I think the white out fit she wears fits the white robe the pope wears as well.



Novo Quadrupel by Novo Brazil

16665838_10103986367195150_890731621990145770_oRating: 6/6

Novo Quadrupel by Novo Brazil is a 12% ABV is a Belgian Quadrupel aged in Bourbon Barrels.

San Diego brewed, Brazilian Inspired

Five types of malt and a noble trappist-style yeast grant this beautiful beer an extraordinary complexity. Our Quadrupel is aged in bourbon barrels, which lends it a deep layer of flavor. Enjoy it now or next year, but we recommend enjoying this brew in a proper glass at cellar temperature (50°F)

I am always up for trying new Quadrupels, one of my favorite styles from Belgium. Therefore, when I saw this one, I was definitely intrigued. There are not many Bourbon Barrel or for that matter, spirit aged quadrupels out there. Any opportunity to try one or bring one to the website is always something that I pride on. Novo Brazil is a new brewery to San Diego and one I have not seen in the past. These guys seem to be brewing some nice beers so a good way to gauge would be to try this beer. Let’s take a look, cheers!

Stone fruit peach, piloncillo sugar cone, hazelnut nectar, marzipan, pecan pie notes, candied Oranges, Waffle cone, butterscotch, rye bread, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, bourbon, oak, whiskey notes, rock candy, Belgian dark candi sugar, bananas, clove spice, dark fruit raisins, figs, dates, plum, prunes, dark cherry, honey dew melon and tamarind.

Candied Oranges, Waffle cone, butterscotch, rye bread, dark fruit raisins, figs, dates, plum, prunes, oak, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, bourbon, whiskey notes, rock candy, Belgian dark candi sugar, bananas, clove spice, dark cherry, raspberry notes, preserved tangerines, toasted coconut bread, leathery notes, stone fruit peach, piloncillo sugar cone, chocolate notes, brown sugar, cinnamon, fruit cake, peppercorn, raw sun oranges, cane sugar, honey, honey dew melon, tamarind, capirotada raisin bread pudding, hazelnut nectar, marzipan, pecan pie notes, tropical fruit pineapple, dragon fruit and old mango.
Finishing rich with honey, dark fruits, chocolate, rock candy, oak, bourbon, oranges, rye bread, tropical notes, bananas and pecan pie. No alcohol in the taste despite the 12% ABV, crimson amber hazy body, smooth, creamy, crisp, and velvety mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

Damn exceptional quadruple! Unlike other quads, this one bring out the more candied orange like flavors but I think that is in part due to the bourbon barrel aging process. It still holds many of the complex flavors, which I love, from Quadrupels and more. I have noticed that some quads do enhance with dark chocolate or dark fruit flavors but this one is definitely more on the oak side. I highly recommend this one, definitely one to love!
Anime Corner:
One of the 12th Gods of Destruction and his angel from Dragon Ball Super as well as Dizzy from Guilty gear were chosen in this pairing for 2 reasons. One to pair with the tropical rain forest of the beer label theme and the Quadrupel style being linked to monks, abbeys, religious figures like angels and gods. The characters from DBS are new and are insanely powerful, thus indicating the strength of the new comers. Plus the colors work well with the label.

Strawberry & Cranberry Three Philosophers by Brewery Ommegang

14889762_10103680151239380_6681909633349115176_oRating: 6/6

Strawberry & Cranberry Three Philosophers by Brewery Ommegang is a 9.7% ABV Belgian Quadrupel brewed with Strawberries and Cranberries.

To Ponder Your Thoughts
Once this beer was a dream, not quite finished.
Like a symphony missing a line.
A quadrupel, for nights of deep thinking, and we thought it was perfectly fine.
But we wated much more, so we pondered a while. We brewed on but our minds would not cease. Once we used cherries, and now, other, other lovely berries and Eureka! A dark Masterpiece!
This unique version of Three Philosophers unites caramel and chocolate notes of our malty quadrupel ale with strawberries and cranberries, for new complexities to invite your deepest consideration.

