Devil’s Teeth by Modern Times

12647332_10103047254793930_4538680555908754526_n 12604741_10103047255627260_4974903290501772100_oRating: 5.25/6

Devil’s Teeth by Modern Times is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout/Old Ale Hybrid brewed with their House, Ethiopian and Sumatran Coffee.

70 SRM Black
60 IBU
1.024 Final Gravity

Barley, Oats, Munich, Chocolate, Midnight Wheat, Black Barley, Aromatic Roast Barley and Biscuit Malt

75% Ethiopia Hambela
25% Sumatra Mandheling

Devil’s Teeth is a hybrid of an Old Ale and an Imperial Stout, two English beer styles designed to withstand long voyages and dark winters. It brings rich maltiness & robust roastiness in a thick, tongue-coating, aggressively flavorful package. To this chewy mix of old world beasts, we brought a massive dose of our house roasted Black House Blend coffee, a complimentary mix of blueberry-forward Ethiopian and chocolate-forward Sumatran coffees.


Devil’s Teeth was released by Modern Times back in September 2/15. Originally, the one they had released was the Mezcal version. Unfortunately, I did not know about it and I would have to have travelled to San Diego to get it. I am glad they released the original but what made me more excited is what this beer label and the name reminded me of. I will explain this part in my anime corner section of the review but basically know it was nostalgic of something in my past. With that being said, the mix of coffees intrigues me to see what type complexities might come about from this. Cheers!

Flan, vanilla, fancy coffee, roasted coffee, Oatmeal cookies, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, molasses, anise, Iris cream, mocha, espresso, java, Kahlua, dark fruit raisins, boysenberries, blueberries, Lactose, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, dark chocolate, tobacco, brown sugar and marshmallow smores.

Super fancy coffee, Lactose, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, mocha coffee, espresso, java, Kahlua liqueur, dark chocolate, fudge cake, marshmallow smores, vanilla, caramel, honey, pecan pie, crème brulee, flan, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, molasses, anise, Iris cream, whipped cream, Oreo cookies and cream, Oatmeal cookies, tobacco, dark fruit raisins, boysenberries, blueberries, earthy hop notes, brown sugar, ginger spice, hazelnut cream and cappuccino coffee.

Finishes with rich coffee and mocha aftertaste followed by vanilla, marshmallows, dark fruit, caramel and pecan pie hints linger. No alcohol in the taste, Dark full body, creamy, rich, smooth and velvety mouthfeel and easy to drink despite the ABV.

Outstanding Coffee Stout. Like drinking the actual thing or some kind of fancy blend. The fact that they managed to blend an Old Ale probably is what makes this one much more enjoyable. There is so much complexity going on here not just from the variety of coffee but even the old ale and stout blends, a Cuvee if you will. Yep, now I have to look for the Mezcal version and see how more complex that one is. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one so go get it!.
Anime Corner:
Astaroth from Shinra Bansho was used in this pairing to go with the whole aspect of Devil and the Teeth. Also, when I first saw this beer, the name and colors reminded me of the Devil’s Eye from NES’s Willow. A weapon that can only hurt the undead and the highest stat weapon in the game. This was definitely a tribute to my childhood playing the game but also fits well with Astaroth as she is blue and red similar to the colors of the label. All and all, I had a good feeling about this beer and my feeling were right.


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