Jurassic Gose collaboration by The Bruery Terreux, The Libertine Wild Brews & Blends and Field Recordings

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Jurassic Gose collaboration by The Bruery Terreux, The Libertine Wild Brews & Blends and Field Recordings is a 9.7% ABV Gose aged in Port Wine barrels with Chenin Blanc Grapes.


Gose, port wine, chenin blanc grapes, sea salt captured from the Pacific Ocean. None of these existed in the Jurassic era. The creatures that roamed the earth 145+ million years ago had neither the brainpower nor wherewithal to concoct such a creation and collaboration of this magnitude. Fast forward to present day with Bruery Terreux, Libertine Brewing Company and Field Recordings, and these dinosaurs could learn a thing or two about adapting to the environment and making the most out of terroir around them. And that’s exactly where we sought inspiration (and borrowed artwork from our offspring) in the creation of Jurassic Gose. This tart, wheat-based ale is our exploration of a West Coast gose. Jurassic Gose is brewed using the stein beer method with locally-sourced rocks, and features grapes from Jurassic Park Vineyard and sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Aged in port wine barrels with chenin blanc grapes, this wild collaboration emerges as mineralic, territorial and dry. It’s unlike any gose you’ve had before – in fact, it’s from an entirely different era.


Released to The Bruery’s Hoarders and Reserve Societies, this Gose was something I wanted to get on the name and ingredients alone. Having only tried few Gose in the past, I wanted to bring their take on this German salty brew to the site. The name makes me think of tropical aspects or exotic flavors. I don’t think this is made ancient ingredients or dinosaurs but it sounds like it may have been inspired by it. Let’s have a look, cheers!

Lemon peel, peppercorns, citrus oranges, tangerines, flowers of hibiscus, lavender, chamomile, roses, stone fruit peaches, apricots, chardonnay, salt, yerba buena, mint, vanilla, tropical fruits like pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, honey dew melon, tamarind and grapes.

Lots or tropical fruits like pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, honey dew melon, tamarind, agave nectar, salty Teguacan and Tejuino Mexican Maize drink, limes, tangerines, funky wine grapes, dark fruit port wine, lemon peel, peppercorns, citrus oranges, tangerines, flowers of hibiscus, lavender, chamomile, roses, cane sugar, crème brulee, stone fruit peaches, apricots, mushrooms, brown sugar, celery salt, yerba buena, mint, concord grapes and chardonnay.

Finishes very dry with stone fruit, dark fruit, tropical fruit and salty tamarind notes along with port wine grapes. No alcohol in the taste, pale light golden body, crisp, refreshing, smooth and effervescent along with an easy to moderate drinkability.

There was so much going on in this beer that I considered exceptional. From the wine notes and tropical fruit to the funky notes and salty notes, it’s definitely not your average sour. I don’t think I have had a brew aged in port wine before (except maybe Sucre Port Barrel) and since some of the port wine notes are my favorite notes in some beers, I figured this one would be one of the best to try. I would highly recommend this one if you love sours or salty funky brews.

Anime Corner:
Regina from Dino Crisis was used in this pairing as I wanted to get a character that was in a dinosaur game. I had played this game back in the PS1 days and I still remember a good amount of it. So to go with the whole “Jurassic” theme of the beer, I decided to use Regina which I feel worked perfectly including the tropical flavors one with her and the T-Rex.


Tawny Port Wine Barrel Aged Sucré (6th Anniversary Ale) by The Bruery

10314558_10101823404729270_5208521242363205607_n 10338324_10101823405737250_566824402152841471_nRating: 6/5

Tawny Port Wine Barrel Aged Sucré (6th Anniversary Ale) by The Bruery is a 15.1% ABV Old Ale aged in Tawny Port Wine Barrels.

100% Ale aged in Port Barrels
This sturdy beer marks our sixth year, and we are grateful for the outpouring of community. Together may our supporters, our brewery and this beer grow in complexity and refinement over the years.

Sucré is our sixth anniversary ale, loosely brewed in the English-style Old Ale tradition using our house Belgian yeast strain and then blended using the solera method.

A portion of each of our anniversary ales is saved in our barrels and blended in with the next year’s production, providing more complexity and depth of character that comes with aged. Layered with complex flavors of dark fruit, vanilla, oak, and burnt sugar, Sucré is a robust ale, surely the perfect beer to mark this major milestone.

So along with the original Sucré review, which you can find here: (https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/sucre-6th-anniversary-ale-by-the-bruery/)
I wanted to do a review on one of the variants. While I have tired the Rum, American Oak and Madeira version at the Bruery, I got this one simply because I enjoy the way port wine is presented in many beers I like. Mainly Trois Pistoles. Anyway, this is the only variant I will try and I will mainly focus on the what the Tawny Port wine aspect brings forward. So while the aromas and flavors remain the same, I will show additional comments on each.

