X’s And Ho’s by El Borracho Homebrewing

12698501_10103054358313420_2885320138262432018_o 12657338_10103054359835370_6140135130792953143_o 12525135_10103054360329380_7724071430432666857_oRating: 3.75/5

X’s And Ho’s by El Borracho Homebrewing is a 4.5% Cream Ale


Cream Ale with Corn Maize added. A cream corn session brew contributed by my friend William Carranza in his search to create a clean and delicious yet very drinkable brew for anyone that enjoys light beer. The name of the brew comes from the song by Elle King, Ex’s & Oh’s, but mainly from the need to make a “cheap” inexpensive but really drinkable beer. Think of this as a cheap date or one night stand of a brew, regardless of how you see it. Anyway, I am thankful to have another awesome to provide to the site thanks to my friend Will. Cheers!


Piney, citrucy, grapefruit and mild grassy hops, biscuit bread, pilsner malt, honey, caramel apple, buttery caramel popcorn, maize and butterscotch hints.


Caramel notes, pilsner malt, honey, toffee, biscuit bread, piney, citrucy, grapefruit and mild grassy hops, cereal grains, maize notes, butterscotch hints, hazelnut hints, caramel apple, buttery and creamy caramel popcorn.


Finishing dry with some hints of caramel and biscuit bread with some nice mild hops and pilsnery notes. No alcohol in the taste, light honey colored body, crisp, clean and refreshing mouthfeel and very easy to drink.


A pretty good beer. The strongest trait of this beer is that it is so damn drinkable and light that many will love it and the best part, there is a good amount of complexity to keep stuff interesting. A session beer that truly is enjoyable and better than the light lagers out there. My hats off to my friend William for pulling this one off. Since I don’t have a hat… I’ll do the classic bow from Wayne’s World… NOT WORTHY… NOT WOTHY!!

Anime Corner:

Ayeka Masaki Jurai, Ryoko Hakubi, Sasami Jurai and Tenchi Hakubi from Tenchi Muyou! And Shikishima Mirei, Sagara Momoka and Tokonome Mamori were all used in this pairing to represent the name of the beer from Ex’s that catch their used to be significant other with another man/woman or even getting caught cheating. The overall theme I wanted to go with is those beers that are easy but also the way my friend described his reason for the name.





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