Home Brew Project #34 BerryMe Cider by Nubis Sanctum Ales



Rating: 5/5

Home Brew Project #34 BerryMe Cider by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 6% ABV Hard Apple Cider with Raspberries and Hibiscus.

Homebrewed for my friends Cesar Molina & Jeanette De La Luz wedding on 9/3/2017.

The special project was brewed in collaboration with my friend Oscar Pacheco and Cesar Molina for drinkers that wanted something not beer related and more closer to sparkling wine. The recipe was similar to my original project (Home brew #20 Las Manza Cronicas De BatFramb by Nubis Sanctum Ales) in which the base was an apple cider with raspberries. The difference in this one was that I needed to get some sort of red or pinkish color to the beer and through research and discussions with my friends, we decided hibiscus would do the trick adding a very nice reddish pinkish color similar to that of the raspberries to make it more appealing to those that love sweet drinks. In fact, it was very good and although it was a bit higher than the Summer Ale, people digged this one even more. For me I could definitely tell it was sweet but the hibiscus gave it some very nice tart flavors playing and mimicking that of the raspberries. In short, it was a recipe well done and one I will definitely try and make again.

Homebrew Project #35 Summer Love American Mosaic Blonde by Nubis Sanctum Ales



Rating: 4/5

Homebrew Project #35 Summer Love American Mosaic Blonde by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 4.5% ABV American Blonde brewed with Mosaic.

Homebrewed for my friends Cesar Molina & Jeanette De La Luz wedding on 9/3/2017.a

The special project was brewed in collaboration with my friend Oscar Pacheco and Cesar Molina which was made for the light drinkers. A refreshing beer that used my original recipe (Home Brew Project #31 Mega Rolling Light Sessions) but made as a 6 gallon batch instead of 5. In response, the beer came out lighter than the original recipe. Due to additional volume, the beer actually came out less hoppy which is very good for those that did not like hoppy beers. To my surprise to, it seemed to be similar to a nice refreshing summer lager. Despite the fear of running out of beer that day though, it seems the crowd definitely loved the other choices but this one was definitely one that was not to pass up. In short, it gave me an idea on how to tone down the alcohol and even the bitterness to please those that don’t drink very heavy beers.



Home Brew Project #30 Royal Succubinal’s Midnight Brunchy Bliss by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 6.35/7

Home Brew Project #30 Royal Succubinal’s Midnight Brunchy Bliss by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 12% ABV American Strong Ale brewed with Black Hole Necromancer Remy Martin Cognac Barrel Aged Red Eye Unicorn Blood Espresso Coffee Beans, Maple Syrup and Oak aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon.

Royal Succubinal’s Midnight Brunchy Bliss

Many know the story of Dracula and the origin of vampires being from the very Vlad Țepeș (The Impaler), son of Vlad Dracul (The Dragon/Devil). While during his life, he had done many atrocities
like impaling people and drinking their blood. Even so, many did not know that he bore children.

Little is known about his daughter Lilith/Zaleska Dracula who also had a thirst for blood like her father. Although, killing was not her style and she chose to deal with this by creating a substitute. You see, in those days, where magic and alchemy were abundant, all she had to do was come up with the right incantation, ingredients and rituals. Of course, she had to pull a couple of favors to get the recipe just right and thankfully, she had perfected something that has survived the centuries. It was hidden in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, until today!

American Strong Ale brewed with Black Hole Necromancer Remy Martin Cognac Barrel Aged Red Eye Unicorn Blood Espresso Coffee Beans, Maple Syrup and Oak aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon


Project #30 was inspired by One of the ultimate Double Bastard variants called “Arrogant Bastard’s Midnight Brunch”. Double Bastard has always been one of my favorite beers from stone since the first time I found it long after trying Arrogant bastard. In Midnight Brunch, they took the Double Bastard, American Strong ale, added espresso beans and aged in in maple syrup and bourbon barrels. It was definitely a huge beer that made me a fan of making my own.

