Forth Meal collaboration by The Bruery and Maine Beer Company

12696943_10103052904536800_8405186328354607881_oRating: 4.5/5

Forth Meal collaboration by The Bruery and Maine Beer Company is a 6.9% ABV Belgian Pale Ale

The Bruery and Maine Beer Company got together and cooked up something special for you: fourthmeal. It isn’t brunch; it isn’t “linner.” It’s a hoppy Belgian-style ale that brings aspects of both breweries to the table: fruity, Belgian yeast esters, a crisp, bready backbone, citrus and piney hop characteristics, and a dry, hop-forward finish. There’s no one shouting “come n’ git it” when it’s time to dine – just mouth-watering, dry-hopped aromatics, signaling that it’s time for fourthmeal.


This one was sold and released by the Bruery to the public. While it will have a limited run, this is another collaboration. This time, they paired with Maine Beer Company and created a fused beer with specialties from both breweries in one. Typically with beers like these, Pale Ales or Belgian Pale Ales, I try to find some new things from them. I like to see if it will be something unique or something I have had before and in some cases, something that might not be pleasant. Regardless, many of the Bruery beers are still awesome so I am sure this one will not fall short of the expectations.

Honey, Floral, piney, herbal, citrus and grassy hops, bananas, clove spice, phenolic notes, , biscuit bread, vanilla, caramel hints, peppercorns, phenolic hints, tropical fruit of pineapple, passion fruit hints, green grapes, stone fruit apricot, cane sugar, tangerine hints and waffle cone notes.

Citrus, herbal, floral, piney, garlicky and grassy hops, Peppercorns, mild Belgian candi sugar, lemons, hibiscus flowers, biscuit bread, stone fruit apricot, cane sugar, tangerine hints, waffle cone, coriander spice, mild toffee notes, vanilla, tropical fruit of pineapple, passion fruit hints, green grapes, phenolic notes and hints of banana.

Finishes with hoppy notes, biscuit bread, peppercorns, honey and mild stone fruit. No alcohol in the taste, light to medium straw gold body, crisp, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel. While it was very good, I feel like it may not be too different from some of the awesome servings that the Bruery has done before. I think if you are willing to search to try it simply since it is a collaboration of the Bruery, it is worth a try.

A very good Belgian golden beer. The hops are definitely the predominant part of this beer while the sweetness is mildly complex but balances out with the hops very well.

Anime Corner:
Fubuki from One Punch Man and Ruby Rose from RWBY were used in this pairing to go with eating in general. The fact that they call this a meal was what prompted me to find something with eating or mainly having the munchies. What else will people eat late at night? How bout cookies? So when I found this really cute artwork, I was compelled to use it. It fits well with the label and the colors but also represents the breweries as collaboration and eating food.


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