Los Vivos y Los Muertos (The Quick & The Dead) by Jolly Pumpkin

10150694_10101751438175820_6076824097229696149_n 10174961_10101751438734700_5589972649130597073_n 10154970_10101751439054060_5874958748278315580_nRating: 4.75/5

Los Vivos y Los Muertos (The Quick & The Dead) by Jolly Pumpkin is a 4.2% ABV Saison/ Farmhouse Ale brewed with Pumpkin and Lime.

The Quick and The Dead
Sour ale brewed with pumpkin and lime.
Brewed Exclusively for the Rare Beer Club
We bring delight to our dance of a decaying mortal tune. The beauty of contrasts, of oposites and the shores on which they clash is the inspiration behind Los Vivos y Los Muertos. When The Rare Beer Club asked us to brew up something form (sic) the fringe of our imagination, we thought what better and more appropirate for this autumnal season than this? Cheers and Mahalo Plenty!

A beer that was supposed to be released back in October 2013 for the upcoming celebration of Dia de Los Muertos in November. Unfortunately, the government shut down had prevented many breweries from releasing beers due to the approval of labels. Regardless, this was March 2014 release for The Rare Beer Club which you may still find it there.

Floral hop notes, wet hay, peppercorn, vegetable notes, biscuit bread, citrus, apricot, white grapes, lemon grass, lime, pumpkin flesh, honey dew melon, cinnamon spice, coriander, brettanomyces, apples, herbs, mild vanilla and caramel.

Flowers, citrus, biscuit bread, pumpkin flesh notes, sourdough, honey, wet hay, white peppercorns, sage, coriander spice, sour apples, peach, plum, apricot, sour white grapes, oak, hints of vanilla and caramel, honey dew melon, lemon grass, lime, raw pumpkin flesh, cinnamon notes, musty funk, rustic grain, rye, cereal and berry hints.

mild pumpkin, citrus, sour grape, peppercorn, lime, wet hay and honey. Very drinkable despite the medium mouthfeel. No alcohol in the taste and also, not overpoweringly sour.

Very well made beer and very delicious. Hence the reason why Jolly Pumpkin makes great sours and in this case, a great Saison. Just like breweries like Jester King, when you have a primary focus, the amount of creativity can really shine from the masses of the craft beers. This beer is very good, but even if you cannot find it, there are surely other great ones you can. While the pumpkin and lime are noted in the beer, the saison style is what carries it. Give it a shot if you can get it.

Anime Corner:
Nonon Jakuzure from Kill La Kill, Original Artwork by Takagi Kyousuke and Reisen Udongein Inaba from Touhou were used in this pairing to represent the aspect of Death and the Rabbit. Some Rabbits are cute like Nonon, but even the cutest, and the quickest rabbit can never escape the bounds of Death. Nonon combines both that, Death and Cute. The Takagi piece relates to the label in La Vie C’est Drole (Life is Funny) since we live life as puppets never knowing when the end will come with death pulling the string one inch closer every day tugging away, just like the rabbit tangled by the ribbon dancing at the Deaths melody. The final piece represents the grasp of death reaching out grab the rabbit of darkness. The funny part about this beer, is irony of its time of release, in the spring time, where usually the flowers start to bloom and life blooms with it. Hence, a Spring Saison with ingredients of the fall (Pumpkin). La vie, c’est drole, mais cette bière est délicieuse, Sante!!

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