Home Brewing Project #28 Essence Of The Cryonical Banshee by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 5.25/6
Home Brewing Project #28 Essence Of The Cryonical Banshee by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 9% ABV Wee Heavy/ Scotch Ale.

Essence Of The Cryonical Banshee

In every culture of the world, there are tales about roaming spirits. One in particular is the story of a woman who keens over the loss of her loved one or loved ones. In Scottish and Irish lore, she goes by “The Banshee”. Mexico calls her, La Llorona”. Britain and Japan have spotted her and she goes by “The White Lady” and “Onryo” respectively. Her origin can even be traced in Greek Mythology as the “The Siren”

She survived the ages. A being of pure immortality, created in an Atlantical cryonics experiment in search of true immortality. History has shown that the majority of our technological advancements was due to the Atlantians. However, they were warned by higher dimensional beings about spreading their secrets to mankind. With the sinking of their city, their fate was sealed. Having been the only one of her kind, the banshee was forced to roam the earth. While most fear her, her story is of sadness, for she is still spreading the secrets in bottles of tears we call, “spirits”, that she leaves wherever she travels.

Ingredients: Water, Hops, Malt & Scottish Ale Yeast.

Project #28 was inspired by my need to create a rare style that I only get a to try every now and again. That style is the Wee Heavy. Ever since I got the Sam Adam Wee Heavy, I realized how different of a beer it was. So much so, that I really loved it and wanted to try to find as many of these as I could. I have tried many great ones since like the Alesmith Wee Heavy, Founders Backwoods Bastard and even the Bruery’s Chronology Wee Heavy. With the experience I have gathered brewing several batches, I figured this would be easy. Although the ingredients shown really didn’t look like much. How could only a few grains and lots of malt really create that unique profile. I can understand how the style is manly malty in profile but there was a unique complexity which I see in the style. I have yet to have a bad Wee Heavy and it is one that I think I would be critical as I will compare to the other greats. With that being said, this creation that took me several months to have ready especially since it sat a long time, let’s see how it turned out. Cheers!
Dulce de leche caramel, burnt caramel, butterscotch, smoked peat, smokey chocolate, dark pepper notes, banana, dark fruit prunes, raisins, plums, dates, currants, dark chocolate, licorice, brown sugar, figgy pudding, vanilla, stone fruit peach, scotch and fruit cake.
Rich dark fruit prunes, raisins, plums, dates, currants, smoked peat, dark chocolate, smokey chocolate, Scotch notes, molasses, anise, dulce de leche caramel, burnt caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon, fruit cake, sweetened condensed milk, toffee, figgy pudding, vanilla, stone fruit peach, old mango, pecan pie, burnt marshmallow, coffee cake, brown sugar, licorice, honey, dark pepper, earthy notes, bananas and crème brulee hints.
Finishing with rich dark fruit prunes, burnt caramel, vanilla, Scotch, stone fruit hints, dark pepper, licorice, bananas and rich toffee. No alcohol in the taste. Crimson Brown Medium body. Smooth creamy, and mildly syrupy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.
Into the exceptional territory. I honestly did not know what to expect in the beginning seeing as it was such a minimal grain recipe but the huge part being the yeast and the malt use. However, this blew my mind. It is smooth, no alcohol in the taste which is great and not offensive and it also has some Belgian dark notes to it although the European malty aspects in the tribute of Scotch ales, this is simply just that. A great wee heavy! I would definitely love to make this a Scotch barrel version next time to see how this comes out.
Anime Corner:
Kula Diamond from the SNK King of Fighters series was chosen in this homebrew pairing as I have chosen her with some of the best Wee Heavys I have tried in the past especially the Alesmith Barrel Aged Wee Heavy. The reason I chose her in this pairing as well was that she looks a lot like a Banshee with her cold stare looking into the void. Although, honestly she is well loved by her peers and really isn’t by herself in the KOF series but she sure made for a great character for the story of the Banshee. Many of the colors she has also work well with the flavors and the dark color of the beer. Since it is close to a winter warmer, it also fits as she is a user of the cold.

Lizard of Koz by Founders brewing

15419565_10103803780969410_174120525985247878_oRating: 7/7

Lizard of Koz by Founders brewing is a 10.5% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Blueberries, Chocolate and Vanilla aged in Bourbon Barrels.

This one is near and dear to our hearts. Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki wanted to make the birthday of his little sister, Liz, a special one. So he did what he does best and brewed a stout using a few of her favorite ingredients: fresh Michigan blueberries, rich chocolate and vanilla aged in bourbon barrels to round out those beautiful flavors. Liz was floored and we think you will be too.

Founders does not release many barrel aged brews but the ones they do release are bad ass! KBS and Backwoods Bastards are no exceptions to these rules as both are world class beers. This one comes towards us like bat out of hell or a Godzilla rising out of the water ready to start a fight with some bitch ass monsters. Oh wait, it is a lizard on the label. The name Lizard of Koz can have many meanings. Koz as in the 7th division head priest or according to the urban dictionary, a word you can use any way you want and it will still make sense. The only thing that makes sense right now is this brew review so let’s show the world what this blue berry radiation from Godzilla’s spines is all about, cheers!

Rich Blueberries, vanilla, bourbon, oak, caramel, anise, molasses, dulce de leche caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon, coffee cake, Kahlua liqueur, dark fruit raisins, blueberries, currants, pomegranates, raspberries, blueberries cheese cake, blueberry marshmallow smores, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Bakers Chocolate, German Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate and toasted coconut hints.

Rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Bakers Chocolate, German Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, dark fruit raisins,blueberries, currants, pomegranates, raspberries, blueberries cheese cake, blueberry marshmallow smores, blueberry mint ice cream, anise, molasses, tobacco hints, bourbon, oak, pecan pie, bananas, coffee cake, Kahlua liqueur, fruit cake, licorice hints, maple syrup, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, cookie dough ice cream, Danish cream, steamed blueberry milk, blueberry yogurt, blueberry preserves on toasted rye bread, mocha, sweetened condensed milk, crème brulee and toasted coconut.

Finishes with rich dark fruits, blueberry yogurt, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, bourbon, banana hints, marshmallows, Danish cream and brown sugar. No alcohol in the taste, dark full body, smooth, creamy and velvety mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.
Another Barrel aged bucket lister hitting the list right next to BBA Smashed Blueberry by Shipyard and Birra Artigianale Draco by Birrificio Montegioco. This one definitely lets the blueberries, chocolate and vanilla drive the point forward long with a rich complexity provided by the base beer and the bourbon oak. They were for going for a damn decadent rich blueberry dessert and damn, the achieved gold! This literally hits you flat on your face with rich flavors. I highly recommend you get this one!
Anime Corner:
Leona Heidern from SNK’s King of Fighters/Metal Slug series was chosen not only because they relased a bad ass brew, but because sometimes you just need a bad ass character to make a bad ass representation. Leona gives the manliest of men blue balls not just by her looks but by kicking the shit out of her opponents and them saying thank you and coming back for more. Leona don’t take shit from no one and just like this beer is ridiculous, so is she. Can you really dominate this brew? Good fucking luck!!

2011 Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Cru by Black Diamond

12970836_10103190864074780_7477775824459977104_o 12928205_10103190865192540_5928422493362163486_nRating: 5.5/6

2011 Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Cru by Black Diamond is a 9% ABV Belgian Dark Strong Ale which 75% is brewed with Fruit with Vanilla Beans Added and 25% Ale is aged in Bourbon Barrels.

The designation of “Grand Cru” originates from the Burgundy region of France. Brewers have taken the term and applied to it more elaborate, aged and reserved versions of their beers. Our Belgian-style Dark Ale has been taken to the next level by the careful blending and aging techniques.

After much tinkering -with a number of unique ingredients combined with wood barrel aging- we arrived at this wonderful juxtaposition of fruitiness and maltiness which harmonized magically to produce this delicious winter warmer.

When poured, the beer has a deep mahogany hue. In the aroma, figs and dark fruit intermingle with notes from the wood barrel used, as well as subtle notes of banana and bubblegum from the fermentation process. Aging for twelve months on oak brings forth flavor of the barrel, as well as vanillin from the wood that is complemented by vanilla beans which provide a velvety smoothness and richness . The taste starts with the rich sweetness of the fruit, carries through with a rich mellow center and finishes dry, allowing for another glass as you sit by a cozy fire.


I first had this beer back in 2012 for my birthday. Back then it was a beer that my brother got me as a gift. Back then I remember this one for being one for being memorable. Not only in its deliciousness but also the sentimental value since it was a gift from my brother. During a trip over to my friend Julio’s house in La Mirada California, I had visited Sammy’s VIII Liquor and they had a bottle of this aging. While the price was right, I couldn’t help but just bring it back to the site, years later after I first tried it. The artwork was really cool as well. So if it is true that the original bottle was from 2011, then I hope 5 years aged has given way to a very delicious brew. Let’s find out. Cheers!

Wine grapes, oak, bourbon, dark fruit berry jam on toasted rye bread, bananas, clove spice, cinnamon, Dark fruit raisins, prunes plums, figs, dark cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, currants, cranberries, Dark fruit yogurt hints, pecan pie, brown sugar, stone fruit apricots, peaches, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, milk chocolate raisins and chocolate cherry cordials.

Rich Dark fruit raisins, prunes plums, figs, dark cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, currants, cranberries, Wine grapes, oak, bourbon, marshmallow smore hints, stone fruit apricots, peaches, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, milk chocolate raisins, chocolate cherry cordials, port wine, raspberry chambord, dark fruit berry jam on toasted rye bread, bananas, clove spice, cinnamon, Dark fruit yogurt hints, pecan pie, flan hints and crème brulee hints.

Finishes with rich dark fruits, oak, stone fruit, mild bourbon notes, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, marshmllow and cinnamon hints. No alcohol in the taste, crimson dark murky body, smooth, velvety and mildly creamy mouthfeel with a sipping drinkability.

An exceptional brew with lots of dark fruit forward flavors with notes of bourbon. This brew reminds me a lot of the Deschutes Anniversary ales except where those are stouts this one is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale/grandcru. Essentially, the Belgian Dark Strong version. Ofcourse, while that is leagues away from this one, I still like this one as it was a gift from my brother a long time ago. I would highly recommend it if you love fruit forward beers with notes of oak and bourbon. Especially if you can find the aged one. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Janne D’Arc from SNK’s World Heroes was used in this brew pairing since I used her for the pairing long ago. The castle in the label of the brew reminds me of Nockmaar castle from the movie and NES game Willow. In the movie, it had a strong swordswoman named Sorsha which wore armor similar to that of Janne. While there is no anime version of Sorsha, Janne from SNK was the closest I could find. The brew colors, label and Janne bring me back to the nostalgia of the old school Willow series I loved as a child.