Solitude by El Borracho Home Brewing

10155542_10101751435007170_3387387877292356382_nRating: 3/5

Solitude by El Borracho Home Brewing is 3% ABV Session Pale Ale.

Thanks to my friend William Carranza once again for another sweet beer donation. This beer’s name comes from need to just drink a couple of beers by yourself but still want to chill and not get wasted. Solitude is the kind of beer for the lonely drinker. So this beer will keep you company. Solitude is not necessarily a bad thing as one can use the time to be alone to reflect on a lot of things in life. Especially the good ones and to take action on those positive ideas. Solitude should never be considered as a means to dwell on the negative as it is part of like. This beer is something that can enjoyed while just relaxing in general I’m sure.

Citrus, floral and grassy hops, biscuit bread, maize, mild caramel and apples.

Apples, cereal grains, citrus, mild grassy hops, corn, lager and pilsner notes, caramel and crackers.

Finish dry with very little hop and citrus presence. No alcohol in the taste, absolutely refreshing, crisp and mildly clean and is pleasantly easy to drink.

An Average to decent beer. Something that is definitely worthy of a beer that you can drink a lot of. It is better than the macros average lagers and has enough flavor to keep it interesting. Session beers are a great thing as they maintain a good amount flavor even if the alcohol is sacrificed allowing more to be enjoyed. While this beer is expected to be mild, it doesn’t disappoint and some of those really nice flavors do stand out.

Anime Corner:
Spike and Julia from Cowboy Bebop were the perfect pairing for this beer. The representation of Solitude is greatly represented by the need to have company but also it is a moment of reflection to make you take action for the next step. Solitude should never be represented with depression but more of making peace with one’s self and keep pushing forward to the next best thing. Spike and Julia’s love story in the series is a sad one which I won’t spoil here. As with drinking this beer, it give yous enough feel good experience without calling it a night. Relax and take in the moment

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