Since the first time I have tried Three Philosophers, it has been till this day, one of my top favorite “common” beers in the world. Essentially right next to St. Bernardus abt 12 and Trois Pistoles. While I think even after this one, that beer will remain a favorite of mine, there is no doubt in my mind, that a first bottled variant of the original brings me so much joy, it is ridiculous. The original base beer was a quadruple and cherry kriek hybrid. This one, I am not sure what process they went with. Whether they blended a strawberry and cranberry lambic or just made a pure quadruple and brewed it with the fruit, I am not sure. One thing is for sure, Ommegang is one of my favorites when it comes to Belgian style brews. I have yet to go wrong with their beers. So with that said, cheers to a new variant of the Three Philosophers!
Dark fruit cherries, raspberries, raisins, figs, dates, plums, prunes, currants, blackberries, Strawberries, cranberries, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry cake, chocolate pomegranates, chocolate raisinettes, wine grapes, port wine, dark candi sugar, pecan pie, dulce de leche caramel, mixed berry preserves on rye bread, berry yogurt, bananas and clovey phenolic notes.

Rich strawberries and cranberries, wine grapes, port wine, dark candi sugar, rock candy, Pan dulce Mexican sweet bread, Dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding with raisins), dark fruit cherries, raspberries, raisins, figs, dates, plums, prunes, currants, blackberries, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry cake, chocolate pomegranates, chocolate raisinettes, pecan pie, cinnamon, flan, piloncillo sugar cone, bananas, clove spice, stone fruit peach, mango, mixed berry yogurt, marshmallows, citrus and mixed berry preserves on toasted rye bread.

Finishes with lots of rich dark fruits and mixed fruit flavors, vanilla, bananas, marshmallow smores, dark chocolate, earthy notes and rich dark candi sugar. No alcohol in the taste, bloody crimson body, smooth, cream, velvety and chewy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

Exceptionally awesome! Definitely up there with some of the best quads I love including the newer fruited quads I have tried like the Fig and raspberry quads from Figueroa Mountain and Mikkeller respectively, as an example. There is so much going on here ranging from the sweet dark fruit, chocolate and caramel flavors to the mild tartness brought by the fruit mix. As I mentioned before, while this one and the original are awesome in their own right, the fact that the original is my favorite, I will keep it that way. Still, this is a high recommendation for those that love Belgians and Quads!
Anime Corner:
Dizzy from Guilty Gear was brought back to represent the Three Philosophers as she did with the last beer. Essentially, she is one philosopher and the wings are the other 2 philosophers. This time however, I wanted to bring her with colors that would represent well with the new fruit additions to the beer. Still an awesome pairing to go with.

Seasonal Sneak by Cigar City brewing

14556749_10103598536121730_8444380239853625420_oRating: 5/5

Seasonal Sneak by Cigar City brewing is a 7% ABV Chocolate Pumpkin Ale with Spices added

An insidious beast that Seasonal Sneak. A few days here. A week there. Before you know it you are hanging a Christmas stocking on your Jack o’ Lantern and hiding painted eggs in the pumpkin pie. But there is no use fighting. Be still and let the cold claw of Seasonal Sneak seize your palate with a tumult of chocolate, pumpkin, and spice flavors. Label designed by Foursixsix

Talk about an evil Bugs Bunny! So it is finally the fall and out comes the pumpkin spiced beers. I have become to like some and other seem just the same. This on the other hand, intrigued me. Aside from the awesome artwork with a crazy Halloween on Christmas Bugs Bunny on the label. It makes me wonder if the purpose of this beer is to combine the fall flavors with holiday ale flavors. I might be looking too much into it but let’s have a look at this one. Cheers!

Bumpkin flesh, butterscotch, cinnamon, toasted pumpkin seed, coriander, clove spice, peppercorn, dark Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Abuelita, Ginger bread, cummin, nutmeg, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, dates, piloncillo sugar cone, green tea, mint, chai spice, Mexican Ponche caliente “Hot Holiday Punch”, cane sugar, grapes, fruit cake, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, citrus, lemons, hazelnut nectar, tobacco, apple pie and apple cider.

Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Abuelita, Ginger bread, cummin, nutmeg, pumpkin flesh, butterscotch, cinnamon, toasted pumpkin seed, coriander, clove spice, peppercorn, sangria, tequila notes, oak, wine grapes, cucumber, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, citrus, lemons, hazelnut nectar, tobacco, apple pie, apple cider wassail, Mexican Ponche caliente “Hot Holiday Punch”, cane sugar, grapes, fruit cake, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, dates, piloncillo sugar cone, green tea, mint and chai spice.

