Spicy Mango Cart by Golden Road Brewing


Rating: 6/6

Spicy Mango Cart by Golden Road Brewing is a 3.2% ABV American Pale Wheat Ale brewed with Mangos with Tajin Habanero added

One of the best mango beers ever, this beer was inspired by the fruit cart vendors that sell the fruits with chile like tajin and chamoy. Of all the mango beers I have tried, none have come close to how ridiculously this taste like natural mango. I had yet to bring this one the site so when my friend brought it to an impromptu tasting, I had to take a picture and do an anime pairing. This pairing was with one of my favorite characters, Temari Sabakuno from the Naruto series. Her colors were the best for this pairing as she goes well with the yellows and oranges.


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