Rick’s Wrecka Barleywine by Avila Ales

12642588_10103052861922200_959383025666913489_n 12650809_10103052862640760_5928505456712956685_nRating: 5/5

Rick’s Wrecka Barleywine by Avila Ales is a ~10% ABV English Barley Wine


My friend Richard Avila created this beer back in May 2015 and let it aged for 6 months in a secondary fermentation vessel. I helped my friend that day to create my beer which was the Honey Bee Waggling Hop Bats Belgian IPA and this awesome Barleywine. Quite the task and an awesome Homebrew day in the hot summer in may it was. Fast forward several months into the holidays and we now have what I agree with my friend, his best beer yet. This awesome brew really blew me away and it definitely was all the worth the wait. Today I bring to the website, courtesy of my friend Richard, an awesome Barleywine! Cheers!

Dark fruit plum, prunes, raisins, cherry notes, dulce de leche Caramel, vanilla, toffee, sweetened condensed milk, biscuit bread with orange and peach preserves, Stone fruit peach hints, brown sugar, hazelnut nectar, figgy pudding and pecan pie.

Dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, sugar plum, dark cherries, raspberry notes, grape notes, port wine hints, Stone fruit peach hints, dulce de leche Caramel, vanilla, toffee, sweetened condensed milk, Toasted biscuit bread with orange and peach preserves, honey, waffle cone, marshmallows, earthy and citrus hop notes, pecan pie, macadamia nuts, hazelnut nectar, figgy pudding and flan hints.

Finishes with flavors of caramel, dark fruit, port wine hint, earthy notes, waffle cone, honey, vanilla and fig pudding. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV, Crimson light to medium body, silky, smooth and creamy mouthfeel with an easy to moderate drinkability which for a 10% is pretty dangerous but it really is a well drunk beer.

A perfect example and well made English Barleywine. From the different types of Barleywines I have had in the past, this reminded me of some of the better ones. This is really why I enjoyed this one. There is much malty complex goodness with a balance of mild hoppy citrus to balance things out. To date, I think this really is my friend Richard’s best brew and hope it makes an awesome return!

Anime Corner:
Rick Hunter, Dr. Jean Grant and the other characters from the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles were used in this pairing to go along with the name of the brew. In the series, Rick would use his transforming Veritech mecha to battle. Its destructive force on enemies was massive. You can almost say this Barleywine is synonymous to the destructive force of the Veritech. It’s a wrecking machine!


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