Finishes with herbal and spicy notes of mint, chai, Mexican Hot Punch, piloncillo sugar cone, dark chocolate, pumpkin flesh, wine grapes, nutmeg, ginger bread, cinnamon and hot apple cider. No alcohol in the taste, crimson dark light to medium body, smooth, creamy, velvety and silky mouthfeel,

Perfect and complex and yet so damn unique. It is definitely like something you would have closer to the end of the fall, like in Thanksgiving more than Halloween although the complexity is scary enough to give it the something worth being scared about. With a lot of unique chocolate flavors and spices, it is definitely also a unique pumpkin beer which is not the same as any other pumpkin beer I have tried in the past. Cigar City really surprises with their beers often. I would highly recommend you find this one for the season, especially for the evil Bugs Bunny.
Anime Corner:
Jack-O’ Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd was used in this pairing to go with the theme of Halloween and the Jack O’ Lantern look from Jack-O. The colors of her also complement the evil Bugs Bunny and the overall label colors as well as the flavors of the beer. The name of sneaking works well too as her appearance with the pumpkin head, as she is trying to scare on screen, is almost like she sneaked up and it was unexpected.


Blå Spøg Else collaboration by Mikkeller and Three Floyds

12034420_10102849580260280_3267370887212404091_o 12122471_10102849580938920_2136938409145135943_n 12079864_10102849581492810_5058367464597253386_oRating: 5.25/6

Blå Spøg Else collaboration by Mikkeller and Three Floyds is a 7.7% ABV Blueberry Lambic aged in Oak Barrels.

The newest addition to the ever expanding collaboration brew list. Once again arm in arm with our FFF brothers. Blå Spøgelse, paving the way with its blueberry and oak barrel action, will knock you right off your feet.


Been looking for this beer for 2 years! Blå Spøgelse or ‘Blue ghost’, just like when Pacman collects the large pill and the ghosts turn blue. This beer is essentially a major tribute to Pacman and as such, was one of the reasons I wanted to bring it forward to the website as it represents a great deal to the Video Game Community along with the Craftbeer community. Many adults in this age will recognize that retro label for sure. Especially those that love sours. Mikkeller and Three Floyds are not your average players in the craft beer industry but are definitely high in the popular craft chain just like The Bruery, Stone, Russian River and even Firestone Walker in California. So anyway, the fact that this beer is finally here, let’s take a look and get READY! To chomp on… umm…. try some delicious beer Insert Pacman Theme Paku Paku Paku Paku!

Dark fruits raisins, plums, tart raspberry, stone fruits like apricots, sour wine grapes, blueberries, flowers like hibiscus, chamomile, lavender, roses, oak, vanilla, caramel, Blueberry yogurt, Blueberry cheese cake hints, lemon hints and funky notes.

Blueberry yogurt, Blueberry cheese cake, vanilla, oak, hibiscus, lavender, wine grapes, port wine notes, tart blackberries, dark fruit raisins, plums figs, hints of Danish cream sweetness, banana hints, Belgian phenolic notes, funky notes, rich lemons and lemon peel, Stone fruit tart apricots, Concorde grapes, blueberry cobbler hints, tart green apples, blueberry pie, pecan pie, brown sugar, piloncillo sugar cone, marshmallow hints, anise, hints of chocolate, mushrooms, vegetable hints and sangria mezcal grape hints.

Finishing dry with creamy cheese cake or blueberry pie sweetness but over super sour tart blueberries, raspberries, vanilla, stone fruit, oak and dark fruit. No alcohol in the taste, Super purple and magenta full body, creamy, effervescent, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, sipping drinkability.

A sour but a sour pushing some boundaries. A lot of the extra credit for this beer came in especially from the way they were able to balance it out with some complex sweetness as this is not your typical sour. While the sourness is the forefront of the beer, the other half is taken over by a complex fruitiness and and dessert like characteristics. Glad I was able to find it after a 2 year search! Essentially, it took them a while to brew it and have be brought here to the states. Go find this one online before it is gone for sure! If you love sours, this is awesome!

Anime Corner:
Samus Aran from Metroid, Ky Kyske & Sol Badgirl from Guilty gear, Lucina from Fire Emblem and even PacMan himself all pair with this unique beer as a tribute to Pacman. Samus represents Pacman in this pairing as it looks like she is traveling through corridors of light and darkness like Pacman would. She has the same hair color as pacman and blue for blueberries. Ky represents Pacman and Sol the Ghosts in the pacman games and finally, Pacman himself with Lucina representing the blueberries. Overall, Pacman beer tribute complete!


