2017 ¡PINK SNOW! Collaboration by Funky Buddha and The Bruery

Rating: 7/7

2017 ¡PINK SNOW! Collaboration by Funky Buddha and The Bruery is a 7.5% Imperial Cream Ale brewed with Lactose, Guava, Dragon Fruit, Coconut and Vanilla


This collaborative brew with our Floridian friends is a tropical treat, transporting us to a cooler mindset when temperatures start to warm on out respective coasts.

Since our collective exposure to the wet wintry elements is minimal, we at The Bruery® and Funky Buddha decided to create our own version of snow – something pink and tropical -that we can play in as temperatures start to arm. Championing the big, bold flavors our breweries are known for, we brewed an imperial cream ale, then added lactose and vanilla for sweetness, and guava, dragonfruit and coconut for a vibrant, tropical vibe.


Released to all Bruery societies and the public. Another awesome back to back collaboration with Funky Buddha. This time, they upgraded the Guava Libre recipe adding coconut and dragon fruit. I cannot tell if the base beer is guava libre but regardless it seems like an awesome move. Also, the fact that this is dragon fruit based, I am very excited about this. The beers I have had with dragon fruit have all been awesome and I have even made a dragon fruit beer because I loved the exotic fruit. Who wouldn’t like a cactus fruit in the shape of a fireball. This is truly something very special indeed and the fact that the Bruery collaborated with essentially, East Coast Bruery/ Funky Buddha, it makes that much more sense that this beer would one of the most unique! Let’s have a go, cheers!

Rich guava pastry, coconut, Raspados/shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, toasted coconut, flan, dragon fruit, passion fruit, pineapple, piloncillo sugar cone, candied apples, Danish cream, stone fruit peaches, mango, strawberries, raspberries and orange creamcicle.

Toasted coconut, vanilla, caramel, sweetened condensed milk, crème brulee, tropical dragon fruit, mango, kiwi, guava, pine apple, passion fruit, flan, crème brulee, strawberry, guava pastry, guava quince/membrillo paste, stone fruit peaches, apricots, grapes, raspberry, pomegranates, cranberry, shaved ice, guava bundt cake, cake frosting, whipped cream, dragon fruit cobbler, peach cobbler, Danish cream, cane sugar, honey dew melon, guava cheesecake, candied apples, guava maize atole, dragon fruit, piloncillo sugar cone, orange creamsicle, Cocada Mexican Coconut candy, dragon fruit and guava yogurt, dragon fruit and guava smoothies.

Finshing with Guava Pastry, Dragon fruit cobbler, vanilla, crème brulee, sweetened condensed milk, tropical fruits, stone fruits, grapes, toasted coconut, piña colada and guava quince. No alcohol in the taste, Hazey Rosey Magenta full body, smooth, creamy, crisp, refreshing and velvety mouthfeel and a moderate drinkability.

Liquid Raspados! (Shaved Ice) but guava flavored! Essentially, they took Guava Libre and made it even more awesome and it really is. The addition of the coconut and the lactose really gets it much closer to the way raspados are and usually they add sweetened condensed milk to enhance the flavor and that is what this is. This collaboration really out did itself and if you can find Guava Libre or Pink Snow, make sure to get several bottles. Truly a bucket lister.

Anime Corner:
Birdy Cephon Altera from Birdy The Mighty was used in this pairing for the colors of the label, beer, ingredients and flavors. Since I have not used Birdy for a Bruery review, I brought her for the first time. Birdy is a very powerful character in the Anime series and as such for being an upgrade if Guava Libre, she wears similar out fit to a wrestler in a way. I think she was definitely the one to pair with this beer.


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