One of the beers that was similar but not exact was the Highwater Sugaree which used similar ingredients but added pecans. So essentially, I did research for a Double Bastard recipe. Then, to add my own ingredients, I added a very special coffee. The Black Hole Necromancer Remy Martin Cognac Barrel Aged Red Eye Unicorn Blood Espresso Coffee Beans (What a mouthful!!) from Dark Matter Coffee was the ingredient that was created in collaboration with Three Floyd’s Cognac Barrel aged Dark Lord Imperial stout in 2015. They took the barrels that had that beer and cognac and aged their Unicorn Blood Coffee Beans into it. Essentially, this would add a special key set of flavors to my brew not found in any of the other beers. Putting all that together and into a secondary with maple syrup and Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon and half a year later out comes something that was very different from even from that of the Midnight Brunch. Now that I brought it here to the website, let’s have a look at this creation, Cheers!

Lots of maple syrup, bourbon, vanilla, mocha, coffee, oak, Cadbury caramel and chocolate cream eggs, Irish cream, Danish cream, campfire smores, peppery notes, pecan pie, port wine, hazelnut nectar, tiramasu cake, jamoca ice cream, maple coffee cake, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, dark fruit raisins, cherry, figs, dates, currants, stone fruit old mango, candied orange notes, chambord raspberry, marshmallows, toasted coconut, earthy dark chocolate, Mexican chocolate, milk chocolate, pancakes and flan.

Rich oak, vanilla, mocha, roasted coffee, fancy coffee, Khalua Coffee, peanut butter notes, marzipan, mazapan, pecan pie, port wine, bourbon, cognac hints, maple syrup, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, dark fruit raisins, cherry, figs, dates, currants, stone fruit old mango, candied orange notes, chambord raspberry, marshmallows, toasted coconut, earthy dark chocolate, Mexican chocolate, milk chocolate, pancakes, crème brulee, Cadbury caramel and chocolate cream eggs, Irish cream, Danish cream, campfire smores, pepper notes, banana, earthy hop notes, sweetened condensed milk, flan, fruit cake, capirotada raisin bread pudding, figgy pudding, molasses, tiramasu cake, jamoca ice cream and maple coffee cake.

Finishing with maple syrup pancake notes, earthy chocolate, oak, marshmallows, vanilla, dark fruit, toffee, caramel, crème brulee, flan and fruit cake. No alcohol in the taste despite the high 12% ABV. Amber Crimson Full body, smooth, velvety creamy and syrupy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

Absolutely phenomenal! This is indeed a brunch or breakfast beer, if your breakfast is late at night. It has almost everything I loved about the Midnight Bruch from Stone but with the addition of the coffee and my own ingredients, the beer became some other creature entirely. The coffee added some most inner depth that I did not find in even the depth charged or the Midnight Brunch. While I feel it is worthy of a bucket lister, it would not make sense since this is such a rarity not found anywhere. This right next to Sangrileche 2 are probably the best beers I have ever made. Yet, some of my other barrel aged and other experimental batches have been the best too. It is hard to decide, but this is definitely on another level even for the different craft beers I have had in the past.

Anime Corner:
Lilith Aensland from Capcom’s Darkstalkers was used in this pairing as I have used her in many of the Stone beers including many of the double bastard iterations. While I did use Etna from Disgaea for the Stone Midnight Brunch, I wanted to pay tribute in my own creation to Lilith for coming up with an inspired beer. While she along with Morrigan are some of my favorite characters from the Darkstalkers series, it was only fitting that I used a beer that fits the curriculum of vampires having their brunch after hours when there is no sun outside. Essentially, when the name of “Midnight Brunch” came about, I could only think of how vampires probably do their breakfast or brunch at Midnight. So the story was born!


(2017 Birthday Review) Home brew Project #29 SangriLeche Chapter: 2 – Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!? by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 6.25/7

Home brew Project #29 SangriLeche Chapter: 2 – Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!? by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 14% ABV Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Blood Lord Bourbon Barrel Aged Espresso Coffee Beans, Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Sweet Cherry Puree, Gold Syrup and Pecans Oak aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon.

