No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake by The Bruery


Rating: 6/6

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake by The Bruery is a 13.7% ABV Wheat Wine brewed with Strawberries, Lactose and vanilla beans aged in bourbon barrels.


Gotta admit, the Bruery has been coming out with some of the craziest dessert and delicious experiments ever. Who would of thought that they would of made a strawberry shortcake beer!? Well, actually, it shouldn’t be surprising! At this point, the Bruery can literally make any type of dessert beer it seems and meant it to how it tastes. This was something that was released on tap only as far as I know but yes, it was one I was allowed to bring home to get a good analysis of. So let’s check it out, cheers!

Banana split, strawberries, cherries, biscuit bread, butterscotch, tres leches cake, Danish creak, dark fruits, sweetened condensed milk, Neapolitan ice cream, piloncillo sugar cone, dulce de leche caramel, milk chocolate, toffee, waffle cone, almond joy and toasted coconut.

Rich strawberry cheesecake, white chocolate, Strawberry shortcake, Tres Leches strawberry cake, Banana Split with Strawberries, Strawberry and banana yogurt, toffee, piloncillo sugar cone, Cadbury caramel cream eggs, flan, crème brulee, Danish cream, cookie dough ice cream, vanilla, sugar cookies, sweetened condensed milk, strawberry pound cake, Neapolitan ice cream, Strawberries and cream, Raspberries, pomegranates, dark fruit currants, blueberries, dragon fruit, cherries, marzipan, chocolate truffles, toasted coconut, almond joy, cotton candy and red velvet cake.

Finishing with rich strawberries, vanilla, cheesecake, cherry, yogurt, marzipan, white chocolate, flan, bananas and caramel. No alcohol in the taste, super hazy murky peach colored full body, smooth, creamy, refreshing and chewy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

Exceptional! Another awesome dessert that feels like liquefying a strawberry shortcake and drinking it. Of course it is amazing and since it uses White Oak as its base, its works super awesomely. In fact, the base was also used in White Chocolate so its no wonder that it has application in making other amazing beers. I absolutely love it. If you get a chance to have this on tap, check it out, I highly recommend it!

Anime Corner:
Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa was chosen in this pairing as I was going for something that would fit with pink strawberry cheesecake. While I already used Sakura Haruno with different Bruery beers as they relate to cherries, I wanted to go with another character that works with this pairing and that is where Junko came in. While I do not know much of the story, I do know that she made the perfect pairing in this beer especially over the flavors and ingredients of this beer.



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