The Czar from the Dictator Series by Avery Brewing

10924152_10102335621637480_6964918347188166528_oRating: 4.75/5

The Czar from the Dictator Series by Avery Brewing is an 8.5% ABV Russian Imperial Stout.

Inhale the noble Hallertau hops, spicy and floral. Savor the flavors redolent of English toffee, rich mocha, sweet molasses, candied currants and a hint of anise. We highly recommend cellaring additional bottles, as the Czar will continue to mature and become denser and more complex with age.


Available during the winter time, this is the first time I try this beer. I believe this is the last of the dictator series as I have tried the Kaiser, the Maharaja and now the Czar. I heard many great things about this beer so I am glad I was able to bring it here to the site. Come share with me the experience of this one as we explore another Russian Imperial Stout with the Czar himself. Cheers!

Dark chocolate, dark fruits raisins, currants, raspberry, blackberry, raisin bread pudding, molasses, smokey notes, anise, licorice, Belgian yeast bread notes, marzipan, brown sugar, pecan pie and candi sugar hints.

Dark Chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, Roasted coffee, vanilla, caramel, earthy hop notes, smokey notes, dark fruit raisins, currants, blackberries, raspberry, plums, raisin bread pudding, molasses, brown sugar, marzipan, pecan notes, toffee, marzipan, licorice, anise, Belgian candi sugar and grapes.

Mild roastiness, dark fruit still peeking through, caramel, molasses, earthy notes and dark chocolate. No alcohol in the taste, creamy mouthfeel, moderate to sipping drinkability and pitch black body.

A very good stout with some prominent and complex amount of flavors. Since it is complex, the roasty and slightly smokey flavors do not dominate the the palate and are instead given way to some dark fruits. This reminds me a little bit like the Stillwater Artisanal Folklore in a sense as it somewhat drinks like a Belgian Stout but still has some roasty bitterness to balance everything out. I highly recommend this one.

Anime Corner:
Original Character from Madou Koukaku was used in this pairing since I wanted something to fit the whole aspect of the Soviet colors of Red. The Czar wore some very fancy military and country leader attire so I figure a character that would best fit the description would best fit the bill. Even if it seems a bit old, it is similar in the attire.


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