SangriLeche, Chapter: 2 Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!?
Damn it all! This is what I get for listening to pink haired broads trying to sell me some goods off the streets. When people used to tell me not to take candy from strangers, I should have listened. Heck, you too! How the hell else you get a hold of this damn cursed bottle. I was but a pawn to this girl’s seductions. Trying to sell me a bottle of some magical cherries and now, I am stuck here. Going on these dumbass, fucking space adventures.
I heed you warning though friend, do not make the same mistake I made. Drinking this will only summon that cherry choco cordial selling girl with no remorse and you will be a slave to this like I have. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Don’t drink this BEER!

Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Blood Lord Bourbon Barrel Aged Espresso Coffee Beans, Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Sweet Cherry Puree, Gold Syrup and Pecans Oak aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon.


Project #29 was inspired by everything that is awesome! Beer, Anime, Video Games and anything that celebrates geekdom. For the longest time, I always wanted to make a beer similar to the Bruery and Three Floyds Collaboration: Rue D’Floyd. An Imperial Porter aged in bourbon barrels with Vanilla, Cherries and Coffee. Since the days of Project #6 Oblivixen’s “Sangri-Leche” Maelstrom, I knew I wanted to make return to that beer. A beer that took a lot of experimentation, effort and time to essentially become, my first attempt at barrel/oak aging a beer. It was such a damn hit that it paved way for some of my other oak aged brews which I was very fond of and so were many of my friends. The return of the Sangrileche, however, was going to be different. Essentially, as I pondered about beer and geeky stuff, I remember how awesome and geeky Stone’s W00tStout was.

When I had heard that Wil Wheaton was awesome enough to share the recipe, I thought awesome I wanna brew that beer too. Then I thought, wait a second, What if I borrow some ideas from that W00tStout recipe and create my own new recipe . Essentially, it would not be a Belgian Stout, but many of the Sangrileche elements would make a return. Not in the way I imagined but very damn close. Heck, I wanted to make a W00Stout/Rue D’Floyd hybrid. Since Sangrileche already carried the vanilla, cherries and coffee like it did with Rue D’Floyd, why not, pay tribute and make it similar to that using some W00tstout inspirations of Pecans in place of peanut butter and add more dark chocolate and some sweeter cherries. What really put the “Cherry” on this dessert was when I brought the unholy grail of the Bourbon Barrel Blood Lord Coffee into the mix. Dark Matter’s Coffee beans, Unicorn’s Blood Coffee (Which were also used in the original Sangri Leche) aged in bourbon barrels that had “Three Floyds – Dark Lord Imperial Stout”. Yes, this coffee had a limited run but it was worth it to create this madness of a beer that would soon be the second coming of BloodyMilk (SangriLeche). So with that and a special Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon (Unfortunately I ran out of Dragon’s Milk Bourbon) which was referred to me by my friend Oscar, this beer was finally born.

W00h! That’s a mess, TL:DR. Essentially, it took me several months of aging but this beer made it just in time to bring it to the website and give my thoughts on my crazy creation. Why does it have so much game influences? Go Read or Listen to the “Ready Player One”, which is also narrated by, you guessed it, Wil MuddaFuckin’ Wheaton himself! Yes, that book has so many references to the 80’s and 90’s lore just like this beer has so much going on making it in my mind, one of the best video game beers and also one of the best home brews I have ever brewed to date. With that says, today marks my birthday so this is essentially a treat to myself and fans alike. Cheers and thank you for your support!!

Chocolate Cherry Cordials, Dark chocolate, earthy chocolate, Chocolate abuelita, Carlos V Mexican chocolate, oak, bourbon, vanilla, toffee, caramel, mocha coffee, dark fruit raisins, prunes, currants, blackberries, raspberries, pecan pie, flan, crème brulee, banana split sundae, rocky road ice cream, Khalua coffee notes, coconut hints, walnuts, Irish cream, chocolate cherry cake, milk sugar, chocolate port wine, Nutella chocolate, oatmeal cookies, anise, tobacco and leather.

