Canebrake by Parish Brewing

10577061_10101994840271070_6628225391028001744_n 10460271_10101994841094420_1991578322241266307_nRating: 4.35/5

Canebrake by Parish Brewing is a 4.9% ABV American Pale Wheat Ale brewed with Louisiana sugar cane.

This delicious beer was brewed and bottled in small batches with great care and passion for our craft, by Parish Brewing Co, in Broussard, Louisiana.

Brewed with Louisiana sugarcane! A new Louisiana tradition in the works. Crisp and easy to drink, this sparingly hopped American wheat focuses attention on the understated sweet remnants of sugarcane.


A beer brewed with sweet cane stalks? Yes, Please!! Growing up in Mexico I use to enjoy fresh sugar cane stalk. Now there is such a thing in beer. Wow, what won’t brewers do to make such awesome little beers like this. I gotta give special thanks to my friend Aaron at for hooking me up with this brewsky from Louisiana. One that we do not here in California. Hopefully one day we will see it here. If you find it, let me know what you think, cheers!

Sugar cane stalk juice, agave syrup hints, peach, guava hints, honey comb, peppercorn, coriander spice, biscuit bread, stone fruit, tropical hints, citrus and mango tang.

Orange, lemon zest, peppercorn, farmhouse hay, guava, stone fruit peach, mango hints, sugar cane stalk juice, agave hints, prickly pear, passion fruit, dragon fruit hints, coriander spice, wheat bread, pear, apple, biscuit bread, caramel, vanilla hints, grassy notes and honey comb.

Citrus, biscuit bread, peppercorn, farmhouse hints, floral hop notes, sugarcane stalk juice and tropical fruits. No alcohol in the taste. Easy to drink, crisp, refreshing, medium body, light mouthfeel and a great summer beer.

Very good wheat ale. This is the first Sugar cane beer I have ever had. As a young kid, I used to love the Mexican vendors growing up that would sell the sugar cane stalk. You would munch on the stalk to extract the sweet nectar and get rid of the grassy remains. This beer reminds me of that and it does had some flavors reminiscent of those days for me.

Anime Corner:
Yugito from Naruto was chosen to pair in this beer because not only was it the first time I try a beer from Parish brewing but the first time I bring Yugito into the beer world here on the site. She is the host of the Two Tailed Cat beast from the series. Her golden hair represents the threads of cane stalk while the green in some instances reminds me of the tropical fruits and sugar that are brought from this beer. The bead necklace she wears on her arm represents like that of religion which the name of the brewery, Parish, is what is represents. The demon cat represents the complexity of flavors that even such a beer at a low ABV can hold. So basically, it is like her unleashing that fury out,


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