2014 Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale by Unibroue

1476031_10102260548205240_5752277679111153271_n 10750398_10102260550355930_873715226710888547_oRating: 4.8/5

2014 Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale by Unibroue is a 9% ABV Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with Spices and Natural Flavors.

Unique and limited edition, this Belgian style ale is crafted once a year as a special treat for those of you who appreciate flavorful, bottle-conditioned ale with character.

Our Vintage Ale is a rich, dark and full-bodied ale with a fine and generous coffee-colored, beige foam. It’s ready to enjoy right away and you may also wish to cellar a few bottles. It will evolve interestingly well, developing more complex flavors as the years go by. Keep the bottle upright in storage.

Brewed with a delicate balance of noble hops, Roasted malts and spices, this is a remarkably smooth ale with a wonderfully complex finish. It is best served slightly chilledaround 53 degrees Fahrenheit and pairs exceptionally well with grilled salmon steaks, curried lamb, beef or tuna au poivre. Crafted and bottled exclusively for Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe’s is not a typical store I usually visit as it is nowhere near my home. That and the fact that I usually go to other shops to get special beers. My friend Richard told me about this beer at the Trader Joe’s and advised that this one would be good to try. Trader Joe’s has always had good selection according to Richard. I can definitely vouch for that as he used to work for them back when craft beer was hardly in the major stores but now see them more often. So since I really like Unibroue, I definitely had to see what this one was about. So here we go, cheers!

Dark fruits like raisins, figs plums, dark cherry, vanilla, coffee, phenolic notes, dark candi sugars, brown sugar, port wine notes, stone fruit hints like apricots, pears, apples, dulce de leche caramel, oats, molasses, anise, and cola notes.

Dulce de leche caramel, Coffee, Oats, molasses, dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, dark cherries, brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, port wine, cola notes, candi sugars, anise, raisin bread pudding, bananas, clove spice, pears, apricots, apples, grapes, pecan pie, phenolic notes, rum hints and wheat bread.

Dark fruits linger along with port wine notes, stone fruit hints, candi sugar and coffee. No alcohol in the taste, smooth and creamy mouthfeel, moderate drinkability and pitch black body.

This is a very good Belgian Dark Strong reminding me of some of Unibroue’s best, like Trois Pistoles. This taste similar to Trois Pistoles but not as through as that one. I still think it is a great ale and you should try it if you happen to stop by a Trader Joe’s. However, if you don’t get the chance, just go with Unibroue’s other beers as those are more widely common and just as great if not way better. A great Belgian beer none the less.

Anime Corner:
Irisviel von Einzbern and Saber from Fate Zero were used in this pairing to represent the collaboration of Trader Joe’s and Unibroue. Unibroue is Irisviel and Trader Joe’s is Saber. Together bring about an awesome Belgian style that reminds me a lot of Trois Pistoles. As you can see this fits since they are inside what appears to be an abbey or a church or even monastery. The darkness in their eyes and colors represents the Belgian arts of great Dark Strong Ales with the fruity complex. Not too bad for some bad ass collaborations.


Dulcis Succubus by Le Trou Du Diable

64860_10101284538940630_830920379_n 943629_10101284537972570_671423545_n 74650_10101284541340820_893619856_n 1001522_10101284539793920_1115042580_nRating: 5/5

Dulcis Succubus by Le Trou Du Diable of Canada is a 7% ABV Saison/Wild Farmhouse Ale aged in Wine Barrels

The beer is fermented with wild yeast and aged for six months in French oak barrels that previously held botrytized California white wine, creating a complex aroma of honey, vanilla, apricot and leather. The abundant flavor is bittersweet with notes of peach and American hops. Carpe fermentum!

Translated as Sweet Succubus by The Devil’s Hole Brewing is a beer that was not easy to find. Had to place myself on a waiting list. I guess people do seek this one. Right now, Klwines.com has this one for a hefty price, however, if you love sours and saisons or even wine, this might be up your alley. Carpe fermentum!? = Seize the beer 

Aromas of funky funky bready yeast with wine and grape must fragrances came out of the bottle. Other notes I gathered were of vanilla, peach, oak, good fancy cheese, earthy and floral hops, pepper corn, honey, apple, pineapple and cider.

The flavors a lot like that of the Jolly Pumpkin but mainly like the Saisons from Fantome in Belgium. Flavors are of Honey, biscuits, lemon peel, white wine, vanilla oak, peach, apricot, wine grapes, dessert wine, floral and earthy hops, spices like coriander, peppercorns, lemons, leather, apples, biscuit bread and some nice fancy cheese.

