Mississippi Mud Black & Tan by Mississippi Brewing

Rating: 3.5/5

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan by Mississippi Brewing is a 5% ABV Black and Tan Style Blend. This beer is supposed to be a porter and pilsner blended beer. Practices in bars as the beers become layered where the darker malts are at the top and the lighter beer at the bottom. LOL in my case it just stayed blended. I tried this beer in multiple occasions but haven’t really sat down for a review.

Dating back to 18th century England, the custom of blending pale and dark beers has kept the “Black & Tan” a favorite of experienced beer drinkers for centuries. Our famous recipe combines a robust English Porter with a fine Continental Pilsner, preserving the character of each, while creating the classic taste of the legendary “Black & Tan.” In true American style, we bring you the best of both beers as they meet in Mississippi Mud. 

The flavor of this is more like a English Brown Ale or Munich lager but sweeter. Some caramel, minor roasted coffee, and bitter chocolate fragrance is what I smell in this one. Kind of nice. The flavors are I can sense are of grainy pilsner, a good amount of caramel sweetness, minor roasted coffee, minor hints hazelnut and chocolate notes. Finishes dry so the flavor does not linger. Makes you want to try more. This is nice if you are looking for a nice dark beer with not as many overpowering flavors but definitely enough to keep you interested. Budweiser is also 5%ABV. I would take this over Bud any day. People who love Newcastle or Victoria will find this one more appealing in terms of flavor

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