Super Rich Dark Chocolate, Chocolate abuelita, Carlos V Mexican chocolate, earthy chocolate, almost like a mole spice, Milk chocolate, German Chocolate, Bakers Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla, Dulce de leche caramel, toffee, butterscotch, dark fruit raisins, currants, raspberries, blackberries, prunes, dark cherries, sweet cherries, port wine, Nutella chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Cordials, Banana split Sundae, whipped cream, marzipan, mazapan, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, walnuts, prailines, rocky road ice cream, almond joy chocolate, toasted coconut hints, flan, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa krispies, Kahlua coffee Liqueur, Irish cream notes, Cherry Chocolate cake, Tres Leches/ Three Milks cake, mocha, roasted coffee notes, fancy coffee notes, oak, bourbon, molasses, mint chocolate chip hints, oreo cookies and cream, raisin bread pudding, lactose milk sugar and chocolate cookie dough.

Finishing with Chocolates for days, Nutella, dark chocolates, Mexican chocolate, dark cherries, vanilla, caramel, earthy chocolate, oak, bourbon hints, mocha, pecan pie and banana split cherry sundae. For being my strongest beer to date at 14%, you can’t really any of the alcohol. The body is fully pitch black and abysmal like the previous iteration of Sangrileche. The mouthfeel is very smooth, not as chewey as the original sangrileche but velvety and syrupy. A major sipper for sure, but this brew was made to be sipped and taken with ease.

Ridiculous. Really fucking ridiculous, oh did I mention, fucking ridiculous! While it is not as sweet as the original Sangrileche, its still a dessert though. Not cloying and very out there. The majority of the beer is like drinking chocolate syrup like some of the best choco vanilla barrel aged beers out there. The cherries really start to play when the beer warms up and more of the dark fruit flavors start to come out. While the beer does not have much head retention, it is expected at such a high 14% ABV. Now, the real question is, did I really succeed in making the ultimate hybrid geek beer. The answer is Yes and No. Yes because the flavors are similar to those on the Bruery and Three Floyds and W00tstout combined with some Dark Lord Imperial Stout. The No part really has to do with the fact that it is not those beers, its my own creation. It is something new but at the same time, it is a geek beer. I poured so much effort and fan splurging as I can possibly think of into this. Geekdoms are made by fans and Geek inspired home brews are made by fans as well. So yeah, it is a fucking Geek Beer in its own damn righr. A crazy one at that. Even so, as crazy as some of my other beer recipes have been in the past, this one truly takes the cake. Yes, how appropriate, cake for my birthday. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Haruko Haruhara from FLCL/Fooly Cooly and many video game characters were all chosen in this pairing because for being an insane and really out there beer, I needed to bring an anime character from one of the most beloved franchises who is all about rock and is a space psycho. You really have to think, how crazy this beer is with all its ingredients, colors, strength, retro name and geekiness. Yes, recipe base of W00tstout inspired darkness is the embodiment of pure Beer and Geeky media! While Krystal Fox from Star Fox was the original mascot for this beer, I paid tribute to her as you can see from the label. Yes, I could think of no one better.


Home Brew Project #32 Thar Ye Be, Mangos! by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 4.45/5
Home Brew Project #32 Thar Ye Be, Mangos! by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 5% ABV Hard Apple Cider Made With Mango and Brown Sugar.
Project#32 takes a throwback to my Passion Fruit and Mango Cider which one of the best light ciders I’ve ever made. Yes, and I meant the light ones as many of the strong ones I would say they are the best in their own right. The reason I wanted to make it just plain mango was mainly because I wanted to see how it would do on its own with just mango. If I make a Passion Fruit one by itself, I will rate it accordingly. Since the Passion Mango mix was ridiculous. The name of the cider I will explained later as I chose it with the choice of the artwork pairing as I usually do with many of my beer and cider pairings. Most of this year, I will be making simple brews and ciders as I am on a personal goal at the moment. Granted, I would still slightly like to experiment. While I do use flavoring to get an idea, as I get more experience, I will be using more fruit with these ciders like I do with beer. So for now, lets see how this one is, cheers!
Mango, honey, stone fruit peach, apricot hints, golden apples, cane sugar, brown sugar, honey dew melon and lychee notes.
Mango, Golden apples,stone fruit peach notes, honey, cane sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, grapes, honey dew melon, strawberry hints, guava, caramel, butterscotch hints, lychee and guanabano hints.
Finishes dry with notes of the mango, tart apple hints, cane and brown sugar hints. No alcohol in the flavor, clear light golden body, crisp, clean and super refreshing mouthfeel and very easy to drink.
A very delicious cider! While it is not the same passion fruit tropical goodness I remember with the passion mango cider I made, the single use of mango and the brown sugar takes it in another direction. A sweet direction in fact especially since the brown sugar and mango does give it a very nice flavor. Very nice and clean like the original one I made. I will keep this recipe in the books and hope to make it again!
Anime Corner:
Nami from One Piece was chosen for this pairing as I wanted this cider to be synonymous with tropical fruit and hence the sea. So since Nami is a pirate, setting forth in search of gold would be like trying to find this amazing golden mango cider. Something that many would have to search far and beyond. The name Thar Ye Be, Mangos! Is pirate speak once the mango cider goodness is found! Also, Namis colors would fit with the different mango colors like reds, greens and yellows.

