Oyster Stout by The Porterhouse Brewing Company

Rating: 4/5

Oyster Stout by The Porterhouse Brewing Company is a 5.2% ABV Irish Dry Stout brewed with fresh Oysters. This is the second time I try this beer.


Brewed with fresh oyster. A smooth drinking aromatic stout with a discernible but unidentifiable aromatic aspect. Not suitable for vegetarians. This gently flavored stout has a roast malt character, full body and an aromatic character from the Goldings hops. Fresh oysters added during the brewing process, lend a discernible yet unidentifiable note.

Quite the different beer here. While there is not a crazy amount of sea salt or fish tast to it, one can tell that there are some Oysters here. If you have ever had Oysters whether raw or cooked, you know they have a distinct flavor. The fragrance is like coffee and a little bit of soy sause. The flavors of chocolate, coffee and earthy hops combine well with the oyster and sea mineral flavor to give this beer a unique blend of smokiness, bitterness and minor sweet and somewhat salty taste. It also finishes dry so the flavors dissipate making you want to drink more. Like the tide of the sea rolling in and gently rolling back in. I like Oysters and I enjoy good beer, so if you are willing to give a try, I am sure it would pair with some actual oysters well :P.

2011 Review:
Wow….I love oysters with tapatio and lemon…so I figure I tried this out. I found it at this one place in west covina while visiting my friend Adrian. This beer must of been aged well. Aside from the usual stout with coffee/chocolate flavors provided from the roasted malts, you also get something special. That’s the oysters and golding hops. However, you can tell they give off a somewhat of sea salt taste but very little. It is very interesting and very delicious to say the least :P. Not sure if eating oysters with corona and eating a chocolate coffee cake would be stronger, but regardless, its enough to give it great character. I cannot even smell the fishyness of the beer either. Definitely a great pickup and very different type of stout. I highly recommend it if you like stouts and want something other than chocolate/coffee to play with your palette 😛

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