Evil Dead Red by Alesmith Brewing

1385216_10101434256680080_432426697_n 1379708_10101434256675090_1434306946_n 1384064_10101434256555330_501628676_nRating: 5.2/5

Evil Dead Red by Alesmith brewing is a 6.66%ABV Amber/Red Ale. First limited bottle release.

Each Halloween we release this special concoction to celebrate one of our favorite holidays. Deep blood-red in color an intense aroma of pine and citrus from an abundance of American Hops balances the sweetness and rich, bready flavors of this bee’s caramel malts. The result is a fiendishly smooth brew that will make your taste buds scream with delight.

This beer pairs Excellent with Toffee, Caramel, Apples or your favorite Horror flick.

After a long wait, 3 years to be exact, Alesmith finally releases their coveted Evil Dead Red Ale. I remember as far back as 2010 when the clerk at the local BevMo told my friend that they sold this in bottles but were out of stock, I remember looking it up only to find that it was never in stock. This is because it was never bottled until 2013. I remember its cousin the “My Bloody Valentine” and this is supposed to be way better. Well let’s see.

Aromas are of rich orange, grapefruit, pineapple, biscuit bread, caramel, piney and grassy hops, cherries, toffee, kiwi, strawberry, cinnamon, herbs, spice notes, earthy hops,nutmeg and raspberry candy notes

The flavors are herbs, spices, basil, oregano, caramel, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, apricot, strawberries, mango, pecans, honey, biscuit bread, toasted wheat bread, peanuts, cinnamon notes, rye bread, raspberries, walnuts, vanilla, butterscotch, kiwi dragon fruit, coconut, pecans, vanilla and toffee 

The aftertaste is of caramel, herbal hops, citrus and nutty. The beer is perfectly balanced. Not to sweet not too bitter. Easy to moderate drinkability

Overall this is an awesome beer bringing forth some of the best flavors of what true ambers should be. Extremely delicious and extremely flavorful. Beeradvocate.com rates it 7th best in the world. In 2010, it used to be number one. Now that is is available more, it may turns those odds. This is very equivalent to the nugget nectar or pretty damn close to it.

Raspberry Brown by Lost Coast Brewery

1176190_10101372967923240_517940443_nRating: 4.2/5

Raspberry Brown by Lost Coast Brewery is a Brown Ale brewed with natural raspberry flavor

Brown Ale with natural raspberry flavor. A chocolate Brown Ale with the essence of ripe red raspberries, made with malted barley, chocolate and caramel malts, hops, and natural raspberry flavor. Raspberry Brown is perishable. Keep refrigerated and drink when fresh.

Bottled 04/26/2013. May not be as fresh, but I will give it the benefit of a doubt. You see, I picked this up for review because during one of my outings when trying different beers, I came across this one. I have had other Lost Coast beers but have not had a chance to put these on my blog. They are are pretty good beers. This one was very rich in raspberry

Aromas are of chocolate, rich raspberry tootsie rolls, caramel, toffee, pecans, hazelnuts and brown sugar.

Flavors are of dark chocolate, raspberries, bitter coffee notes, caramel, tootsie rolls and tootsie pops, hazelnuts, cherry candy, biscuit bread, butterscotch, buttered toast, pecans, milk chocolate notes and toffee.

Aftertaste is kind of like tootsie rolls and remains for a bit before fading, easy to drink, sweet mostly.

Overall, I liked this beer on what it was meant for. A sweet chocolate dessert. Maybe not super complex like some of the more awesome raspberry or cherry beers (Yes I am looking at you Bourbon County Cherry Rye :P) but it gets the job done. When I first drank this I liked the sweetness of it, maybe not the complexity but the sweetness. It is no overpowering but easy to drink with mild to moderate flavors. To me it was very good and I am sticking with it. Creamy, fruity, sweet and mildly velvety. Delicious stuff if you choose to see it that way. Love my sweet beers .

2012 Barrel Roll No.04 Hammerhead by Hangar 24

604028_10101129763382090_734142768_n 156876_10101129757878120_527950757_nRating: 5.4/5

2012 Barrel Roll No.04 Hammerhead by Hangar 24 is a 13.8%ABV Barleywine aged in Rye Whiskey and Bourbon Barrels

A well executed HAMMERHEAD is smooth and dramatic. This beer is no exception. Hammerhead is a big, complex, American-style Barleywine featuring two English caramel malts and four American hops. Hammerhead’s character is enhanced by dry hopping and then aging the deep amber liquid for six months in charred oak rye whiskey and bourbon barrels. Spicy aromas spill from the glass: rich caramel, citrusy hops, bourbon and oak. Layered flavors of toffee, vanilla, brown sugar, spice and rye whiskey lead to a warm and slightly bitter finish. This is a strong ale, meant to be sipped, savored and enjoyed. 