Aromas: (For Sucré)
Exquisite dulce de leche on bananas, flan, rich dark cherries, pecan pie, dark fruits like raisins, plums, figs, dates, wine grapes, apples, sweetened condenced milk, pilloncillo, crème brulee, toffee, roasted coconut, bourbon, oak, dark and milk chocolate, burnt sugar, candy sugar, brown sugar, marshmallow, graham crackers, rum notes, raspberry chambord, molasses, mousse, scotch whiskey, maple syrup, waffle cone and chocolate truffle ice cream.

Aromas: (With Tawny Port Barrel Aging)
A stronger oak and port wine aromas are more forward in this one than the caramel. Although it is there. Rich chocolate covered raisins, rich caramel, wine grapes, dessert wine, more flan rich but still including some of the very complex aromas as before with the addition of new aromas or improvements on the original aromas.

Flavors: (For Sucré)
Lots of rich Dulce de leche caramel, bananas, clove spice, dark cherries, rum notes, bourbon, vanilla, brown sugar, plantains, pilloncillo sugar cone, apples, peaches, apricot, pecan pie, whipped cream, marshmallow, toasted coconut, oak, milk chocolate, raspberry chambord, wine grapes, waffle cone, chocolate mousse, molasses, scotch whiskey, maple syrup, graham crackers, toffee, candy sugar, chocolate truffle ice cream, raisin bread pudding, rye, burnt sugar, butterscotch and fruit cake.

Flavors: (With Tawny Port Barrel Aging)
Flavors are closer to the port wine and oak with higher concentration of dark fruits, chocolate, caramel, flan, pecan pie, wine grapes, truffle ice cream, raisin bread pudding, coconut, vanilla, more chambord raspberry liqueur and marshmallow cream.

Aftertaste:(For Sucré)
Caramel, dark fruit raisins, cherries, lingering scotch bourbon, vanilla, marshmallows,
A bit of alcohol in the taste but nothing detracting, sipping drinkability with a bit of a medium silky mouth feel.

Aftertaste: (With Tawny Port Barrel Aging)
More and dark fruits in the finish with a dryer finish. No alcohol in the taste as well, smoother than the original yet sipping quality and very silky, almost to the point of syrupy and creamy.

Overall: (With Tawny Port Barrel Aging)
Definitely different and extremely delicious in its own way. Just like Sucre, if you want to try out the variant, definitely try this one or one of the other ones. Each will have additional flavors that are not covered in the original bourbon one or this one.

Anime Corner: (For Sucré)
Mari Illustrious Mikinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion was chosen for this release like Asuka and Rei were chosen for the previous 2. I wanted to show case not just the next release as following them but also how she relates to the beer. Mari has the colors or pink and gray which represent the Sugar and Iron. This is by pink relating to the delicious cherry which is pretty much sweet like sugar. The caramel aspect is the velvety brown locks of hair. Her glasses represent the maturity of the beer which has evolved from 15% from last years to a now 16.7% ABV. She is very very suductive, like this beer is so sweet that you may want to keep on drinking it, but don’t finish her off or you not only will regret it, she will knock you out, literally. Her strength and complexity can be shown in her skills as a pilot of the Evangelion mechs in the show. You would probably have to see the show for it to make sense, but just like you can’t see how good this beer just by looking at it, you will have to experience the beer for yourself and decide!

Anime Corner: (With Tawny Port Barrel Aging)
Yes, so this time, Mari goes into what is called Berserk mode. The fact that it shows her underwater in what seems to be blood, but for our sake the Tawny Port Barrel, this unleashes her berserk side where she becomes even more powerful than before and in some cases, very insane. I included her Eva in berserk mode as well. Definitely unleashing some crazy stuff. That’s what happens when you experiment. Is it for the better?! In this case, yes

Parrot in a Palm Tree by Karl Strauss

484752_10101494937505220_223810333_n 1468748_10101494937719790_1711247771_nRating: 5.45/5

Parrot in a Palm Tree by Karl Strauss is an 8.5% ABV Holiday Baltic Porter aged in Port Wine Barrels

In San Diego, we’re not known for our partridges or pears but we can all relate to those noisy parrots and their relentless “caroling”. Parrot in a Palm Tree is a robust Baltic Porter brewed especially for the Holidays. Aged two months in San Pasqual Tawny Port barrels, the resulting brew isn’t for the birds. This winter warmer boasts a complex bouquet of dark fruits, espresso and chocolate, with hints of oak in its warming finish. Raise a glass to 2010 or save a bottle as this limited release will age with the best of them.

