Srirachelada by Angel City Brewery

11896262_10102786502229160_53777606260050741_n 11891994_10102786502788040_7418054808719715634_nRating: 4.75/5

Srirachelada by Angel City Brewery is a 4% ABV Chile beer brewed with Sriracha, Clamato, lime juice, agave syrup, juice pickled banana peppers and Worcestershire sauce.

Serve over Ice—Brewed To Share
Not you Abuelita’s breakfast beer.

Angel City Brewery is committed to the continued grows and revitalization of our urban neighborhoods by being a supportive partner of the arts and business communities, as well as the burgeon craft beer movement in Los Angeles.


This is the first time I tried a bottled beer from Angel City here in Los Angeles. I have tried a lot of their other stuff on tap but to be honest, even for being part of my home town, I feel that they are still in the early stages of being as delicious as some of the other beers out there I have tried. I usually try pretty unique stuff or even great things I have heard about but when I first saw this beer, I think it finally hit me. I have to do a review on this one and see how true to it’s flavors is this. Essentially, they have done other beers like an Avocado IPA which I have yet to try but also it has not been bottled so I guess until I see something more unique from Angel City, I will bring it forth. This is great start as beer geek aside, I really like some delicious Micheladas, yes the Mexican side of me speaking. Cheers!

Clamato, lime, lemon, salt, Sriracha, pickled yellow peppers, peppercorn, avocado hints, soy sauce hints, Worcestershire sauce, Michelada flavors, pickled eggs, pickles, spicy tomato juice, oysters, clams, dank hop hints, celery, bloody Mary and agave hints.

Rich Sriracha, pickled yellow peppers, agave syrup, avocado hints, soy sauce hints, Worcestershire sauce, peppercorn, lemon, salt, Michelada, pickles, jalapeño, spicy tomato juice, oysters, clams, biscuit bread, avave hints, bloody Mary, celery, pickled egg hints, cayanne pepper, lemon zest, citrus, garlic, oniony and some dank hop notes.

Heat from the peppers and Sriracha linger but the flavors of the salt, lemon, Worcestershire and Clamato tomato juice linger for a bit. No alcohol in the taste, spicy, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, Redish Gold medium body and a easy to moderate drinkability depending on your heat tolerance

Hot damn! This is spicy stuff. The main reason I give this one a good grade is not for being complex but really for putting the true flavors of the ingredients forward. If you don’t like spicy chile beers, Sriracha or Micheladas, don’t get it, but if you are one who loves his Sriracha and lots of spicy beers, this is a must try! Yes, I will admit, this is way more different than what I have had from the tap stuff. I think I will reexamine Angel city to see how their bottling line is in comparison to their tap, that is, if there is something really amazing or sounds like wise.

Anime Corner:
Ranma-Saotome from Ranma ½ was used in this pairing mainly since she has an awesome tomato hair color but also the colors she wears compliments the flavors of the beer like the lime, peppers, and agave syrup. Micheladas are mainly red as the Clamato tomato juice actually has a higher consistency than the rest of the ingredients, even if this beer is only slightly red.


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