(2017 Birthday Review) Home brew Project #29 SangriLeche Chapter: 2 – Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!? by Nubis Sanctum Ales

Rating: 6.25/7

Home brew Project #29 SangriLeche Chapter: 2 – Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!? by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 14% ABV Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Blood Lord Bourbon Barrel Aged Espresso Coffee Beans, Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Sweet Cherry Puree, Gold Syrup and Pecans Oak aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon.

SangriLeche, Chapter: 2 Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!?
Damn it all! This is what I get for listening to pink haired broads trying to sell me some goods off the streets. When people used to tell me not to take candy from strangers, I should have listened. Heck, you too! How the hell else you get a hold of this damn cursed bottle. I was but a pawn to this girl’s seductions. Trying to sell me a bottle of some magical cherries and now, I am stuck here. Going on these dumbass, fucking space adventures.
I heed you warning though friend, do not make the same mistake I made. Drinking this will only summon that cherry choco cordial selling girl with no remorse and you will be a slave to this like I have. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Don’t drink this BEER!

Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Blood Lord Bourbon Barrel Aged Espresso Coffee Beans, Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Sweet Cherry Puree, Gold Syrup and Pecans Oak aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon.


Project #29 was inspired by everything that is awesome! Beer, Anime, Video Games and anything that celebrates geekdom. For the longest time, I always wanted to make a beer similar to the Bruery and Three Floyds Collaboration: Rue D’Floyd. An Imperial Porter aged in bourbon barrels with Vanilla, Cherries and Coffee. Since the days of Project #6 Oblivixen’s “Sangri-Leche” Maelstrom, I knew I wanted to make return to that beer. A beer that took a lot of experimentation, effort and time to essentially become, my first attempt at barrel/oak aging a beer. It was such a damn hit that it paved way for some of my other oak aged brews which I was very fond of and so were many of my friends. The return of the Sangrileche, however, was going to be different. Essentially, as I pondered about beer and geeky stuff, I remember how awesome and geeky Stone’s W00tStout was.

When I had heard that Wil Wheaton was awesome enough to share the recipe, I thought awesome I wanna brew that beer too. Then I thought, wait a second, What if I borrow some ideas from that W00tStout recipe and create my own new recipe . Essentially, it would not be a Belgian Stout, but many of the Sangrileche elements would make a return. Not in the way I imagined but very damn close. Heck, I wanted to make a W00Stout/Rue D’Floyd hybrid. Since Sangrileche already carried the vanilla, cherries and coffee like it did with Rue D’Floyd, why not, pay tribute and make it similar to that using some W00tstout inspirations of Pecans in place of peanut butter and add more dark chocolate and some sweeter cherries. What really put the “Cherry” on this dessert was when I brought the unholy grail of the Bourbon Barrel Blood Lord Coffee into the mix. Dark Matter’s Coffee beans, Unicorn’s Blood Coffee (Which were also used in the original Sangri Leche) aged in bourbon barrels that had “Three Floyds – Dark Lord Imperial Stout”. Yes, this coffee had a limited run but it was worth it to create this madness of a beer that would soon be the second coming of BloodyMilk (SangriLeche). So with that and a special Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon (Unfortunately I ran out of Dragon’s Milk Bourbon) which was referred to me by my friend Oscar, this beer was finally born.

W00h! That’s a mess, TL:DR. Essentially, it took me several months of aging but this beer made it just in time to bring it to the website and give my thoughts on my crazy creation. Why does it have so much game influences? Go Read or Listen to the “Ready Player One”, which is also narrated by, you guessed it, Wil MuddaFuckin’ Wheaton himself! Yes, that book has so many references to the 80’s and 90’s lore just like this beer has so much going on making it in my mind, one of the best video game beers and also one of the best home brews I have ever brewed to date. With that says, today marks my birthday so this is essentially a treat to myself and fans alike. Cheers and thank you for your support!!

Chocolate Cherry Cordials, Dark chocolate, earthy chocolate, Chocolate abuelita, Carlos V Mexican chocolate, oak, bourbon, vanilla, toffee, caramel, mocha coffee, dark fruit raisins, prunes, currants, blackberries, raspberries, pecan pie, flan, crème brulee, banana split sundae, rocky road ice cream, Khalua coffee notes, coconut hints, walnuts, Irish cream, chocolate cherry cake, milk sugar, chocolate port wine, Nutella chocolate, oatmeal cookies, anise, tobacco and leather.

