Homebrew Project #35 Summer Love American Mosaic Blonde by Nubis Sanctum Ales



Rating: 4/5

Homebrew Project #35 Summer Love American Mosaic Blonde by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 4.5% ABV American Blonde brewed with Mosaic.

Homebrewed for my friends Cesar Molina & Jeanette De La Luz wedding on 9/3/2017.a

The special project was brewed in collaboration with my friend Oscar Pacheco and Cesar Molina which was made for the light drinkers. A refreshing beer that used my original recipe (Home Brew Project #31 Mega Rolling Light Sessions) but made as a 6 gallon batch instead of 5. In response, the beer came out lighter than the original recipe. Due to additional volume, the beer actually came out less hoppy which is very good for those that did not like hoppy beers. To my surprise to, it seemed to be similar to a nice refreshing summer lager. Despite the fear of running out of beer that day though, it seems the crowd definitely loved the other choices but this one was definitely one that was not to pass up. In short, it gave me an idea on how to tone down the alcohol and even the bitterness to please those that don’t drink very heavy beers.



Golden State of Mind by Ale Industries



Rating: 4.5/5 

Golden State of Mind by Ale Industries is a 4.4% ABV Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale.

Golden State of Mind is a Tea Beer constructed using local California ingredients, from the oats, barley and wheat to the fresh coriander, chamomile, and sweet orange peel. This gives Golden State of Mind its smooth, dry, bready malt character with earthy, spice notes and hints of citrus. A true taste of California in all its beauty, the Golden State of Mind is a Gruit – it is made without hops.

Tea, banana, clove, spearmint, greeted, fruit loops cereal and more refreshing awesomeness. This… be.. Gruit!