Mega Milk by Arcade Brewery

10386964_10102431998971530_1585259680488785642_o 10429436_10102431999360750_6255404506098397491_nRating: 4.75/5

Mega Milk by Arcade Brewery is a 5.3% ABV Oatmeal Stout.

Batch #10
A Sessionable All-Season Stout for Any Wily Situation.

From the depths of space arrives the Mega Milk Stout. An oatmeal milk stout, brewed with debittered black malt, delivers a wonderfully light and sessionable beer with outstanding mouthfeel. Even the most devout pale ale drinkers should take a trip to the dark-side with this one. The Mega Milk Stout will be one of Arcade Brewery’s initial offerings Coming 2014!


Holy crap, this is freaking awesome and I immediately had to get it as soon as I saw the label for it. It is freaking Mega Man X. I got this one at and I was surprised. I had never heard of Arcade Brewery but judging by their label’s art work, they are really video game inspired. The fact that they brought Mega Man X into the beer world takes me back to my child hood days of playing lots of video games and all the Mega Man games especially. Maybe my love for the character could make me enjoy the beer better, maybe not, but still, THIS EXISTS! Cheers!

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, chocolate milk shake, Duvalin chocolate, Nutella, vanilla, caramel, coffee hints, espresso hints, cookie dough hints, hints of dark fruit raisins, figs, prunes, cherry hints, chocolate brownies, hints of tobacco, milk sugar and brown sugar.

Dark chocolate, coffee hints, espresso hints, bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, milk sugar, duvalin chocolate, nutella chocolate, oatmeal cookies, mild cookie dought, mild smokey notes, vanilla, caramel, mild dark fruit raisins, figs, prunes, chocolate brownies, chocolate turtle truffles, molasses, anise hints, toffee, tobacco hints, pecan pie hints, rye bread, brown sugar and hints of tres leches/three milks cake.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel, charred notes, earthy notes, dark fruit hints and hints of Nutella. No alcohol in the taste, creamy smooth body, easy to drink and pitch black body.

This milk stout is very good and really solid with a pretty good deal of complexity, not too overly sweet but just enough to keep stuff balanced. It is not the best milk stout I have ever had but that does not matter as it is still awesome and it represent Mega Man in the beer world. I saw that they have a Bourbon Barrel Aged one but on tap at their brewery. One day, I hope to try it. For now, if you can find this one and love the Mega Man series, definitely pick this up.

Anime Corner:
Megaman X and Alia from the Megaman X series were used in this pairing for the obvious reasons ofcourse, the label art work that is basically Megaman X. I used alia since she is a bad ass and has the same move set as Megaman X in the 8th installment. Megaman also has a pose like Pancho Pantera from the Choco Milk chocolate milk I used to drink as a kid. Oh yeah and the one here, I did for the lulzs. You see, there is this manga where this girl is wearking a shirt that says Mega Milk, like the name of the beer so yeah you can see, its anime related. Anyways, this beer kicks ass!


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