Super Rich Dark Chocolate, Chocolate abuelita, Carlos V Mexican chocolate, earthy chocolate, almost like a mole spice, Milk chocolate, German Chocolate, Bakers Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla, Dulce de leche caramel, toffee, butterscotch, dark fruit raisins, currants, raspberries, blackberries, prunes, dark cherries, sweet cherries, port wine, Nutella chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Cordials, Banana split Sundae, whipped cream, marzipan, mazapan, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, walnuts, prailines, rocky road ice cream, almond joy chocolate, toasted coconut hints, flan, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa krispies, Kahlua coffee Liqueur, Irish cream notes, Cherry Chocolate cake, Tres Leches/ Three Milks cake, mocha, roasted coffee notes, fancy coffee notes, oak, bourbon, molasses, mint chocolate chip hints, oreo cookies and cream, raisin bread pudding, lactose milk sugar and chocolate cookie dough.

Finishing with Chocolates for days, Nutella, dark chocolates, Mexican chocolate, dark cherries, vanilla, caramel, earthy chocolate, oak, bourbon hints, mocha, pecan pie and banana split cherry sundae. For being my strongest beer to date at 14%, you can’t really any of the alcohol. The body is fully pitch black and abysmal like the previous iteration of Sangrileche. The mouthfeel is very smooth, not as chewey as the original sangrileche but velvety and syrupy. A major sipper for sure, but this brew was made to be sipped and taken with ease.

Ridiculous. Really fucking ridiculous, oh did I mention, fucking ridiculous! While it is not as sweet as the original Sangrileche, its still a dessert though. Not cloying and very out there. The majority of the beer is like drinking chocolate syrup like some of the best choco vanilla barrel aged beers out there. The cherries really start to play when the beer warms up and more of the dark fruit flavors start to come out. While the beer does not have much head retention, it is expected at such a high 14% ABV. Now, the real question is, did I really succeed in making the ultimate hybrid geek beer. The answer is Yes and No. Yes because the flavors are similar to those on the Bruery and Three Floyds and W00tstout combined with some Dark Lord Imperial Stout. The No part really has to do with the fact that it is not those beers, its my own creation. It is something new but at the same time, it is a geek beer. I poured so much effort and fan splurging as I can possibly think of into this. Geekdoms are made by fans and Geek inspired home brews are made by fans as well. So yeah, it is a fucking Geek Beer in its own damn righr. A crazy one at that. Even so, as crazy as some of my other beer recipes have been in the past, this one truly takes the cake. Yes, how appropriate, cake for my birthday. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Haruko Haruhara from FLCL/Fooly Cooly and many video game characters were all chosen in this pairing because for being an insane and really out there beer, I needed to bring an anime character from one of the most beloved franchises who is all about rock and is a space psycho. You really have to think, how crazy this beer is with all its ingredients, colors, strength, retro name and geekiness. Yes, recipe base of W00tstout inspired darkness is the embodiment of pure Beer and Geeky media! While Krystal Fox from Star Fox was the original mascot for this beer, I paid tribute to her as you can see from the label. Yes, I could think of no one better.



Coconut Jones Dog by Pipeworks brewing


Rating: 6/6

Coconut Jones Dog by Pipeworks brewing is an 8.5% ABV Sweet/Milk Stout brewed with Coconut, Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla Beans.

Stout with cacao, vanilla bean, natural flavors added
Jones Dog is a pup who knows what’s up. The addition of coconut to our milk stout with cacao nib and vanilla, makes this brew a real treat. No man’s best friend is an island, but this brew might make you feel like cold chillin’ on one. If you fetch a bottle, lap it up!

Obtained this one from thebottleshop.net. This beer label intrigued me and being a coconut stout and from Pipeworks, I definitely wanted to get it. They make great beer and I haven’t had anything yet that I did not find very delicious and exceptional from them. Since Death By Coconut by Oskar Blues, Mash & Coconut and Cacaonut from the Bruery, there hasn’t been a coconut beer that has really exceeded my expectations on the coconut beer category. So another coconut stout is definitely something I want to take a shot at. Let’s take a look at this one. Cheers!