Home Brew Project Project #31 Mega Rolling Light Sessions by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 5/5

Home Brew Project #31 Mega Rolling Light Sessions by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 6% ABV American Blonde brewed with Mosaic.


Project #32 was inspired by my need to go back to something simple and ofcourse save money. Essentially, I must save money this year for a friend’s wedding in which I will be providing some of my homebrew to his event. This will require saving bottles and not as much experimentation from my homebrewing side and to some degree, less reviews. Well, not less reviews but reviews on less expensive brews. Donations would always be welcomed. Regardless, this project was a similar take on the other home brew project I did, Kölsch Encounters of the Briny Deep, which was a Kölsch using only 1 ounce of hops and Kölsch yeast. With this project, I changed up the hops and yeast and also made the beer lighter. I mainly wanted to see if I could make a different style instead with different hops but still light drinkable beer. My gravity ended up being higher than what I wanted but this is the best part about fine tuning recipes. Next time, I will got for lighter and see how that goes. For now, let’s see what my project produced. Cheers!

Grapefruit, floral, grassy and piney hops, tangerine, stone fruit peach, tropical fruit guava, mango, biscuit bread, honeydew melon, passion fruit, oranges, tangerines and banana hints.

Lots of tropical fruits, Passion fruit, Dragon fruit, guava, mango, papaya, lychee fruit, pineapple, honey dew melon, strawberries, cherries, roses, blueberries, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, floral, grassy and piney hops, biscuit bread, honey, sweetened condensed milk hints, banana notes, stone fruit peach, apricot and plum hints.

Finishing with lots of tropical fruits, mango, lychee, stone fruit peach hints, citrus and grapefruit hops hints, honey. No alcohol in the taste. Pale light straw body. Smooth, crisp, super clean and refreshing mouthfeel along with an easy drinkability.

I did not expect this to be so damn juicy and tropical. Using such a small amounts of hops I would think I that the bigger malt profile would balance out but this is not a bad thing at all. It does seem balanced but this goes to show how clean the Safale-05 dry yeast ferment. It really just lets the overall hops and malt profiles shine than giving its own input. I really noticed the difference of this to the Kolsh. While the Kolsh seemed more like a lager or pilsner due to the yeast influence, this turned out to be more of a hoppy blonde. Also, since Mosaic is tropical and juicy, its best flavor profile came out awesomely and not offensively like a pale ale or IPA. While the ABV could have been lighter to make it even more sessionable, its still came out more perfect than I would of expected it to be. Me being more of a tropical fruit hop flavor lover, this light beer really shined. It will definitely be my number one go to and one I will keep remaking.

Anime Corner:
Roll Light from Capcom’s Megaman series was used in this pairing because it made a lot of sense. I wanted a light beer, both in ABV (although it did not come out that way although the mouthfeel and drinkability says otherwise) light in color (you can shine a light through it, like a lightbulb) the pun on her name and how the beer just “Rolls” through smoothly. The sessions part is in reference to a beer you can drink anytime and even during “Music Sessions”. The original Megaman was named Rock and his sister is Roll, so that is the connection to music and just having a beer in general. The every day beer as recommend by the Dr.’s assistant Roll. Also, in terms of the style, a hoppy blonde in terms of color, she is a blonde and her green ribbon is representative of the single ounce hops of Mosaice used for this. Mosaic is a damn amazing tropical hop even for a small amount.


