Feminist by Monkish brewing

10556516_10101935631905110_5945416229010617032_n 10389661_10101935630143640_5197938761646202346_nRating: 4.75/5

Feminist by Monkish brewing is a 9.4% ABV Belgian Tripel brewed with Hibiscus.

Now available in some areas of Southern California, this beer is one of Monkish’s strongest an most delicious beers. While I mainly enjoy the Floraison, this one has its own great flavors to it. It is also now available for growler pour as well.

Vanilla, Flowers, Hibiscus, peppercorn spice, caramel, herbs, kiwi, lemonade, cherry, sour notes, apricots, watermelon, brown sugar, hints of chamomile, apples, citrus, coriander, biscuit bread, honey and ginger.

Banana, clove spice, vanilla, caramel, flowers, hibiscus drink (Jamaica), herbs, lemonade hints, citrus, grapefruit , wine grape sour hints, watermelon hints, apricots, brown sugar, ginger, apples, stone fruits, peppercorns, honey, biscuit bread, apples, chamomile apricots and coriander spice.

Almost dry finish with some lingering honey, biscuit bread, hibiscus flower notes, vanilla and fruits. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV. A sipping beer yet medium mouthfeel even if it has a clear body.

A very good beer which brings some Farm house and Floral characteristics to the Tripel Style some unique aspects of the beer flow through. While it is one of their most delicious selections, I still enjoy some of their other ones more. This is a highly recommended one though so give it a shot.

Anime Corner:
Erza Scalet from Fairy Tail was used in this pairing because I wanted to portray feminist as being a woman in power. Strong despite any objections and truly a just as bad ass. Erza is that kind of person who can take command of situations and truly persevere. So I figured this would work. Any suggestions or comments? Please let me know.


Death By Hops by Smog City brewing

10462012_10101879186931290_6469231238760077614_n 10305411_10101879187924300_682767545809776915_nRating: 4.8/5

Death By Hops by Smog City brewing is a 9.3% ABV Double India Pale Ale.

Released recently at the brewery exclusively, I wanted to pick up this beer to give it a review but mainly to get a growler as well. This is Smog City’s first Double IPA. I have reviewed El Segundo’s Tripple IPA from a growler before so I figured I give Smog’s DIPA a shot too as a lot of Smog City’s beers are awesome.

Dank grassy, floral, piney and grapefruit hops, citrus, dank garlicky, oniony, oily hop scents, biscuit bread, some tropical notes like, tangerine preserves, caramel, toffee, passion fruit, kiwi, prickly pear and berry notes.

Grassy, Grapefruit, floral, pine and herbal hop dankness, citrus, tangerine preserves, tropical notes like mango, kiwi, prickly pear, passion fruit, biscuit bread, garlic and onion dankness, caramel, toffee, berries and honey.

Lingering citrus with lots of piney hop goodness and dank hop resin. No alcohol in the taste. A sipping beer but very crisp and refreshing.

A very good beer if you like your Double IPAs grassy and herbal with not overpowering tropics. Personally I enjoy more tropical IPAs but this one has enough to keep me interested so the flavors work really well here. It is also very damn fresh so the freshness really helps. The hops really resonate in all aspects of the beer. Worth stopping by again for another growler fill of this!

Anime Corner:
Shampoo from Ranma½ was used in this pairing since I got the crazy idea of linking Death by Hops to Death by Snu-Snu from the Futurama episode “Amazon Woman in the Mood”. In that episode, the main characters travel to a planet where it is ruled by Amazonian women and when they have men around, they kill them by snu-snu which is essentially having their pelvic regions crushed while having sex with these womanly giants. Shampoo, according to the Ranma show is actually an Amazonian woman herself. In the picture we see her almost looking like a giant looking down at the beer and the drinker. Meaning she will kill you!! Also, along with the second picture, when I meant to say she is a killer, well yes!! So if death by snu snu is related to Shampoo, then Shampoo killing is Death by Shampoo or Death by Hops!


Anomaly by Monkish Brewing

1186090_10101340748965290_1613237542_nRating: 4.8/5

Anomaly by Monkish Brewing is a 8.5% ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale made with oats and wheat

A strong, dark ale with tastes of chocolate, caramel, and dark stone fruits along with a silky mouthfeel from oats and wheat.

This is the first time I do a review for a draft only beer. Monkish is a pretty new brewing company in the city of Torrance California (Los Angeles county) specializing primarily in Belgian style ales. They have been active creating many different beers using many unique ingredients such as hibiscus, rose hips, pistachios, vanilla beans, Sichuan peppercorns, elder flowers, chamomile and many more. They mainly distribute kegs locally and other parts of the state so trying their beers might be difficult to find. Hopefully if you live in the south land part of California, you may want to give their beers a go. 

Aromas of the anomaly are of dark chocolate, coffee, dark fruits like plums, raisins, cinnamon, port wine, slight cola notes, candi sugars, caramel and raisin bread

Flavors are of plums, dark chocolate, figs, raisins, mocha coffee, slight oak, wine notes, cola, molasses, anise, licorice, brown sugar, caramel and hints of banana and cloves.

The aftertaste remains with some notes of plums and figs and raisin bread. The booze is not present in the taste and gives a warm feeling after every taste. Also, it is quite smooth for a Dark Belgian.

I love dark Belgian beers and this one, aside from their new beer Seme Della Vita, is one of my favorites from this brewery. Reminds me of some of the good Dark Belgian flavors from beers like Trois Pistoles. They only recently started putting this one in growlers. So if you are ever in Los Angeles Area, check out Monkish Brewing, definitely a unique set of beers. 

Site: http://www.monkishbrewing.com/beers/