Toasted coconut, macaroons, vanilla, caramel, toffee, Mexican Cocada candy, Danish cream, Jamoca ice cream, rocky road ice cream, Bailey’s Irish cream, Khalua liqueur notes, coffee cake, marshmallows, smores chocolate, dark fruits like raisins, currants, boysenberries, dark cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, rich almond joy chocolate, cookie dough and pecan pie.

Rich toasted coconut, Mexican cocada coconut candy, coconut macaroons, vanilla, caramel, toffee, coffee cake, marshmallows, smores chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, dark fruits like raisins, currants, boysenberries, dark cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, rich almond joy chocolate, cookie dough, Danish cream, Jamoca ice cream, rocky road ice cream, Bailey’s Irish cream, Khalua liqueur notes, Cherry cordial chocolates, Tropical fruit notes of Piña Colada, dragon fruit, passion fruit, bananas, pecan pie, hazelnuts, chocolate mousse, coconut flan and 3 leches chocolate cake.

Rich Coffee cake, Toasted coconut, vanilla, Hazelnut, dark fruits especially the dark cherry and raspberries, rocky road ice cream, mocha, cookie dough and tropical hints linger. No alcohol in the taste, pitch black darkness of inner coconut space body, velvety, silky, smooth and chewy mouthfeel with a moderate to sipping drinkability.

Trying to compare some of the best coconut beers I have ever had, this one is definitely higher on the dark fruit and cherry list. The complexity in comparison to some of the other coconut beers I have had is definitely different and while I love each one for their different, I love this one for the fruitiness. I would definitely like to try this one again and would recommend those that can get this one should definitely try it.
Anime Corner:
Krystal Fox from Nintendo’s StarFox, Lavenda by Tofu93 and original art by priincessu were used in this pairing as I wanted to pair with the dog at the beach. While these characters are K-9s, although different than the normal pooch, I think the colors along with the dog help accentuate the scene of tropical beer here.


Shake Chocolate Porter by Boulder Beer

1471828_10101540508415750_513383517_n 1472874_10101540508535510_1845927651_nRating: 4.45/5

Shake Chocolate Porter by Boulder Beer is a 5.9% ABV American Porter brewed with cacao nibs

Our twist on the traditional American porter, Shake chocolate porter is black in color with rich, dark chocolate aromatics and flavors and subtle coffee-like notes. This unique brew blends five different grains, including Chocolate Wheat, that along with cacao nibs create a devilishly delicious chocolate finish with a velvety mouth feel.

Got this one as an extra for shopping online. I have tried many chocolate beers. Some more awesome than others. This one specifically caters to tasting like chocolate or a chocolate shake. At the ABV, this I had to try. I do believe you don’t have to have a really high ABV for a beer to taste like it was intended, although it helps sometimes

Chocolate ice cream notes, chocolate wafers, hints of mocha, coffee, caramel hints, vanilla hints, hints of rocky road, milk shake notes, lactose, cocoa pebbles and cocoa crispies cereal

The flavors are of bitter dark chocolate, sweet milk chocolate, cocoa crispies, cocoa pebbles, lots of bitter roasted coffee throughout, mocha notes, caramel, vanilla, chocolate ice cream, waffle cones, milkshake malt, lactose, tootsie roll hints, pecans and toffee notes.

Lots of chocolate milkshake, chocolate wafer notes, waffle cone, caramel and vanilla and mild roasted coffee. No alcohol present but even at such an ABV, it has moderate drinkability.

A very good beer but if it wasn’t for the chocolate, it would be more coffee bitter. I will give it the benefit of the doubt because it got sweeter as beer got warmer. Funny though because as the coffee went away, the chocolate shake and cocoa nibs shined as well. I would recommend it worth trying. It is not the ultimate chocolate porter but when it says there is chocolate, there is a good amount of it even if the coffee roastiness takes over at times. A great representative of a chocolate shake

Anime Corner:
Filia from Skullgirls is a nice girl that has a parasite, named Samson, on her hair that made her lose her memories. She is on a quest to retrieve her memories. The pairing of this beer which I saw was that she is drinking a milk shake but ofcourse, it is an alcoholic milkshake. On one end, you have the sweet chocolate milkshake flavors but on the other end, you are drinking an alcoholic beverage. The second photo couldn’t be any more perfect as it fit the label very nicely with the brown and yellow circles. In terms of flavors, Filia represents the sweetness of the beer while Samson is the Alcohol and roasty bitterness that is given by the coffee.