20th Anniversary by Saint Arnold Brewery

10606463_10101996990022950_8027400074730348410_n 10622929_10101996987273460_8741369572496244393_n

Rating: 5.35/5

20th Anniversary by Saint Arnold Brewery is an 11.2% ABV English Barleywine.

Our 20th Anniversary Ale is pure, with no additives or preservatives. In order to maintain the freshest flavor possible, we do not pasteurize our beer. Many of its subtle flavors are delicate and would not stand up to the heat of pasteurization. We recommend that this product be stored cold to avoid any degradation in flavor. Malt: This beer is brewed with Maris Otter, pale two row, Munich and Chocolate malted barley. Maris Otter accounts for 60% of the grist. Hops: We bittered the beer with Centennials, finished it in the kettle with Cascades and dry hopped with Simcoe. Yeast: We use our house Saint Arnold yeast.

An awesome thanks to Aaron at www.beermetaldude.com for obtaining this beer for me. This beer is the main aspect of celebration for the good people at Saint Arnold Brewery in their 20 years of making awesome craft beer. From the few beers I have tried from Saint Arnold, thanks to Aaron, I have come to realize how delicious their work is. I know definitely have more to try from them but they also have even more new projects as the years go buy ever increasing the greatness that is Saint Arnold. Hopefully one day we get to see their beers in California. Until then, Cheers to the anniversary, cheers to my friend Aaron and cheers to you, the readers!!

Citrus, mild grapefruit, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, chocolate, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, pecan pie, raisin bread pudding, hints of oak, hazelnut, oak, cherry, earthy hop notes, bananas, dragon fruit, pineapple, old mango, butterscotch, rye bread, green tea, honey, clove spice, peach, guava hints and papaya.

Grapefuit sugar, mild citrus, tangerine, orange gummy bears, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit, crème brulee, tropical fruit notes like pineapple, dragon fruit, mango, papaya, butterscotch, leather, green tea, rye bread, clove spice, banana hints, peach, guava, raisin bread hints, dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, chocolate hints, brown sugar, earthy and floral hops, oak, hazelnut, pecan pie, honey and pears .

Grapefruit hops linger in the end but are faded by the sweet caramel, raisins and rye bread with sweet tropical fruit cake notes. No alcohol in the taste, a sipping beer, full mouth feel with a medium body.

Damn, goes to prove why I like this style so much. Not everyone makes a barleywine so good, but this one is definitely formidable. The balance of hops and sweetness comes together really awesome exposing a good variety of hoppy citrus flavors moving toward exotic fruits and getting into the caramel and dark fruit goodness. It seems well in tact and well maintained. At 11.2%, this is definitely ageable and I really wanna see what happens after another 20 years. Either way, great work on the anniversary beer to Saint Arnold and for sure, this beer should not be missed if you can get it.

Anime Corner:
Dizzy from Guilty Gear was used in this beer to represent not only the colors but the whole aspect of saint. Even if Dizzy is an artificial magical creature, she well looks like an angel which fits with the whole aspect of the saint. The green wing is your hoppy side, Dizzy in the center is the tropical flavors while the white lady wing is the utter bliss and seduction into the realm of sugar. They pretty much are a part of her and how balanced and complex and almost heavenly this barleywine is, so is Dizzy. She is the representative of the Saint in Saint Arnold.


2014 Quingenti series Batch no. 5 Bastard in the Rye by Stone brewing

10559952_10101935639734420_4230924272620446516_n 10451850_10101935640667550_7737156270887044399_nRating: 5.55/5

2014 Quingenti Millilitre series Batch no. 5 Bastard in the Rye by Stone brewing is a 10% ABV is an American Strong Ale aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels. Essentially, 2013 Arrogant Bastard aged in Templeton Rye Whiskey Barrels.

Brewed December 10th, 2013
The progenitor of the American strong ale style, Arrogant Bastard Ale is loaded with malt, hops and bold flavors. This audaciously complex, aggressive beer never wavers in its unprecedented celebration of intensity.

