Almost As Good As Morning Sex Coffee Stout by El Borracho Home Brewing

11154824_352556574940451_3241465120248006367_oRating: 4.85/5

Almost As Good As Morning Sex Coffee Stout by El Borracho Home Brewing is a 6.5% American Stout brewed with Coffee beans and Cinnamon.

Special thanks to William Carranza for hooking me up with his first ever, Coffee Stout. As Will has brewed many beers, this time he scored with a winning beer. The name alone was enough for me to really want to try this one out. Using coffee and adding his own twist by using cinnamon stick, this recipe became a winner. Let’s check it out and see what my friend’s brew really has to offer. Cheers!

Coffee hint, cinnamon, milk sugar, milk chocolate, flan hints, chocolate fudge brownies, brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, mocha, espresso,coconut hints, ginger bread, dark fruit raisins, cherry hints, marshmallow hints, anise and brown sugar.

Dark chocolate, coffee, vanilla, caramel, mocha, espresso, molasses, coconut hints, dark fruit raisins, cherry hints, cinnamon, ginger bread, milk sugar, milk chocolate, flan hints, chocolate fudge brownies, marshmallows, campfire smores, anise hints, fruit cake hints and brown sugar.

Good amount of dark chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, coconut hints, earthy notes and toffee. No alcohol in the taste, dark and hard to see through body, smooth, creamy and moderate mouthfeel as well as moderate drinkability.

A very good and definitely close to perfect coffee stout. This one is so close to the awesome coffee milk stouts I have tried in the past. It’s flavor of coffee blends well with the other complex characters. While Will did advise that he would love to have more coffee, I think it is also great as is. William did an awesome job and I really believe up to date is one of his best beers so far. I would definitely love to have this one again.

Anime Corner:
Original character by JJUNE is used in this paring to go with the name and flavors of the beer. As the name goes, Almost as good as morning sex goes with the aspect of waking up in the morning for some coffee but in this case it is kind of enuendous as to what I was going for with the coffee drops all over her her and the coffee cup. The represent the climax of great and awesome coffee, let’s just leave it at that. This coffee beer is really awesome and I guess what my friend was going for, is almost orgasmicly good!


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