Home Brewing Project #28 Essence Of The Cryonical Banshee by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 5.25/6
Home Brewing Project #28 Essence Of The Cryonical Banshee by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 9% ABV Wee Heavy/ Scotch Ale.

Essence Of The Cryonical Banshee

In every culture of the world, there are tales about roaming spirits. One in particular is the story of a woman who keens over the loss of her loved one or loved ones. In Scottish and Irish lore, she goes by “The Banshee”. Mexico calls her, La Llorona”. Britain and Japan have spotted her and she goes by “The White Lady” and “Onryo” respectively. Her origin can even be traced in Greek Mythology as the “The Siren”

She survived the ages. A being of pure immortality, created in an Atlantical cryonics experiment in search of true immortality. History has shown that the majority of our technological advancements was due to the Atlantians. However, they were warned by higher dimensional beings about spreading their secrets to mankind. With the sinking of their city, their fate was sealed. Having been the only one of her kind, the banshee was forced to roam the earth. While most fear her, her story is of sadness, for she is still spreading the secrets in bottles of tears we call, “spirits”, that she leaves wherever she travels.

Ingredients: Water, Hops, Malt & Scottish Ale Yeast.

Project #28 was inspired by my need to create a rare style that I only get a to try every now and again. That style is the Wee Heavy. Ever since I got the Sam Adam Wee Heavy, I realized how different of a beer it was. So much so, that I really loved it and wanted to try to find as many of these as I could. I have tried many great ones since like the Alesmith Wee Heavy, Founders Backwoods Bastard and even the Bruery’s Chronology Wee Heavy. With the experience I have gathered brewing several batches, I figured this would be easy. Although the ingredients shown really didn’t look like much. How could only a few grains and lots of malt really create that unique profile. I can understand how the style is manly malty in profile but there was a unique complexity which I see in the style. I have yet to have a bad Wee Heavy and it is one that I think I would be critical as I will compare to the other greats. With that being said, this creation that took me several months to have ready especially since it sat a long time, let’s see how it turned out. Cheers!
Dulce de leche caramel, burnt caramel, butterscotch, smoked peat, smokey chocolate, dark pepper notes, banana, dark fruit prunes, raisins, plums, dates, currants, dark chocolate, licorice, brown sugar, figgy pudding, vanilla, stone fruit peach, scotch and fruit cake.
Rich dark fruit prunes, raisins, plums, dates, currants, smoked peat, dark chocolate, smokey chocolate, Scotch notes, molasses, anise, dulce de leche caramel, burnt caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon, fruit cake, sweetened condensed milk, toffee, figgy pudding, vanilla, stone fruit peach, old mango, pecan pie, burnt marshmallow, coffee cake, brown sugar, licorice, honey, dark pepper, earthy notes, bananas and crème brulee hints.
Finishing with rich dark fruit prunes, burnt caramel, vanilla, Scotch, stone fruit hints, dark pepper, licorice, bananas and rich toffee. No alcohol in the taste. Crimson Brown Medium body. Smooth creamy, and mildly syrupy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.
Into the exceptional territory. I honestly did not know what to expect in the beginning seeing as it was such a minimal grain recipe but the huge part being the yeast and the malt use. However, this blew my mind. It is smooth, no alcohol in the taste which is great and not offensive and it also has some Belgian dark notes to it although the European malty aspects in the tribute of Scotch ales, this is simply just that. A great wee heavy! I would definitely love to make this a Scotch barrel version next time to see how this comes out.
Anime Corner:
Kula Diamond from the SNK King of Fighters series was chosen in this homebrew pairing as I have chosen her with some of the best Wee Heavys I have tried in the past especially the Alesmith Barrel Aged Wee Heavy. The reason I chose her in this pairing as well was that she looks a lot like a Banshee with her cold stare looking into the void. Although, honestly she is well loved by her peers and really isn’t by herself in the KOF series but she sure made for a great character for the story of the Banshee. Many of the colors she has also work well with the flavors and the dark color of the beer. Since it is close to a winter warmer, it also fits as she is a user of the cold.