Home Brew Project #32 Thar Ye Be, Mangos! by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 4.45/5
Home Brew Project #32 Thar Ye Be, Mangos! by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 5% ABV Hard Apple Cider Made With Mango and Brown Sugar.
Project#32 takes a throwback to my Passion Fruit and Mango Cider which one of the best light ciders I’ve ever made. Yes, and I meant the light ones as many of the strong ones I would say they are the best in their own right. The reason I wanted to make it just plain mango was mainly because I wanted to see how it would do on its own with just mango. If I make a Passion Fruit one by itself, I will rate it accordingly. Since the Passion Mango mix was ridiculous. The name of the cider I will explained later as I chose it with the choice of the artwork pairing as I usually do with many of my beer and cider pairings. Most of this year, I will be making simple brews and ciders as I am on a personal goal at the moment. Granted, I would still slightly like to experiment. While I do use flavoring to get an idea, as I get more experience, I will be using more fruit with these ciders like I do with beer. So for now, lets see how this one is, cheers!
Mango, honey, stone fruit peach, apricot hints, golden apples, cane sugar, brown sugar, honey dew melon and lychee notes.
Mango, Golden apples,stone fruit peach notes, honey, cane sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, grapes, honey dew melon, strawberry hints, guava, caramel, butterscotch hints, lychee and guanabano hints.
Finishes dry with notes of the mango, tart apple hints, cane and brown sugar hints. No alcohol in the flavor, clear light golden body, crisp, clean and super refreshing mouthfeel and very easy to drink.
A very delicious cider! While it is not the same passion fruit tropical goodness I remember with the passion mango cider I made, the single use of mango and the brown sugar takes it in another direction. A sweet direction in fact especially since the brown sugar and mango does give it a very nice flavor. Very nice and clean like the original one I made. I will keep this recipe in the books and hope to make it again!
Anime Corner:
Nami from One Piece was chosen for this pairing as I wanted this cider to be synonymous with tropical fruit and hence the sea. So since Nami is a pirate, setting forth in search of gold would be like trying to find this amazing golden mango cider. Something that many would have to search far and beyond. The name Thar Ye Be, Mangos! Is pirate speak once the mango cider goodness is found! Also, Namis colors would fit with the different mango colors like reds, greens and yellows.

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