Franziskaner Weissbier Dunkel

Rating: 5/5

Franziskaner Weissbier Dunkel at 5% ABV is a Dunkelweizen style or Dark German Heffeweizen. I have tried this beer countless times and it still remains as one of my favorite brews of all time. You can find this is most special beer stores or even BJ’s brewhouse. What makes this beer so awesome is that it leans more toward a sweet murky brown sugar banana caramel bread than the usual c

itrus or basic banana clove heffeweizens out there. There is some citrus and grassy flavor but it is overwhelmed by the sweet banana bread. Yes it does seem to have a tripel or quad consistency but in a heffeweizen form. So there is a dark fruit essence in there. Instead of Belgian yeast, we have Bavarian yeast and wheat. Germans got it right with this beer. It is the stuff that some Octoberfest events are all about. While I still have so many beers that I like, this one has a special place for me as it was one of the early beers that got me into the craft beer hobby.

2011 Review:
Good ole Franzinkaner. I love heffezweizen, but the Franzinkaner heffe-dunkel introduced me to a whole world or dark heffs. It is very good. Had my first one at a birthday. Usually dont go out to bevmo unless I get me one of these for the road. Worth a try 😛

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