2011 Barrel Roll No. 3 Pugachev’s Cobra by Hangar 24

306081_10101131075327940_749733813_n 548867_10101131079115350_668536258_n 532932_10101131079125330_716776184_nRating: 5.8/5* Aged for 2 years, so the ABV is probably higher but the complexity is what gives it the high score.

2011 Barrel Roll No. 3 Pugachev’s Cobra by Hangar 24 is a 16.5%ABV Russian Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels

PUGACHEV’S COBRA: The brainchild of Victor Pugachev — not for the faint of heart. Pilot suddenly raises the aircraft nose to near vertical before dropping back to attack mode. Get ready for an assault on your senses with PUGACHEV’S COBRA, an intense Russian Imperial Stout. This rich, black beauty with a thick caramel head is bursting with aromas of chocolate, vanilla, oak, bourbon, licorice and dark fruits, while flavors of chocolate-covered plum, sweet malt, bourbon, and roasted coffee explode on your pallet. Three different dark roasted malts and rich maple syrup are combined in a truly unique brewing process to create complexity and depth. Once fermented, it’s then aged for eight months in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. This powerful concoction is designed to be enjoyed now with friends or cellared to perfection and savored in the years to come.

As recommended by my friend Julio who once had it on tap about a year ago. Been looking high and low for this piece of treasure to finally be able to do a review. Time to suit up and lift off into the heights of amazing flavors. How will it do with the other great imperial stouts out there? 

Upon opening the bottle, the aromas are very good. Definitely on par with some of the greats, maybe even better! Rich bourbon, vanilla, oak, sweet milk and dark chocolate, brownie batter, coconut, banana, hazelnuts, dulce de leche, crème brulee, coffee, mocha, maple, hints of dark fruits like raisins, apples and smokey wood. The flavors are very amazing. Heat of Bourbon flavor but low booziness, vanilla, bananas, coconut, dulce de leche caramel, raisins, Kahlua coffee, rum and very rich chocolate almost to the side of Black Tuesday but more focus on bourbon than chocolate yet still very strong with the chocolate. There are also flavors of flan, licorice, molasses, chocolate cake, chocolate syrup and whiskey. This one is very very good. The flavors are very rich and the bourbon flavor is amazing. Not the booziness but the actual oakyness and vanilla of it. No Joke, this beer was definitely near the top. A must get if you somehow are lucky to find it. I had to look online for this one unfortunately. Now next time it is one tap, that I will have to see. But you also have to realize, this has been aging FOR 2 YEARS!! so the much fresher version may not provide the strength and complexity. So get one now and save the other for later. Go get this beer!!

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