Morning Wood by Local Option Bierwerker

10153936_10101754747957990_7858506618173776743_nRating: 4.66/5
Morning Wood by Local Option Bierwerker is a 7.3% ABV Amber Ale brewed with Dark Matter Coffee beans and aged in oak barrels.

Commercial Description:

Local Option Morning Wood: Local Option Morning Wood is an oak-aged coffee ale developed and brewed by Local Option Bierwerker. Fresh American oak used during the aging process and Dark Matter’s El Salvador San Jose pulp-natural coffee aromatically drive the beer; while remaining subtle components of the beers’ complete flavor profile. The amber colored, medium-bodied, and extraordinarily well-balanced ale was first unveiled at the Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers in November 2011. Morning Wood’s taste is delicate and should be appreciated by beer drinkers of all palates.


A special find with my friend Alex. I really don’t think this beer is sold in California yet but it was definitely found in downtown somewhere along the streets of the Buzz Beer Jewelry district. This label has intrigued me for a while. I just always kept passing it up, but this time when I saw it, I had to review it. I never had a Coffee Amber beer so let’s check this one out and see what it is like :P.


Big coffee espresso fragrances, toffee, rye, caramel, oak, dark fruit raisins, biscuit bread, chocolate notes, earthy hops notes, roasted barley, vanilla, hazelnut, honey, brown sugar and cinnamon.


Fancy coffee grounds, espresso, earthy hop notes, vanilla, oak, caramel, roasted barley, toffee, hazelnut, mocha, chocolate notes,honey, brown sugar, orange marmalade on toast and biscuit bread, dark fruit raisins, rye, toffee, floral notes, brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans.



Coffee, earthy notes, rye, barley, vanilla oak, tart berry and honey linger. No alcohol in the taste, moderate drinkability with medium to full mouth feel.



A very good beer reminiscent of drinking a coffee stout but not a coffee stout, an amber/red ale. Definitely has that special coffee mix from the Dark Matter Coffee like the Big Hugs beer I had a while back. The oak and amber aspect complement the coffee flavors giving it a whole new light. It is a very good beer and definitely worth trying out. Although at times, the coffee might be too much but for some that might be the best part!


Anime Corner:
This original artwork by Iga Tomoreru was used in this beer paring to show the colors of the label, the skeleton, the gun and well the aspect of “morning wood” which is mainly giving someone a “boner” or in this case a skull-er. The beer flavors are represented in the in the name as well since this does seem like a rise and shine type of beer or breakfast beer for sure. Can you find any other beer pairing ideas here?

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