Leaves like a nice fancy cheese aftertaste. Not bad at all. We are dealing with “living” brettanomyces in the beer afterall. Love these living ales. The sourness does not come in as strong. There is a good amount of funkyness and some sourness to make it appealing but also giving way to sweeter flavor with some hop bitterness. Overall it is really funky and reminiscent of those great saisons from Stillwater and Fantome. Hell even some of the Stone aged beers might be similar. Awesome stuff. I would think that this would fit the bill as a during dinner or after dinner type of beer. Wine aged beers seem that way 

All these fancy wine aged beers have something in comparison. They give off this funky cheese notes, even if minor. This is very good stuff though. Here is how I would compare this beer to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etm-qfx3Gok 

Before I forget, the label was an awesome design made by aditya777 (http://aditya777.deviantart.com/art/Succubus-156780762 )

Cheers 😀

Trois Pistoles by Unibroue

392735_10101113207505200_2137198974_nRating: 6/5 *This and St. Bernardus are my top favorites in the world, so please advise as it maybe bias or ambiguous to your decisions… never the less, this one still world class and a common beer at that.

Trois Pistoles by Unibroue of Canada is a 9%ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale. The ultimate in best beers in the world at a very common distribution.

Trois-Pistoles is a remarkably mellow dark ale. To complement its aroma of ripe fruits, it has a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on like old port wine

Enough said, this has been one of my favorite beers ever since I started this hobby. I’ve had this beer over and over again. In fact, this beer can age for at least 7 to 9 years. So definitely will do another review then.

The aromas are of Dulce de leche caramel, Belgian bread, dark cherries, figs, plums, raisins, pears, apples, apricots, chocolate port wine, grapes, vanilla, pecans pie, candi sugar, almost like a coca cola scent, rum, earthy, brown sugar, and whole sugar cone. The flavors are just epic!!… A major rush plum, cherry, raisins, dark and sweet chocolate, port wine, raisin bread pudding, dulce de leche caramel, Belgian bread sweetness, candi sugars, rum and some maple notes. The ale is almost like a Rum and coke but if they were baked in a chocolate cake with fruits and lots of caramel all over and ofcourse the cake batter was made with port wine. While I have had other extremely awesome beers that are super rare and hard to find, this one never let me down, even since the beginning. That is why this beer and St. Bernardus will always have that special place in my heart. This is a world class beer, look it up its awesome!

2011& 2012 Reviews: https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/trois-pistoles-by-unibroue/

 About the Legend: http://www.unibroue.com/en/beers/18/history

Trois Pistoles (Three Coins) is named after a small village of Quebec. Founded over 300 years ago, Trois Pistoles gave birth to several legends, including one about the Black Horse. It involved a local bishop who conjured up a good devil (appearing in the form of bridled black steed) to haul large brick stones to construct a new church. When someone accidentally removed the bridle, the black horse suddenly vanished just as the last remaining stone was to be set. This stone is still missing, as can be seen when visiting the local church.

L’Affriolante by Le Bilboquet

184500_10100988354521580_804710165_n 66469_10100988352665300_1365923733_nRating: 4.9/5

L’Affriolante by Le Bilboquet is a 7% ABV Spiced Amber ale.

Tantôt elle taquine, tantôt elle séduit. On se sait pas comment l’aborder. Une bière forte et douce à la fois, légèrement sucrée, réhaussée d’un soupçon d’épices. L’Affriolante saura égayér vos soirées aussi bien que vos journées. Tout ce que vous souhaitez, c’est de la toucher de bout des lévres et de vous laiser border. Santé!

Sometimes it teases you, sometimes it charms you. One does not know how to approach it. With both a strong taste and a mild flavor, this beer slightly sweet with a touch of spice. L’Affriolante will enrapture your evenings and enliven your days. Once it hits your lips you will know it is everything you wished for. Cheers!

Now this is a pretty potent amber ale. Haven’t had something like this before especially in an amber ale. Fragrances of rich honey, hops, caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, fruit cake, nuts, grapes, cherry, roses and toffee. The flavors are of honey, caramel, peach nectar, nuts, maple, toffee, vanilla, biscuit bread, plums, cherries, raisins, dried grapes, pineapple, almonds, cinnamon, butterscotch, coriander and ripe sweet orange creme. For being an Amber ale, it is more sweet than bitter really. Quite nice actually. Seducing almost :P. Drinks more like a Christmas type of beer with oh so much sweet honey. Simply very delicious give it that. I need to find more of these Canada beers. Simply just that damn good. Troise Pistoles is my toe to toe World Beer favorite along with St. Bernardus abt 12. Belgian Inspiration in Canada 😛