In the Mash: Classified
In The Boil: Classified
In the Whirlpool: Classified

Unfiltered and Aged
5 months in Charred American Oak Templeton Rye Whiskey-Barrels
IBUs: Classified
10% Alc/Vol
Bottled May 2014

Cellar Notes
This is our third experiment using barrels from Templeton Rye Whiskey, an artisanal spirit conjurer dating back to the Prohibition Era. Arrogant Bastard Ale’s aggressive base flavors lead the charge, followed by well-integrated whiskey flavors, lifting already intense caramel notes while adding nuances of vanilla and spice. Smooth and lingering toasted oak and coconut, developed during aging, come on strong in the finish. Deep and complex, this beer will continue to evolve with the passage of time, just as our country’s views on firewater have since the “noble experiment’s” abrogation.

The true king of beers has returned with an unleashing fury of honor this time equipped with extra strength and no holding back to complexity, bitterness and flavor. Why do I talk so highly of this beer? Because the original arrogant bastard has held up a lot of praise in my mind since the beginning when I first started doing reviews and getting into craft beer in general. Tasking like one bitter but potent and delicious son a of a bitch, it was no wonder I really liked it. Just like that one, I am sure this one will show no mercy either.

Strong banana and dulce de leche caramel aromas on rye bread, coconut, macaroons, chocolate, tropical fruits, old mango, oak, vanilla, bourbon whiskey, toffee, flan, crème brulee,honey, earthy hops, campfire wood, coriander, maple, berry, white chocolate, wheat, raw citrus oranges, brown sugar and butterscotch.

Dulce de Caramel glazed grapefruits, rye bread, bananas, dark cherry, flan, burnt oak, coconut, macaroons, chocolate, tropical fruits, old mango, oranges, oak, vanilla, bourbon whiskey, toffee, crème brulee, campfire wood, coriander, maple syrup, molasses, white chocolate, berries and cream hints, butterscotch, honey, earthy hops and the good cheese.

Leaves with caramel, rye, grapefruit, flan, piney and earthy bitter hops. No alcohol in the taste, sipping beer with close to a full body.

Exceptionally delicious and very Bastard like. I really love how even though the super hop flavors are there, they are settled down to bring forth lots of complexity that is extremely complimentary of the Bastard showing a very special side of the bastard not seen before when done with other versions of the Bastard. I highly recommend trying this one out for sure and you may want to get another one just to savor. I just hope Stone releases these in 750ml instead.

Anime Corner:
Baiken from Guilty Gear was paired with this awesome beer as she has been used since the original Arrogant Bastard. She represents the original Bastard in the sense that she follows the arts of Bushido and honor, like the honor of Arrogant Bastard which fights the good fight against Macro tasteless beers as in the original philosophy of the Arrogant Bastard. This time, she is surrounded by the sugar canes and smoking her pipe to represent the oak and rye. The mission to not only surpass the pre-prohibition era as synonymous to bring more of the craft movement forward is ongoing and forever, she will bring the Arrogance forward as a weapon of delight!… Or so I am told, either way, don’t mess with her, she will make you pay.


Parrot in a Palm Tree by Karl Strauss

484752_10101494937505220_223810333_n 1468748_10101494937719790_1711247771_nRating: 5.45/5

Parrot in a Palm Tree by Karl Strauss is an 8.5% ABV Holiday Baltic Porter aged in Port Wine Barrels

In San Diego, we’re not known for our partridges or pears but we can all relate to those noisy parrots and their relentless “caroling”. Parrot in a Palm Tree is a robust Baltic Porter brewed especially for the Holidays. Aged two months in San Pasqual Tawny Port barrels, the resulting brew isn’t for the birds. This winter warmer boasts a complex bouquet of dark fruits, espresso and chocolate, with hints of oak in its warming finish. Raise a glass to 2010 or save a bottle as this limited release will age with the best of them.

A rare beer that I was only able to find online. This beer is the first in the Twelve Days of San Diego Christmas beers. Aged 3 years so far as the beer came out in 2010. Just the fact that it is aged in port wine gives me that reminiscence of Troise Pistoles. I have been looking for the previous versions of the Karl Strauss Christmas beers. Last year I had the third installment, Mouette à Trois (Three Seagulls) which I reviewed and though the world of that beer. The fact that it aged since 2010 and in Port Wine? I can only think the world of this beer. 

Just like the Bruery’s Partridge in a Pear tree, very rich dark fruit raisins, figs, plukms, dark cherries, raspberries, sweet port wine, grapes, chocolate, pecan pie, brown sugar, fruit cake, light coffee, caramel, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, strawberry marmalade and raisin bread pudding 

Good amount of rich port wine but nothing that burns, pleasant raisins, chocolate, mocha, coffee, java, hazelnut, pecan pie, fruit cake, molasses, Blackberries, currant marmalade, vanilla, dulce de leche, raisin bread pudding, rich figs, coconut, and brownies.

