Spicy Mango Cart by Golden Road Brewing


Rating: 6/6

Spicy Mango Cart by Golden Road Brewing is a 3.2% ABV American Pale Wheat Ale brewed with Mangos with Tajin Habanero added

One of the best mango beers ever, this beer was inspired by the fruit cart vendors that sell the fruits with chile like tajin and chamoy. Of all the mango beers I have tried, none have come close to how ridiculously this taste like natural mango. I had yet to bring this one the site so when my friend brought it to an impromptu tasting, I had to take a picture and do an anime pairing. This pairing was with one of my favorite characters, Temari Sabakuno from the Naruto series. Her colors were the best for this pairing as she goes well with the yellows and oranges.


Srirachelada by Angel City Brewery

11896262_10102786502229160_53777606260050741_n 11891994_10102786502788040_7418054808719715634_nRating: 4.75/5

Srirachelada by Angel City Brewery is a 4% ABV Chile beer brewed with Sriracha, Clamato, lime juice, agave syrup, juice pickled banana peppers and Worcestershire sauce.

Serve over Ice—Brewed To Share
Not you Abuelita’s breakfast beer.

Angel City Brewery is committed to the continued grows and revitalization of our urban neighborhoods by being a supportive partner of the arts and business communities, as well as the burgeon craft beer movement in Los Angeles.


This is the first time I tried a bottled beer from Angel City here in Los Angeles. I have tried a lot of their other stuff on tap but to be honest, even for being part of my home town, I feel that they are still in the early stages of being as delicious as some of the other beers out there I have tried. I usually try pretty unique stuff or even great things I have heard about but when I first saw this beer, I think it finally hit me. I have to do a review on this one and see how true to it’s flavors is this. Essentially, they have done other beers like an Avocado IPA which I have yet to try but also it has not been bottled so I guess until I see something more unique from Angel City, I will bring it forth. This is great start as beer geek aside, I really like some delicious Micheladas, yes the Mexican side of me speaking. Cheers!

Clamato, lime, lemon, salt, Sriracha, pickled yellow peppers, peppercorn, avocado hints, soy sauce hints, Worcestershire sauce, Michelada flavors, pickled eggs, pickles, spicy tomato juice, oysters, clams, dank hop hints, celery, bloody Mary and agave hints.

Rich Sriracha, pickled yellow peppers, agave syrup, avocado hints, soy sauce hints, Worcestershire sauce, peppercorn, lemon, salt, Michelada, pickles, jalapeño, spicy tomato juice, oysters, clams, biscuit bread, avave hints, bloody Mary, celery, pickled egg hints, cayanne pepper, lemon zest, citrus, garlic, oniony and some dank hop notes.

Heat from the peppers and Sriracha linger but the flavors of the salt, lemon, Worcestershire and Clamato tomato juice linger for a bit. No alcohol in the taste, spicy, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, Redish Gold medium body and a easy to moderate drinkability depending on your heat tolerance

Hot damn! This is spicy stuff. The main reason I give this one a good grade is not for being complex but really for putting the true flavors of the ingredients forward. If you don’t like spicy chile beers, Sriracha or Micheladas, don’t get it, but if you are one who loves his Sriracha and lots of spicy beers, this is a must try! Yes, I will admit, this is way more different than what I have had from the tap stuff. I think I will reexamine Angel city to see how their bottling line is in comparison to their tap, that is, if there is something really amazing or sounds like wise.

Anime Corner:
Ranma-Saotome from Ranma ½ was used in this pairing mainly since she has an awesome tomato hair color but also the colors she wears compliments the flavors of the beer like the lime, peppers, and agave syrup. Micheladas are mainly red as the Clamato tomato juice actually has a higher consistency than the rest of the ingredients, even if this beer is only slightly red.


California Creamin’ by Mother Earth Brew Company

1425618_10101544162208520_603896414_nRating: 3.9/5

California Creamin’ by Mother Earth Brew Company is a 5.2% ABV Cream Ale

One of our most popular beers ever, this light cream ale has a malty backbone thanks to some flaked corn and honey malt. A medium bodied cult classic, it is sure to woo the ladies, but also flavorful enough to satisfy the dudes. You’ll swear you were drinking a cream soda…but tricks are for kids.

This is the first time I try Mother Earth Brewing and first time reviewing the cream ale style. I have tried cream ale in the past when I tried the Sam Adams cream ale in Iowa which was pretty good. Since then, I have not tried another one. This one is made with vanilla so I would assume it would be similar to cream soda as stated in the label. Well, let us see what this one is like. You may find this one at Ramirez Liquor in Boyle Heights California.

Reminiscent of Or Xata, Rich vanilla beans, cream soda, sweet milk, rice, citrus hops, honey biscuit bread, maize, hints of cinnamon and graham crackers

Similar to Or xata again but not as sweet, citrus hops, cream soda notes, vanilla, butterscotch, honey, graham crackers, citrus hops, maize, some cereal grain and somewhat pilsner component as well.