A rare beer that I was only able to find online. This beer is the first in the Twelve Days of San Diego Christmas beers. Aged 3 years so far as the beer came out in 2010. Just the fact that it is aged in port wine gives me that reminiscence of Troise Pistoles. I have been looking for the previous versions of the Karl Strauss Christmas beers. Last year I had the third installment, Mouette à Trois (Three Seagulls) which I reviewed and though the world of that beer. The fact that it aged since 2010 and in Port Wine? I can only think the world of this beer. 

Just like the Bruery’s Partridge in a Pear tree, very rich dark fruit raisins, figs, plukms, dark cherries, raspberries, sweet port wine, grapes, chocolate, pecan pie, brown sugar, fruit cake, light coffee, caramel, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, strawberry marmalade and raisin bread pudding 

Good amount of rich port wine but nothing that burns, pleasant raisins, chocolate, mocha, coffee, java, hazelnut, pecan pie, fruit cake, molasses, Blackberries, currant marmalade, vanilla, dulce de leche, raisin bread pudding, rich figs, coconut, and brownies.

The aftertaste leaves off rich as well, with nice figs, raisins, port wine, chocolate, coffee and fruit cake breadiness. Hard to detect the alcohol in the taste, but if anything it brings a great splash of flavors. Easy to moderate drinkability with hardly any harshness. Kinda smooth really

Freaking great and very delicious. Exceeding expectation but expected from a beer that is aged in port wine barrels and tasting like Trios pistoles, but also close to the initial flavors of the Bruery’s Partridge in a Pear Tree (except the pear). That and I love parrots. Sue me, I just do. Each flavor I had mentioned earlier is not only notes, but actual nice rich flavors coming through Highly recommended if you can find it. It is aging very well and hopefully by the 12th Christmas of San Diego release will be just at peak.

Anime Corner:
Dizzy is one of the characters from the Guilty Gear series. In the Art work, it matches the beer label as she is with the parrots. The colors are representative of the label as well. In terms of the complex flavors, it brings forth one of her ultimate features, which is complexity of power and emotions. The sweetness of this beer and complexity only shows you part of her true potential. If this beer is mean to age until the 12th release of the Christmas of San Diego beers, her true potential will reach its peak. 

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku in the second picture represents the same color as the parrot thus complimenting the label. That is about it for my visual comparison. She is also sweet like this beer.

Trois Pistoles by Unibroue

392735_10101113207505200_2137198974_nRating: 6/5 *This and St. Bernardus are my top favorites in the world, so please advise as it maybe bias or ambiguous to your decisions… never the less, this one still world class and a common beer at that.

Trois Pistoles by Unibroue of Canada is a 9%ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale. The ultimate in best beers in the world at a very common distribution.

Trois-Pistoles is a remarkably mellow dark ale. To complement its aroma of ripe fruits, it has a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on like old port wine

Enough said, this has been one of my favorite beers ever since I started this hobby. I’ve had this beer over and over again. In fact, this beer can age for at least 7 to 9 years. So definitely will do another review then.

The aromas are of Dulce de leche caramel, Belgian bread, dark cherries, figs, plums, raisins, pears, apples, apricots, chocolate port wine, grapes, vanilla, pecans pie, candi sugar, almost like a coca cola scent, rum, earthy, brown sugar, and whole sugar cone. The flavors are just epic!!… A major rush plum, cherry, raisins, dark and sweet chocolate, port wine, raisin bread pudding, dulce de leche caramel, Belgian bread sweetness, candi sugars, rum and some maple notes. The ale is almost like a Rum and coke but if they were baked in a chocolate cake with fruits and lots of caramel all over and ofcourse the cake batter was made with port wine. While I have had other extremely awesome beers that are super rare and hard to find, this one never let me down, even since the beginning. That is why this beer and St. Bernardus will always have that special place in my heart. This is a world class beer, look it up its awesome!

2011& 2012 Reviews: https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/trois-pistoles-by-unibroue/

 About the Legend: http://www.unibroue.com/en/beers/18/history

Trois Pistoles (Three Coins) is named after a small village of Quebec. Founded over 300 years ago, Trois Pistoles gave birth to several legends, including one about the Black Horse. It involved a local bishop who conjured up a good devil (appearing in the form of bridled black steed) to haul large brick stones to construct a new church. When someone accidentally removed the bridle, the black horse suddenly vanished just as the last remaining stone was to be set. This stone is still missing, as can be seen when visiting the local church.