The Remix Project Babylonian Style Ale collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal and Omnipollo

10178113_10101781314717990_8186096366954031421_n 10001324_10101781313809810_8724957686727551839_nRating: 4.5/5

The Remix Project Babylonian Style Ale collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal and Omnipollo is a 6% ABV Farmhouse/ Saison.

Inspired by the artistry and assertiveness of Omnipollo’s Nebuchadnezzar, I decided on a demure approach. Expressing the lovely hop profile of the original & tying it together with farmhouse yeast and Brettanomyces for a fruity, funky fiesta ;7

Nebuchadnezzar is already Omnipollo’s double IPA but when introduced to these new things such as brettanomyces & farmhouse yeast, well, looks like some evil stuff a la Belgian Pale Ale starts to happen. Not sure how the ABV was lowered if it was a DIPA but oh well. I got this bottle at the for those that would like to get this one. Usually where I get my evil and yet elusive Stillwater beers.

Rich herbal hops, peppercorns, barnyard hay, honey, basil, mint, yerba buena, biscuit bread, lavender, hibiscus flowers, citrus, lemon, buttery popcorn, mango, garlic, coriander, old papaya, peach, apricot and grape.

Lots of herbs, yerba buena, garlic, peppercorns, grassy and grapefruit hops, biscuit bread, funky brettanomyces, musty grapes, biscuit bread, honey, mild caramel, peaches, apricots, papaya, buttery notes, citrus, lemon, hibiscus, oranges, pinapple, barnyard funk, hay, coriander spice and vanilla.

Herbal, citrus and dank garlic notes with honey in the finish. No alcohol in the taste yet a moderate to sipping beer. Despite the 6%, it has a medium mouth feel but still very crisp and refreshing.

A very good DIPA/ Saison/ Belgian Pale Ale that is really very herbal. If you like really dank hopped and herbal IPAs and also love saisons, this may be a dream come true. For me, while I really enjoyed the variety that this delicious beer had to offer, Eschatological is my go to from Stillwater in terms of Strong BPAs since I like more citrus, tropical and orangey like characters. Nevertheless, this is an awesome beer and worth a try for sure.

Anime Corner:
Original Demon Girl and Aldra from Queen’s Blade were used in this pairing to signify the essence of the aggressive evil brettanomyces that indulge the very essence of the hops. The reason why Belgian Pale Ales are made, they are beers tainted either by hops or in this case, by brettanomyces since it is a DIPA being attacked. I wanted to find a pairing that fits the label and well something that Stillwater wanted to showcase with what happens when you add brettanomyces and farmhouse yeast to a Double IPA, Liquid Chaos!

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