The aftertaste leaves off rich as well, with nice figs, raisins, port wine, chocolate, coffee and fruit cake breadiness. Hard to detect the alcohol in the taste, but if anything it brings a great splash of flavors. Easy to moderate drinkability with hardly any harshness. Kinda smooth really

Freaking great and very delicious. Exceeding expectation but expected from a beer that is aged in port wine barrels and tasting like Trios pistoles, but also close to the initial flavors of the Bruery’s Partridge in a Pear Tree (except the pear). That and I love parrots. Sue me, I just do. Each flavor I had mentioned earlier is not only notes, but actual nice rich flavors coming through Highly recommended if you can find it. It is aging very well and hopefully by the 12th Christmas of San Diego release will be just at peak.

Anime Corner:
Dizzy is one of the characters from the Guilty Gear series. In the Art work, it matches the beer label as she is with the parrots. The colors are representative of the label as well. In terms of the complex flavors, it brings forth one of her ultimate features, which is complexity of power and emotions. The sweetness of this beer and complexity only shows you part of her true potential. If this beer is mean to age until the 12th release of the Christmas of San Diego beers, her true potential will reach its peak. 

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku in the second picture represents the same color as the parrot thus complimenting the label. That is about it for my visual comparison. She is also sweet like this beer.

Evil Dead Red by Alesmith Brewing

1385216_10101434256680080_432426697_n 1379708_10101434256675090_1434306946_n 1384064_10101434256555330_501628676_nRating: 5.2/5

Evil Dead Red by Alesmith brewing is a 6.66%ABV Amber/Red Ale. First limited bottle release.

Each Halloween we release this special concoction to celebrate one of our favorite holidays. Deep blood-red in color an intense aroma of pine and citrus from an abundance of American Hops balances the sweetness and rich, bready flavors of this bee’s caramel malts. The result is a fiendishly smooth brew that will make your taste buds scream with delight.

This beer pairs Excellent with Toffee, Caramel, Apples or your favorite Horror flick.

After a long wait, 3 years to be exact, Alesmith finally releases their coveted Evil Dead Red Ale. I remember as far back as 2010 when the clerk at the local BevMo told my friend that they sold this in bottles but were out of stock, I remember looking it up only to find that it was never in stock. This is because it was never bottled until 2013. I remember its cousin the “My Bloody Valentine” and this is supposed to be way better. Well let’s see.

Aromas are of rich orange, grapefruit, pineapple, biscuit bread, caramel, piney and grassy hops, cherries, toffee, kiwi, strawberry, cinnamon, herbs, spice notes, earthy hops,nutmeg and raspberry candy notes

The flavors are herbs, spices, basil, oregano, caramel, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, apricot, strawberries, mango, pecans, honey, biscuit bread, toasted wheat bread, peanuts, cinnamon notes, rye bread, raspberries, walnuts, vanilla, butterscotch, kiwi dragon fruit, coconut, pecans, vanilla and toffee 

The aftertaste is of caramel, herbal hops, citrus and nutty. The beer is perfectly balanced. Not to sweet not too bitter. Easy to moderate drinkability

Overall this is an awesome beer bringing forth some of the best flavors of what true ambers should be. Extremely delicious and extremely flavorful. Beeradvocate.com rates it 7th best in the world. In 2010, it used to be number one. Now that is is available more, it may turns those odds. This is very equivalent to the nugget nectar or pretty damn close to it.

The Zombies Take Manhattan Imperial Zombie Killer by B. Nektar Meadery

1235139_10101385075025510_1873119161_n 601378_10101385076163230_1171027814_n 598511_10101385077340870_357269747_nRating: 5.25/5 *Mead Rating

The Zombies Take Manhattan Imperial Zombie Killer by B. Nektar Meadery is a 12%ABV Imperial Mead fermented with Apple, honey and cherries added then aged in rye whiskey barrels

We thought we had them under control. The antidote was working. But life, or even death, finds a way. After a year of successful treatments, their bodies stopped responding and grew nearly twice their normal size. Now they’ve overrun the city. I fear it’s too late for mankind. They’re coming… B. Afraid