Additional Information: Hammerhead: A ¼ loop to vertical, airspeed decreases and plane appears to stall. Nose then rotates and plane descends on vertical down line and out with ¼ loop.

This has been aging for over a year and it is the perfect time to test it’s incredibility. This was defnitely seen right upon opening the beer. This definitely reminded me of Sucaba. The fragrances are very rich of caramel, bourbon, coconuts, vanilla, almost like a chile or herbal spices, some minor hops, flan, rich oak wood, peach, apricot, possibly dark fruits and a complex aroma that is very dessert like. The flavors start very rich almost syrupy. Dulce de leche caramel, Bourbon, coconut, vanilla, earthy and grassy hops which provide somewhat tropical flavors like peach, pineapple, sweet grapefruit or a mango. Like a caramel flan that is made with crème Brulee or sweetened condensed milk over sweet peaches, raisins, black and blue berries. Other flavors I can get from this are milk marshmallow cream, brown sugar, pecan pie, walnuts, maple, graham cracker smores with chocolate. I am not really sure if this is just as good or better than Sucaba. Reason being because it has aged for another year unleashing some complex flavors that I could not find in Sucaba. Also the beer is very complex and thick bodied like some of the best out there. I honestly think that the reason has to do because I would need to let Sucaba age for another year or 2. Also, the flavors are very dead on to some of the stuff I listed. I was very very impressed.

Winter Ale by Telegraph Brewing

64285_10101099852279180_679892906_nRating: 4.6/5

Winter Ale by Telegraph Brewing, in Santa Barbara CA, is 7.1%ABV Winter Warmer brewed with spices.

Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate. Telegraph Winter Ale warms even the coldest of nights with hints of cinnamon,allspice,and sweet ancho chilies. Using generous amounts of chocolate and caramel malts,we brew this beer in limited quantities as a special treat for our friends and families. Be sure to enjoy it cool,rather than cold to fully appreciate its complexity.

The aromas of this beer are of caramel, apples, cinnamon, sugar plums, spicy chocolate, ginger, cloves, butterscotch, brown sugar and caramel. The flavors are close to a quad but lean more toward a spicy side than a bready side. Although some raisin bread pudding can be detected. This is quite nice. The ancho chillies come out alittle bit later as it warms up but only like peppery and spicy notes rather than heat. There are also flavors of chocolate abuelita, plums, apples, slight apple pie, cocoa, cinnamon, brown sugar, ginger bread, cloves, all spice and nutmeg. The beer has a nice cinnamon after taste that lingers for a while. It is a sweeter but more spicier. This one is worth trying as it is still very good and I am sure it would be good for the holidays too. While it is not abundant in chocolate, that is still no reason to not get it. The beer shines in its ability to balance out the sweetness with it’s spicyness which is really good. Like I said I almost got some nice quad characters. Which is definitely a reason to get this again.

Warmer by Hangar 24

68175_10100953665224210_1801148142_nRating: 4.6/5

Warmer by Hangar 24 is 7.8% ABV Local Fields Series Winter Warmer ale brewed with Maple Syrup, Spruce and Cinnamon.

This rich, strong ale neatly balances caramel malts and spices, providing warmth on a cool winter day. Every fall, we trek up the San Bernardino Mountains to harvest fresh spruce, then carefully add just the right amount of cinnamon and maple syrup to create our Warmer. It’s a lightly hopped, tantalizing ale with festive notes of maple, spruce and spice; a nice complement to a cooler time of year.

This is the winter time holiday ale from Hangar 24. They usually make some pretty awesome beers. I have tried several different holiday beers and most of them are pretty awesome. This probably won’t be an exception. :P. Fragrance here is of maple, citrus, oak, nutmeg and other holiday spices. The aroma is not super intense but it still smells nice. The flavor reminds me of stronger Fat Tire notes. Ofcourse, mostly the malty sweetness and not the bitterness. It taste like maple syrup, caramel, biscuit bread, graham crackers, cinnamon, a little bit of ginger, Christmas Cookies, nutmeg, a little bit orange, pear, apples, raisins, bananas, Christmas tree oak, and notes of chocolate covered cherries in the after taste. All in all it is a very good Winter/Holiday time ale to enjoy and stay warm. It is common this time of the year so this one should be a pick up so try it out. Although Some of the other winter warmers may be much more sweeter because of their Ginger bread or Holiday Fruit cake properties, this is still a very ale and, most likely, easier to find 🙂