2017 Dark Lord Imperial Stout by Three Floyds brewing


Rating: 7/7

2017 Dark Lord Imperial Stout by Three Floyds brewing is a 15% ABV World Class Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Dark Matter’s Blood Lord/ BBA Unicorn Blood Coffee, Mexican vanilla, and Indian sugar.

Dark Lord is a gargantuan Russian Style Imperial Stout, with a reverse cascading head that starts out billowing the color of burnt oil like the Dark Lord rising from the black primordial beginnings. Its resonant vinous aroma has been described as cherries, sweet malt, molasses, burnt currants, plums with a port wine alcohol undertow. Mochachino notes buried within. Motor oil consistency, hellishly smooth yet divinely burnt and vinous. The first sip coats your palate with a palatial charred fruit and chocolate blanket. Alcohol burn wiggles its way down your throat with a thick body.


The time has come again! The presence of the Dark Lord has come again. Every year, or atleast when I get a chance, I love bringing this beer to the site. Since 2011, I have considered this one, the best Russian Imperial Stout I had ever tasted. While there are many players out there that have since overtaken the Dark Lord and many drinkers considering this one as one huge soy sauce bomb, I for one embrace what this beer has to offer even to this day. There aren’t many beers quite like this one and I think it can still hold a huge candle even to the greats of today. Let’s have a look at this one for old time sake, cheers!

Dark Fruits, molasses, soy sauce, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, brown sugar, maple syrup, peanut butter, dulce de leche caramel, marshmallows, rum notes, Irish cream coffee, Khalua Coffee Liqueur, vanilla, port wine, raspberries, dark cherries, smokey notes, hazelnut nectar and pecan pie.

Rich molasses, soy sauce, Rich dark cherries, burnt candi sugars, flan, crème brulee, peanut butter, richa dark chocolate, German chocolate, Baker’s chocolate, Belgian chocolate, rich bananas, plantains, banana split, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, cocoa crispies, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, currants, raspberries, port wine, , Danish cream, Danish chookies, English cream, Cadbury chocolate cream, Mexican Abuelita hot chocolate syrup, Black cherry pie, blood pie, fruit cake, churros, chocolate empanada, rocky road ice cream, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, vanilla, choco maple, walnuts, marzipan, dulce de leche caramel, brown sugar, piloncillo sugar cone, milk chocolate oreo cookies, marshmallows, chocolate mousse, rum hints, smokey hints, Irish cream notes and Jamoca ice cream

Finishing with rich mocha, dark fruit, chocolate, port wine, caramel, soy sauce, pilloncillo sugar block, toasted coconut, smokey notes, and vanilla. No alcohol to be found here, dark abyss hyper dimensional full body, ketchup syrup consistency, smooth, chewey, oily and velvety mouthfeel along with a ridiculously easy drinkability that is only worthy of ninjas. 

Existentially bucket listed! While I have not tried any variants except for Dark Lord De Muerte, this beer keeps coming back as a reminder as to what some of the best imperial stouts in the world should be. People may hate and call this one a soy sauce bomb, but even if it is hinted, well, so it is with many other dark beer and especially those that dare to tread into the dark strong territory like some of my favorite Belgian Dark Strongs and Stouts. Yes, This beer series was one of the basis for crafting my own barrel aged experimental homebrews using the same Dark Matter Coffee and to my surprise, they ended up being so damn close, especially Sangrileche 1 and 2. The amazement of this beer is the fact that it is so damn strong and yet so damn drinkable and a sinfully endless pleasure of pure multi dimensionally palatable complexity. I can taste things that are only unique to this beer. IF you are able to trade for this one or are lucky to go Dark Lord Day, do yourself a favor and go toe to toe with the dark lord of beers… it was meant to be!! 

Anime Corner:
Lightning Claire Farron, from Final Fantasy XIII series was chosen in the previous versions of the Dark Lord and this is the second time I bring the new Dark Lord… Miriam, from “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” which is the new upcoming Kickstarter series by Koji Igarashi (Godfather of the Castlevania series). Based on the progress, artwork and tribute to the castlevania games, Miriam seems like a major bad ass. The game is set to release sometime in 2018 but like the previous time I used Miriam, I figure I pair her with the unholy World Class Dark Lord Imperial Stout. Her colors are a good representative of the gothic but also the occult mysteries and the straight up powerful.



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