Thus begins, the second chapter in the story of the zombie killers. Equipped with a sweeter and stronger tasting arsenal, I am sure will be awesome. This is the second Mead I get to try and the barrel aged version of the one I had reviewed which was very delicious. Check out the first chapter here: https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/zombie-killer-cherry-cyser-by-b-nektar-meadery/

Aromas are of vanilla, strong cinnamon, apples, cherries, raspberries, rye bread notes, whiskey, green tea, chamomile, hibiscus, caramel, mint, flowers, brown sugar and oak

The flavors are of rye bread, rye whiskey (not over powering at all but delicious), apples, dark cherry and raspberry yogurt, cherry cobbler, vanilla, cinnamon, mint, chamomile, hibiscus, butterscotch, slight smokey from the oak, pine tree, spices, brown sugar and flowers.

The after taste is of oak, cinnamon, apples, cherry and rye taste. No alcohol presence in the taste, going down, Nothing!! This is way to easy too drink, way too easy for it’s own good. I said it’s own good, not mine. If were to drink 6 of these I would become a zombie and I wouldn’t even know it

Overall, it went past the original. The insane part of this mead is that the whiskey is very hidden. So hidden that it is kind of dangerous as it is very smooth. No alcohol burn no nothing. The only part that is strong is the rich and delicious flavors. The second and possibly the last chapter in the zombie series for B. Nektar brings forth some really undead and unbelievable tale of a mead. Let’s just put it this way, for 12%ABV, I get slighter alcohol strength to some degree in like let’s say barrel aged beers. For those I don’t, they did an awesome job with their complex blend. This may not be super complex like a special Barrel aged stout for example, but it becomes champion of fooling the population. No wonder the zombies took over. 

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser by B. Nektar Meadery

1235004_10101384039914880_1366539685_n 1238924_10101384041107490_727514236_n 1185353_10101384044974740_812140037_nRating: 5/5 *Mead Rating

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser by B. Nektar Meadery is a 5.5% ABV Mead made with apples, honey and cherry juice

Dedicated to the freaks and geeks! What started as a top-secret experiment with Michigan honey, cherries and apple cider became a viral epidemic. It won’t be easy to service, so grab your weapons and don’t forget this bottle for backup! Serve cold…. zombies hate the cold…. B. Ware GrrrHaarrhUrrgh…

So here is my first attempt a reviewing a Mead. A Mead (according to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mead) is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water. Honey and water can also be added to a grain mash then strained after fermentation. Some people add spices, fruits and other ingredients to create different types of meads. So in the list of different type of Alcoholic beverages, this is basically a honey wine. Sweet stuff, expect it that way

Aromas are of apple jacks, cinnamon, cherry, flowers, vanilla, honey, hibiscus, chamomile, grapes, raspberries, cranberries, light biscuit notes and mint

Flavors are of rich tart black cherry yogurt, apples, cinnamon, vanilla notes, honey, Jamaica (Hibiscus Flowers drink), chamomile tea notes, elderflower notes, biscuit bread notes, raspberries and cherry cobbler at the end.

Aftertaste is quite sweet with honey lingering and tart cherry presence. Very easy drinking, sweet but not ultra sweet. The honey and spices give it a nice mellow flavor which doesn’t over power with too much sweetness. The level of sweetness actually seems very natural

Overall, this is a very amazing, what can I say. I could drink this all the time. It is almost like borderline cider and wine but rich in honey. Find this in time for the apocalypse before it is over and they are all gone. The Zombies have taken over Manhattan is the next chapter in this crazy episode of Mead releases of the apocalypse. Don’t Miss it, it will be awesome!!!

Oatmeal Yeti by Great Divide Brewing

9907_10101358396379730_774366284_n1236107_10101358397282920_784323944_nRating: 5/5

Oatmeal Yeti by Great Divide Brewing a 9.5% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with roasted oats and raisins

Much like its legendary predecessors, this Yeti is big, bold and dark. The addition of rolled oats softens Yeti’s notoriously roasty backbone and the small amount of raisins added in the brew kettle create a unique dark fruit character. Just as admired as those that came before it, Oatmeal Yeti Imperial Stout is a softer beast.

