Blå Spøg Else collaboration by Mikkeller and Three Floyds

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Blå Spøg Else collaboration by Mikkeller and Three Floyds is a 7.7% ABV Blueberry Lambic aged in Oak Barrels.

The newest addition to the ever expanding collaboration brew list. Once again arm in arm with our FFF brothers. Blå Spøgelse, paving the way with its blueberry and oak barrel action, will knock you right off your feet.


Been looking for this beer for 2 years! Blå Spøgelse or ‘Blue ghost’, just like when Pacman collects the large pill and the ghosts turn blue. This beer is essentially a major tribute to Pacman and as such, was one of the reasons I wanted to bring it forward to the website as it represents a great deal to the Video Game Community along with the Craftbeer community. Many adults in this age will recognize that retro label for sure. Especially those that love sours. Mikkeller and Three Floyds are not your average players in the craft beer industry but are definitely high in the popular craft chain just like The Bruery, Stone, Russian River and even Firestone Walker in California. So anyway, the fact that this beer is finally here, let’s take a look and get READY! To chomp on… umm…. try some delicious beer Insert Pacman Theme Paku Paku Paku Paku!

Dark fruits raisins, plums, tart raspberry, stone fruits like apricots, sour wine grapes, blueberries, flowers like hibiscus, chamomile, lavender, roses, oak, vanilla, caramel, Blueberry yogurt, Blueberry cheese cake hints, lemon hints and funky notes.

Blueberry yogurt, Blueberry cheese cake, vanilla, oak, hibiscus, lavender, wine grapes, port wine notes, tart blackberries, dark fruit raisins, plums figs, hints of Danish cream sweetness, banana hints, Belgian phenolic notes, funky notes, rich lemons and lemon peel, Stone fruit tart apricots, Concorde grapes, blueberry cobbler hints, tart green apples, blueberry pie, pecan pie, brown sugar, piloncillo sugar cone, marshmallow hints, anise, hints of chocolate, mushrooms, vegetable hints and sangria mezcal grape hints.

Finishing dry with creamy cheese cake or blueberry pie sweetness but over super sour tart blueberries, raspberries, vanilla, stone fruit, oak and dark fruit. No alcohol in the taste, Super purple and magenta full body, creamy, effervescent, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, sipping drinkability.

A sour but a sour pushing some boundaries. A lot of the extra credit for this beer came in especially from the way they were able to balance it out with some complex sweetness as this is not your typical sour. While the sourness is the forefront of the beer, the other half is taken over by a complex fruitiness and and dessert like characteristics. Glad I was able to find it after a 2 year search! Essentially, it took them a while to brew it and have be brought here to the states. Go find this one online before it is gone for sure! If you love sours, this is awesome!

Anime Corner:
Samus Aran from Metroid, Ky Kyske & Sol Badgirl from Guilty gear, Lucina from Fire Emblem and even PacMan himself all pair with this unique beer as a tribute to Pacman. Samus represents Pacman in this pairing as it looks like she is traveling through corridors of light and darkness like Pacman would. She has the same hair color as pacman and blue for blueberries. Ky represents Pacman and Sol the Ghosts in the pacman games and finally, Pacman himself with Lucina representing the blueberries. Overall, Pacman beer tribute complete!


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