Leaves off with like a buttery vanilla taste, citrus hops lingering, honey and biscuit. The beer is easy to drink with no alcohol presence in the taste. Light, Crisp and refreshing and would be good if it was for the summer

This beer is very good. Do not be afraid if it says using corn malt. This is NOT A LAGER. This is actually good. Some people may find it more appealing than others. I would really like to say that this would be a good gateway beer for someone getting into craft beer. It has a good amount of noticeable vanilla and taste very similar to a Cream soda. Good stuff and yes, I would recommend trying one, two, or even three of these.

Anime Corner:
Matryoshka Hatsune Miku was used for this pairing as I was trying to mimic something that had to do with California Dreamin’ like the song. The picture in a sense fits as it shows Miku wondering and kind of looks like day dreaming. When people think of California, they sometimes think of Los Angeles and the city. So the fact that the city comes out of her head may symbolize her day dreaming about California/Los Angeles. Also, the label colors fit with her hair. Matryoshka Miku is actually a version of her that was done in a video in 2010 that could be interpreted as sadden or insane as nothing in the video or the lyrics made sense and is open for interpretation. Sources here:http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/matryoshka. The mere fact that the “Scooby doo” hippy van is there just adds to the whole day dreaming, tripping or even getting high off of drugs aspect of the pairing. So in a sense, there is so much that can be depicted that pairs really well with this piece of artwork and the beer. Can you find any more details about this pairing?

Anomaly by Monkish Brewing

1186090_10101340748965290_1613237542_nRating: 4.8/5

Anomaly by Monkish Brewing is a 8.5% ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale made with oats and wheat

A strong, dark ale with tastes of chocolate, caramel, and dark stone fruits along with a silky mouthfeel from oats and wheat.

This is the first time I do a review for a draft only beer. Monkish is a pretty new brewing company in the city of Torrance California (Los Angeles county) specializing primarily in Belgian style ales. They have been active creating many different beers using many unique ingredients such as hibiscus, rose hips, pistachios, vanilla beans, Sichuan peppercorns, elder flowers, chamomile and many more. They mainly distribute kegs locally and other parts of the state so trying their beers might be difficult to find. Hopefully if you live in the south land part of California, you may want to give their beers a go. 

Aromas of the anomaly are of dark chocolate, coffee, dark fruits like plums, raisins, cinnamon, port wine, slight cola notes, candi sugars, caramel and raisin bread

Flavors are of plums, dark chocolate, figs, raisins, mocha coffee, slight oak, wine notes, cola, molasses, anise, licorice, brown sugar, caramel and hints of banana and cloves.

The aftertaste remains with some notes of plums and figs and raisin bread. The booze is not present in the taste and gives a warm feeling after every taste. Also, it is quite smooth for a Dark Belgian.

I love dark Belgian beers and this one, aside from their new beer Seme Della Vita, is one of my favorites from this brewery. Reminds me of some of the good Dark Belgian flavors from beers like Trois Pistoles. They only recently started putting this one in growlers. So if you are ever in Los Angeles Area, check out Monkish Brewing, definitely a unique set of beers. 

Site: http://www.monkishbrewing.com/beers/

Threes Anniversary Ale by Eagle Rock Brewing

!294866_10101174691181420_2069728603_nRating: 5/5

Threes Anniversary Ale by Eagle Rock Brewing is a 9.5% ABV Rye American Strong Ale.

“Threes was brewed to commemorate our 3-year anniversary and, as good things come in threes, it embodies all the great things that have happened to us in the past 3 years. Comforting aromas of toasted bread and jasmine complement the peachy esters, toasted marshmallows and alcohol warmth on the palate. A substantial hop presence and dry finish balance out this delicious full-bodied strong rye ale. Cheers to an amazing 3 years, and many more to come!

Eagle Rock is one of the local breweries in my town of Los Angeles California. I have only had a couple of their beers, but when I saw they had an anniversary ale out, I had to see what was up.

The aromas of this beer are of caramel, rye toast bread toffee, biscuit, marshmallow, brown sugar, and a faint fruitiness. The flavors of this beer are of lots of toffee, caramel, rye toasted bread, slight roasty bitterness, barley wine notes, citrus, grapefruit, floral and piney hop notes, chocolate and coffee notes, brown sugar, hints crème brulee, butter scotch, honey and biscuits, rye whiskey notes and maple. This beer is nicely balanced having some sweet hop flavors along with more sweeter caramel and rye flavors. It goes down nice and smooth too. The level of booziness is minimal to moderate but nothing detracting from the the overall beer. This beer really hits a lot of nice sweet notes. Definitely a lot of rye and toffee in this beer. Eagle Rock is one of my local breweries here in LA so I think I will be trying even more of their stuff soon. Their Jubilee was an amazing beer and this one is just as awesome as this beer.