I have reviewed a couple versions of the yeti. The first one was the chocolate oak yeti which I thought was delicious. Then came the Belgian Yeti and that one was more phenomenal. The oatmeal yeti is this year’s (2013) new yeti release

Aromas are of sweet, dark, and bakers chocolate, mild espresso notes, more mocha, dark fruits like raisins, figs, pecans, caramel, rich chocolate cake, brownies, smokey notes, brown sugar and slight marshmallows.

Flavors are of graham crackers, marshmallows, sweet, milk and dark chocolate, raisin bread pudding, pecans, hazelnut, almond joy, caramel, light espresso notes, oatmeal raisin cookies with chocolate chips, almost a vanilla hint, light smokey and oak notes, figs, chocolate raisin, currants, toasted coconut

The after taste is sweet, dark fruity, bready and chocolatey. The beer is kind of syrupy and velvety like some of the best Stouts I have ever tried. A sipper but not very aggressive to it is moderately drinkable and not so bitter. This is the stuff for certain. 

Overall an awesomely perfect yeti with added flavors that work very well giving another silky layer to an already awesomely complex imperial stout. The Yetis are probably a golden standard of prime imperial stout examples (Basic one’s ofcourse, as Barrel Aged or Belgian Imperial Stouts are in a league of their own). Definitely try this, without a shadow of a doubt, this is a must get unless you find the chocolate aged one or the Belgian one. These are all great. Careful drinking this one, it is kind of addicting and you may end up finishing the bottle.

The Three Philosophers by Ommegang (New Label)

526229_10101069453857860_931053769_n 313764_10101069469122270_1245414941_n 382348_10101069469087340_1594364830_nRating: 5/5

Already did a review on this beer a while back. This is the version with the new label. Still one my top favorite beers in the world.

The Belgian motto is “Strength in Union.” No phrase better describes Ommegang’s delicious Three Philosophers Quadrupel, which unites malty Belgian-style ale with Liefmans Kriek, authentic cherry ale from Belgium. Dark, mysterious cherry-chestnut color. Pair with Strong Cheeses, desserts, or sip as an after dinner ale. 


The Three Philosophers by Ommegang

Rating: 5/5

The Three Philosophers by Ommegang is a 9.8%ABV Belgian Quadrupple ale blended with 2% Belgian Kriek (Cherry Belgian Ale). This, is my third next best beer in the world, right next to Trois Pistoles and St. Bernardus 12. It is simply remarkable. This is the 2012 edition and I have tried this beer several times to know I really like this one. This beer is now available at Downey Brewery. 

Created by blending a rich, malty, Belgian-style ale with authentic Kriek, a classic cherry ale from Belgium, our Quadruple is cultured yet wild, curious yet wise.
And remember “Phisolophy Begins in Wonder” – Plato

The fragrance of the beers is like that of mix of sweet bread, vanilla, caramel and cherries. It is really robust with fragrance. The flavors are very rich. While in some reviews I mentions flavors where in small amounts, medium or rich, this is really rich. Dulce de leche bread, vanilla, capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding with raisins, except this is with cherries and raisins), cinnamon, tangy cherries, raisins, dark fruits like figs and plums, some banana clove, minor pecan, hint of dark chocolate, brown sugar, alittle bit of wine sour grapes but not a lot, just a hint. Many people that have tried this beer enjoyed it. So I don’t see why it would be one of the best. This talking from my personal experience. It is widely available year round in 750ml bottles or in 330ml 4 packs an many craft beers places. Yes, amazingly enough, some of the best beers in the world for me are closer to home than some of the other beers I tired 😛

2011 Review:
SO….. this year I tried the 2011 version. LOL well it is almost the end of the year :P. The Three Philosophers by Ommegang is a true Belgian Quadruple brewed with Cherries. This style is called Kriek where you find a diversity of wine like/beer like flavors as a cherry ale is mixed with this Belgium beauty. Caramel, cherry, bread, unique deliciousness as only found in brews that are the best in 
the world. This is one of my top 10 beers. Originally introduced by my friend Chino, this is a world class for sure. Once that is often missed but surely a necessary pickup. Sometimes I wish they could invent an X-ray tongue tasting device where I can walk into the bev mo or any other craft brew store and learn to pick out the brews of ultimate deliciousness for myself. Sure, there are reviews and all but taste is everything. Until you try it for yourself then you will understand for sure….For anyone that reads my albums here on Facebook you should probably send me some feed back let me know what kind of brews you would like to see posted on here and I will try them and write about them….let me know :)…thanks for reading 😀