An in depth look at today’s ever growing trend in beer tasting, experience and the arts. Each post provides an artistic perspective using my 2 hobbies, Good Beer and Anime. With each post I try to show the audience something about the beer that relates to the artwork. This may only be inferred by paying close attention to details on how the beer (whether taste, color, label, story, history, etc.) relates to the piece of anime artwork that it is paired with. I also try to show the viewer who may not know about the craft beer movement and try to show that there is a wealth of treasure with each flavorful sip.

Cheers!! 🙂

My Grading System:

0 – Failure Beer. This beer is not worth the artwork, experience or the time. I don’t believe in drain pours but it could be  considered worth that in other people’s eyes. These beers have hardly any taste or something worth calling experience. They are only a quick and cheap way to get drunk. Highly Not recommended.

1 – Very Poor Beer. This type of beer might be worth mentioning, only if you like common cheap tasteless beers, but not recommended. A beer like this is only the kind not worth the taste of experience of artwork. This beer tries to show some flavor but comes up short drastically.

2 – Poor Beer. This beer is drinkable but most likely not recommended. This beer rating is for beers that claim to be something but end up being something else and falls short of the tasting experience.

3 – Average/Good beer. Run of the mill beers that are good and is most likely in the craft or crafty category. These beers are worth a taste but you can find better. Surely though, these beers are enjoyed in greater quantities and are somewhat worth the experience.

4 -A very good beer. A lot of very delicious beers fall in this category. Mainly because I find them to be a definite recommendation. Great ingredients, great tasting experience and overall just awesome!

5 – A perfect beer.  A beer that is perfect on its own. This beer has proven to be one of the highest in its class without any enhancers. One of the finest examples of its style. Such a beer is great on it’s own unless it is altered in such a way to increase it’s complexity to the next level.

6 – Super Class Special Extra Credit Beer. These beers have have shown true complexity, ultimate experience, uniqueness and have gone beyond the barriers of where beers can go to impress me. Sometimes, these may just be my top favorites. I really believe that some beers ,while they may be perfect, deserve some extra credit because comparing them to the already perfect beers may not show their true potential.

7 – Supreme Favorite Bucket Beer! Hardly any beer makes it this far. For those that have, it is my mere opinion.


All artwork drawn or invented on this blog and used to pair alcoholic beverages belong to their respective artist. Artwork is only used as a background to pair with the beer. The background is displayed on a 32 inch 720p LCD Television. Pictures are taken with my cell phone once the beer properly placed in front of the television. The use of artistic work is only through the Internet Fair Use Policy and is not meant for profit or to violate anyone’s rights to their property. In the event you find something that belongs to you, please let me know and I will take it down. This blog is intended as merely a simple hobby and is strictly not to be used for profit. I make no money from this and my intention is merely for education on craft beer and creativity in artwork through beer pairings and anime . I take no ownership over any artwork but my written reviews on each post. Please feel free to share or let me know if you would like to see a pairing or beer review.


About The Background:

In the background I chose for the site, I wanted to find something that related to Anime and Beer. Long behold, I found a Hatsune Miku drawing for a shirt I purchased for Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year from WELOVEFINE. The Artwork belongs to subaru01rins.

To me, when I saw the shirt I visualized how beer comes to be. It takes Malts, Hops, Water and Yeast. So in the design, you can see the formation of Hatsune Miku as she Rises from what looks like a splashy and watery liquid but her body is being formed little by little from this liquid. The liquid as well as her body has several hexagon shapes. In Chemistry, these shapes may represent chemical compositions. While I do not know the exact Chemistry that goes into the formation of beer or the Alchemy, it does sort of look Like Hatsune Miku is being formed from the very chemical reaction of beer. The colors are also those of beer, hops, malts and yeast. Thus when I saw the background, I immediately thought Anime Beer Fusion which was perfect to represent the site. So there you have it! 🙂

Please visit the artist’s website for more information on the background and shirt designs. I supported them by buying a couple of shirts myself 🙂

Source: http://subaru01rins.deviantart.com/art/Miku-Bad-Sector-wallpaper-489021455


9 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you. I will be posting more as I go on. If you would like to know about where to find certain beers I have reviewed, let me know. Cheers!

  1. Awesome site, awesome concept. As an anime fanatic and a brewer/drinker of beer, I really can appreciate this!

    BTW, do you use the beer rating app untappd? I use it and wouldn’t mind adding you on it, or if not I’ll check this website often to keep up.

    Peace, Daniel

  2. Lol I feel like an idiot, I scrolled down right after posting and saw you Do have untappd! AWESOME! Friend request to you sent, I’m donwanbrews, Don wan.. Cheers!

  3. I enjoy your reviews but something is wrong with the website. I wanted to read your review on the tangerine drink by. I clicked on the link and it tried to get me to the App Store .

    • I’ve been testing the page for the enjoy by 10.31.16 and the one from May but they seem to come up fine. Whem you say the app store, I wonder if its WordPress app trying to get you to install. I’m not sure what it can be but I also post the reviews on Facebook as well. Let me know if that helps. Cheers!

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