Cherry Top Belgian Stout by Garage Brewing

Rating: 6.5/7

Cherry Top Belgian Stout by Garage Brewing is a 9.2% ABV Belgian Stout brewed with Cherry and Vanilla and aged in Bourbon Barrel Aged.



I once saw they were making this one a while back yeah, as soon as I saw it and got my hands on it, it was going to be put on the website. My love for Belgian stouts has been a long time coming and with Garage Brewing coming up with some barrel aged magic and some nice adjuncts to the styles, it is something that I really want to share here on the site. Let’s have a look, cheers!


Chocolate Milkshake, cherry chocolate, banana sundae, butterscotch, brown sugar, banana, hazelnut nectar, oak, marshmallow smores, banana, cherry yogurt, dark fruit raisins, fruit cake, prunes, plums, cherry cola, dark cherries and pecan pie.


Rich cherry chocolate cordials, dark candy sugar, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Belgian chocolate, cherry cola, bourbon, oak, marshmallow, graham cracker smores, rye bread, molasses, anise, banana sundae, dark fruit raisins, prunes, plums, figs, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, Dark Cherries, Cherry Yogurt, chocolate milk shake, sweetened condensed milk, butter scotch, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, fruit cake, brown sugar, Pancho Pantera cherry choco milk shake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate flan, rocky road ice cream and tootsie roll chocolate.


Finishes with rich cherry chocolate cordials, banana sundae, milk shake, bourbon, oak, flan, vanilla, marshmallow, rocky road ice cream, and dulce de leche caramel. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV. Dark crimson full body, smooth, creamy and velvety mouthfeel along with an easy to moderate drinkability.


Freaking amazing! I swear, I had to stop myself from finishing the whole bottle in a sitting. It is very damn smooth and super easy to drink. I think aside from their first release of the Cherry Milk stout, this is the next big winner for me. It is amazing and I definitely recommend this highly to those that love Belgian stouts!

Anime Corner:

Amy Rose from the Sonic series was used in this pairing as a return to the original cherry stout pairing I did with the Dark Amy rose. Now the difference is with showing a different side of her with the barrel aged an vanilla aspects being complemented by her different cosplays.

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser by B. Nektar Meadery

1235004_10101384039914880_1366539685_n 1238924_10101384041107490_727514236_n 1185353_10101384044974740_812140037_nRating: 5/5 *Mead Rating

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser by B. Nektar Meadery is a 5.5% ABV Mead made with apples, honey and cherry juice

Dedicated to the freaks and geeks! What started as a top-secret experiment with Michigan honey, cherries and apple cider became a viral epidemic. It won’t be easy to service, so grab your weapons and don’t forget this bottle for backup! Serve cold…. zombies hate the cold…. B. Ware GrrrHaarrhUrrgh…

So here is my first attempt a reviewing a Mead. A Mead (according to: is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water. Honey and water can also be added to a grain mash then strained after fermentation. Some people add spices, fruits and other ingredients to create different types of meads. So in the list of different type of Alcoholic beverages, this is basically a honey wine. Sweet stuff, expect it that way

Aromas are of apple jacks, cinnamon, cherry, flowers, vanilla, honey, hibiscus, chamomile, grapes, raspberries, cranberries, light biscuit notes and mint

Flavors are of rich tart black cherry yogurt, apples, cinnamon, vanilla notes, honey, Jamaica (Hibiscus Flowers drink), chamomile tea notes, elderflower notes, biscuit bread notes, raspberries and cherry cobbler at the end.

Aftertaste is quite sweet with honey lingering and tart cherry presence. Very easy drinking, sweet but not ultra sweet. The honey and spices give it a nice mellow flavor which doesn’t over power with too much sweetness. The level of sweetness actually seems very natural

Overall, this is a very amazing, what can I say. I could drink this all the time. It is almost like borderline cider and wine but rich in honey. Find this in time for the apocalypse before it is over and they are all gone. The Zombies have taken over Manhattan is the next chapter in this crazy episode of Mead releases of the apocalypse. Don’t Miss it, it will be awesome!!!