Bockslider Toadies Texas Bock by Martin House Brewing Company

12744132_10103065580808450_4320531151318071025_nRating: 4.75/5

Bockslider Toadies Texas Bock by Martin House Brewing Company is a 5.6% ABV Dunkler Bock.

Bockslider is the official beer of Fort Worth’s own Toadies. An easy-drinking, copper-colored, lightly-hopped beer perfect for on-stage, backstage, or anywhere your rock music takes you.


Obtained this brew thanks to Aaron as well as other cans. This is the second time I get a chance to try something out from Martin House brewing. The first one I tried from them was the Pretzel stout which made for a very unique beer. Today we bring forth the Bockslider which is a tribute beer for band, the Toadies, an Alternative Rock band from Texas. Now that I have this brew here, let’s see what this one is about. Cheers!

Roasted malt notes, earthy hop notes, coffee, banana hints, clove spice, caramel, dark fruit notes, coriander, wheat bread, leather notes, tobacco notes, pecan pie, coffee cake, brown sugar, vanilla and hazelnut hints.

Caramel, bananas, clove spice, anise,molasses, vanilla, chocolate notes, roasted malts, earthy hop notes, dark fruit raisins, plums, cherries, raspberry notes, toffee, coriander, wheat bread, leather notes, tobacco notes, pecan pie, coffee cake, brown sugar, piloncillo sugar cone and hazelnut nectar.

Finishes with dark fruit notes, caramel, roasty notes, pecan pie notes, earthy hop hints and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste. Brown full body, creamy, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel with an easy to moderate drinkability.

A very delicious brew. While being roasty, there are many sweet flavors ranging from dark fruits, brown sugar and nutty flavors. It feels along the lines of a stout meets a bock really. I definitely enjoyed this one and I think many would enjoy it if you can find it in Texas. This one is definitely local stuff.

Anime Corner:
Honebami Toushirou from Nitroplus was used in this pairing as I wanted to showcase the label of the skeleton animal visiting the grave of his passed loved one. In this case, it shows cases the bond people have with their loved ones is strong even after death. The way it shows it with the string around the skeleton is reminiscent of this. I am unsure if the reason for the cans artwork was a tribute to something but maybe we would have to look at the Toadies and Martin House brewing for that answer.


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