2009 Fort (aged 7 years) by Dogfish Head

15776714_10103862692560110_4586005178151035539_oRating: 7/7

2009 Fort (aged 7 years) by Dogfish Head is an 18% ABV American Strong Fruit Ale brewed with Raspberry Puree.

Flavored ale fermented with over a ton of fresh, pureed raspberries. This flavored ale was made to age with the best of ’em.

I purchased 2 of these beauty back in 2011. I had set one aside and drank that one back then. In accordance with the recommended aging for this one or 7 years, I had finally decided to drink it but drink it as close to the end of the year as possible. We are approaching 2017 and I had set the bottle date for 2016. It is now time to unleash what nature has done best for this amazing epitome of raspberries. Since 2009, I do not think they have released a 750ml 18% brew. Heck even the 120 minute IPAs and World Stouts were all in 12 ounce bottle. Of all the beers that Dogfish has ever made, this was one that was very damn close to my heart. So damn close that even to this day, I could not believe that they would release an 18% ABV of this size. No brewery at the time and aside from the Bruery, would ever release such a size for huge high gravity beer. Today I pay tribute to all the raspberry beers I have ever tried starting from this one, The Lost Coast Raspberry brown, The Dragon’s Milk Raspberry from New Holland, The Imperial Biscotti Break Umami from Evil Twin, Hoarders Cuvee from the Bruery and even my very own Raging Passio Lactus Raspear Dragons brew which was one of my top tier homebrew due to my love of this fruit. To many more Raspberry brews I have tried over the years and loved and even raspberry ciders. This goes to all, cheers and a happy 2017!
Supreme Raspberries, dark fruit raisins, caramel, honey, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, dark chocolate, Raspberry Cadbury Chocolate and Caramel cream eggs, bananas, clove spice, stone fruit apricot hints, peaches, apples, honey, Chambord Raspberry liqueur, Red Velvet cake, Mexican Jericalla Custard, rum soaked raspberries, dark candi sugar, rock candy, Raspberry chocolate cordials, Raspberry Cheesecake, Sakura cake, sweetened condensed milk, tropical fruits like, lychee, guava, kiwi, dragon fruit, passion fruit, pomegranates, fruit cake, cane sugar and raspberry yogurt.
Rich Raspberries bliss, dulce de leche caramel, rich honey, dark fruit currants, blackberries, blueberries, slight cranberries, pomegranates, tropical passion fruit, dragon fruit, kiwi, strawberries, guava nectar, lychee fruit, tangerine hints, stone fruit, peaches, apricots, apples, Mexican Jericalla Custard, Raspberry Cadbury Chocolate and Caramel cream eggs, bananas, clove spice, Raspberry yogurt, raspberry preserves on rye bread, leather hints, Chambord Raspberry liqueur on Red Velvet cake, Raspberry cheesecake, Raspberries and Danish cream, berries and cream, rum soaked raspberries, dark candi sugar, rock candy, bubblegum, raspberry cream pie, wine grapes, Sakura cake, raspberry maple syrup, raspberry membrillo, flan, milk chocolate, Raspberry chocolate cordials, coffee cake, raspberry mocha ice cream, White Chocolate Raspberry and Raspberry sweetened condensed milk.
Finishes with everlasting Raspberry creamy bliss, honey, Chambord Raspberry liqueur, raspberry cobbler, leather note, rye bread, dark fruits, stone fruits, vanilla, caramel, biscuit bread, and hazelnut nectar. No alcohol in the taste. Years has mellowed the alcohol strength. Crimson Honey full body, silky creamy, smooth, velvety and chewy mouthfeel and easy drinkability which is extremely dangerous. The process of aging has made this one so damn easy to drink, I could finish the whole bottle in one sitting. That will not be done thought. Maybe….
Heaven knows what cellar aging has done for this beer. This beer was in no shape or form offensive. It doesn’t even feel like an 18% ABV beer anymore. It drinks like pure heaven. Hell, I’ll be damned if I drink the whole thing. Who knows, it has probably gone up to 20% ABV over the years. All I know, is that if there ever was a true treasure in the books of taste and experience for the very concept of raspberries, this here is that very treasure. It is killer, like the forbidden fruit or Pandora’s box unleashed, this hits with a ton a bricks. Seductive and Sensual but if you finish the whole bottle in one sitting, as they say in Death Battle… K.O.!!!!!!!!!!!! This beer is definitely one of my top ten beers regardless and I would suggest when you buy the 12 ounce (and the 750ml if they ever sell those again) do yourself a favor and age it for the 7 years.
Anime Corner:
Sakura Haruno from Naruto was used in this pairing as I used her for the original Fort and the 2015 Fort. Her hair and over all colors match that of the colors, flavors and the label itself with the green colors representing the eyes of the girl in the label. Sakura is not weak by any means. She has ridiculous super human strength and her punches represent that pure raspberry punch I was mentioning earlier. The alcohol is her strength and the sweetness is her desires. Since this is the 7 year, which according to Dogfish Head is the peak of aging for this one, a laid back and Sexy Sakura was in damn order. She finally woke up after her 7-year slumber as is ready to kick some ass again, just gently first.

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