Twin Pines Mall by Pipeworks with Emporium The Collaboration

1658637_10102980547331220_1932392475076049959_o 12241249_10102980547480920_6431256538765047851_n 12391854_10102980547530820_7395160705434236104_n 1495304_10102980547590700_3909746972467944976_oRating: 5.25/6

Twin Pines Mall by Pipeworks with Emporium The Collaboration is an 8% ABV Imperial India Pale Ale brewed with Spruce Tips and Honey.

Get your DeLorean up to 88 MPH because Pipeworks and Emporium are taking you Back To The Brew-ture. For Twin Pines Mall we furled the Flux Capacitor with 1.21 Jigawatts of spruce tips and wild flower honey. The future is now so drink up before you’re OutaTime. Great Scott!


Right on time for October 21st 2015 which was supposed to be the time Marty, Doc and Jennifer travelled to the future in Back to The Future II the movie. While the time has been long past, I have been fairly busy with life stuff and have not even had a chance to update the website so I can get the reviews on here. Well, now that it is closer to the end of the year and stuff has slowed down, I have more time! This beer from Pipeworks looks very promising as it is not your typical IPA. Using actual Spruce tips seems very intriguing as that come from Christmas Trees. Knowing almost everything I have had form Pipeworks has been ridiculously awesome, I hope this is as much hyped as the movie was. Cheers!

Lots of Spruce Christmas tree fragrance, stone fruit lychee, apricot, peaches, Starburst candy, lemon candy, lemon peel, lemon zest, tropical fruits like kiwi, guava, papaya, dragon fruit, passion fruit, prickly pear tuna, honey dew melon, raspberries, agave nectar, mangos, coconut hints, marshmallow, sweetened condensed milk, orange preserves, Wild flower honey and hibiscus hints.

Rich Christmas tree spruce, pine cones, piney, grape fruit, dank, oniony, floral, grassy and herbal hops, Wild flower honey, hibiscus hints, tropical fruits like kiwi, guava, papaya, dragon fruit, passion fruit, prickly pear tuna, honey dew melon, raspberries, agave nectar, mangos, stone fruit lychee, apricot, peaches, Starburst candy, lemon candy, lemon peel, lemon zest, tangerine gummy bears, tres leches cake, mango flan, caramel hints, blue basil, coconut hints, marshmallow, sweetened condensed milk and orange preserves.

Rich Honey, Christmas Trees, rich tropical fruits, fruit juice, dank hops and sweet vanilla lingers. No alcohol in the taste, mildly hazy golden body, crisp, rich and refreshing mouthfeel with a very easy to drink.

Woah, this is heavy! And excellently exceptional. This is a unique IPA in so many ways using a lot of what Pipeworks does best to make exceptional beers. However, with the addition of the Spruce Tips to give off the Christmas tree flavors, the beer is taken to another level that I honestly haven’t tried something like this before. Literal Pine Christmas flavors. A great beer that will definitely meet the needs of a Back to Future and IPA fan alike.

Anime Corner:
Several Anime shows and Characters with all referencing to Back to The Future in this one. I tried to find as many that would definitely fit with the label and the cover of the movies. Definitely glad I found some.


Warmer by Hangar 24

68175_10100953665224210_1801148142_nRating: 4.6/5

Warmer by Hangar 24 is 7.8% ABV Local Fields Series Winter Warmer ale brewed with Maple Syrup, Spruce and Cinnamon.

This rich, strong ale neatly balances caramel malts and spices, providing warmth on a cool winter day. Every fall, we trek up the San Bernardino Mountains to harvest fresh spruce, then carefully add just the right amount of cinnamon and maple syrup to create our Warmer. It’s a lightly hopped, tantalizing ale with festive notes of maple, spruce and spice; a nice complement to a cooler time of year.

This is the winter time holiday ale from Hangar 24. They usually make some pretty awesome beers. I have tried several different holiday beers and most of them are pretty awesome. This probably won’t be an exception. :P. Fragrance here is of maple, citrus, oak, nutmeg and other holiday spices. The aroma is not super intense but it still smells nice. The flavor reminds me of stronger Fat Tire notes. Ofcourse, mostly the malty sweetness and not the bitterness. It taste like maple syrup, caramel, biscuit bread, graham crackers, cinnamon, a little bit of ginger, Christmas Cookies, nutmeg, a little bit orange, pear, apples, raisins, bananas, Christmas tree oak, and notes of chocolate covered cherries in the after taste. All in all it is a very good Winter/Holiday time ale to enjoy and stay warm. It is common this time of the year so this one should be a pick up so try it out. Although Some of the other winter warmers may be much more sweeter because of their Ginger bread or Holiday Fruit cake properties, this is still a very ale and, most likely, easier to find 🙂