Cinnamonk by The Bruery Terreux

12419309_10103054368448110_6949345653539037773_o 12687935_10103054368817370_1169873662771043043_n 12672065_10103054369411180_4557524291294427020_o 12646907_10103054370079840_2549892336434155442_oRating: 6/6

Cinnamonk by The Bruery Terreux is a 12.1% ABV Imperial Sour Brown brewed with Blueberries and Cinnamon aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Cinnamon and monks are both known for being found in remote locations. Their stories separately stretch back several millennia, and both can pinpoint their popularity to modern day Egypt. But here’s something else they have in common: together, they make a formidable team in creating wildly traditional bière™. Cinnamonk is a dark, imperial, Belgian-style sour brown ale – the type of beer a monk might brew if he took up permanent residence in Southern California. Cinnamon was used to amplify the subtle spicing derived from the Belgian yeast while blueberries catapult the dark fruit flavors. After spending time in bourbon barrels, the result emerges with notes of candied dates and tree nuts, toffee-drizzled dark winter fruits, maduro earthiness, autumnal spicing, tart flavors and oak-aged character.


Obtained this one from the Bruery under their Reserve Society membership last year. So it took me a while to get to try it until recently. I actually did try it at the Bruery but was not too impressed. It was nice and tart with some nice bourbon notes but wasn’t major. Now I bring the bottle as I wanted to review it even though it was decent on tap. They say for these types of Belgian beers, bottle conditioning does wonders. However, how much of the bottle conditioning change the brew? Well let us check it out. Cheers!

Dulce de leche, banana notes, cinnamon, ginger spice, ginger bread, oak, clove spice, dark fruits, raisins, blueberries, plums, figs, raspberry notes, Blueberry Funnel cake, stone fruit apricot, peach preserves, sweetened condensed milk hints, mild chocolate notes, citrus, lemon notes and toffee.

Rich dark fruits, raisins, blueberries, plums, figs, raspberry notes, Cinnamon, ginger spice, ginger bread, oak, bourbon, toasted rye bread, vanilla, dulce de leche, banana notes, clove spice, blueberry cobbler, fruit cake, toffee, molasses, wine grapes, port wine, blueberry wine, mild chocolate notes, citrus, lemon notes, stone fruit apricot, peach preserves, sweetened condensed milk hints, blueberry flan, piloncillo sugar cone, Blueberry Funnel cake, Blueberry Churros, Danish cream, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, rock candy and Belgian Date sugars.

Finishes with very nice dark fruit notes, caramel, vanilla, oak, tart grape and wine notes, bourbon and banana hints. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV. Crimson, purple and brown full body, smooth, creamy, tangy and effervescent mouthfeel with a moderate drinkability.

Waayyy better than when I first had it. I think this one being bottle conditioned like Belgians do probably makes the difference. This one is damn enjoyable ranging from the sweet, tart and sour complexities. In my opinion, one of the best sours I have had in the longest time. Specifically since the combination of fruits and bourbon barrel aging does wonders. I would highly recommend you find this one. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Shampoo and Ranma-Chan Saotome from Ranma ½ were used in this pairing as I wanted to pair with the Cinnamon and the Blueberries, the Chinese monks in relation to monks in general and the colors, flavors and ingredients of the beer. The strength of the blueberries in this one complements very well the cinnamon hence the picture where it shows Shampoo whispering into Ranma. The strength of both martial artists coincides with the beers strength and complexity with bourbon aging.


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