Fire and Blood by Game of Thrones and Ommegang

1620846_10101751436015150_8935607891703896654_n 1897939_10101751436154870_961945630627279930_n 970929_10101751436783610_2712889037812797926_nRating: 4.4/5

Fire and Blood by Game of Thrones and Ommegang is a 6.8% ABV Belgian Red Ale brewed with Ancho Chilies

Born of fire, like Daenerys’ dragons, this ale’s deep, dark-red hue evokes their every blazing breath. Sweet Malts succumbs wispy dryness, tinged with nutty spelt, spicy hops, and rye as ancho chilies portend piquant dark fruit.

The third installment to the Game of Throne series of beers. While I don’t necessarily watch the show, I do love Ommegang beers and usually, they don’t disappoint. So when I heard of this red ale, I definitely wanted to try it to see what it is about. It may give some incites into some similar beers I may have had before. The one thing too about this ale though is that it is a Belgian style red and with chilies. The last time I had a Belgian beer with chilies was the Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11. Now that was very good. I will have to see how this one relates.

Honey, banana, cloves, peppercorns, floral hops, subtle hints of pepper spice, musty farmhouse hay, dark fruit, figs, peach, rye, apricot, apples, honey, caramel, toffee and brown sugar.

Caramel, dark fruit raisins, banana cloves, cherry, peppercorns, subtle chile pepper spice, stone fruit, peach, apricot, rye, toffee, apples, honey, pecans, figs, floral hop notes, waffle cone, farmhouse hay, musty notes and brown sugar.

Caramel, toffee, honey and peppercorns linger. No alcohol in the taste. Moderate drinkability with medium mouthfeel.

A very good Belgian Red with very good flavors. It is not too strong in the chile department and seems more of a supportive role for some of the sweet flavors which are also balanced by the hops and spices. Gimmick or not, this is a good beer but is not as close to the vertical epic. As a Belgian beer, it is great and I am a sucker for good decent Belgians. However, Ommegang offers some other great beers and you can definitely find a more appealing Belgian beer if you enjoy the different styles. This beer is worth a try at least once. This beer won’t age though as it is a 6% ABV but then again, who knows. I think this beer would pair well with a spicy plate as some of the chiles might actually start to come out more.

Anime Corner:
Original art from Dragon’s Crown, Original art from Crooz and original artwork by coffee cat were used in this pairing to represent the awesome dragon labels used in each of the Game of throne beers. Show casing these especially since this is a beer art website, I felt it was important to bring some of those dragon characters into focus but as well as display the fire and blood aspect of the beer in terms of the colors. There is a lot that can be said about these pieces of art which I am sure maybe obvious but you are more than welcome to let me know what you like seeing in these.

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