Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale by Coors Brewing

10615414_10102005956733590_6022947761193374494_n 10612956_10102005955750560_4645246927305597780_nRating: 4/5

Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale by Coors Brewing is a 5.5% ABV Herbed/Spiced beer.

In the Street markets of Mexico, our founder and head brewmaster, Keith Villa, first experienced a refreshing, creamy drink known as Horchata. Our cinnamon-spiced ale is his interpretation of this delicious Latin treat.

An Horchata beer? Well yes it is possible. I have actually tried 2 horchata beers in the past and both have been very exceptional. While I understand Blue Moon is considered ‘crafty’ by some, I am always open to try new beers. Especially those that catch my attention. Now I have only reviewed few blue moons that have caught my interest. Because there is a lack of Horchata beers, I definitely did not want to miss out on an opportunity to try this one. Expectations aside, I can only know that this may or may not be as good as what I have tried before. Regardless of this fact, I will do my best to break it down for ya and maybe see if you would like to try it.

Cinnamon toast crunch cereal, apple jacks, Citrus, coriander, biscuit bread, brown sugar hints, vanilla hints, caramel hints, apple jacks cereal, rice milk notes, honey, cereal grains, pilsner malt, apple cider notes, lemon peel and wheat.

Citrus, lemon peel, vanilla hints, caramel hints, cinnamon toast crunch cereal notes, biscuit hint, cereal grain, rice milk horchata, rice pudding, sweetened condescended milk, apple jacks cereal, honey, apple pie hints, earthy notes, graham cracker, wheat bread, milk sugar and flan hints.

Cinnamon lingers for a very long time. Like you just ate some cinnamon toast or apple jacks cereal other than that it has a dry finish. No alcohol in the taste, easy to drink crisp and refreshing.This beer has a light body with a light mouth feel. Good for the summer or even what is left of it but mainly for Fall.

This ended up being pretty good I was quite surprised. At first, the cold may give you more of a cinnamon and grainy cereal taste but as you let it warm up, the rice, sweetened milk sugar and more cinnamon come out to play to hide the grainy taste. Despite this, it keeps stuff balanced so nothing is too overwhelming. Possibly, the best Blue Moon variant I have ever had. This beer started to grow on me the more I had it. I would recommend at least a try if you are skeptical. It may change your mind.

Anime Corner:
Cinnamon from Megaman X Command Mission was used in this pairing not only to pair with the colors of the label but also the color of the beer and the ingredients. Cinnamon is the obvious reason and just the fact that she is blonde fits with the colors and the flan and vanilla hints as well as the other flavors of the beer. She is the healer in the game so by choosing her I wanted to imply the pleasantness of this beer. Makes you feel better as you give her a chance.


Tumescence collaboration by The Bruery and Bottlelogic brewing

IMAG5969 IMAG5968Rating: 4.4/5

Tumescence collaboration by The Bruery and Bottlelogic brewing is an 8% ABV Saison/Farmhouse Ale brewed with Mangoes, Raspberries, Herbs and spices.


This saison was brewed with brettanomyces, mangoes & raspberries and a selection of herbs and spices for extra enjoyment.

The OC beer community is growing quickly and luckily it is filled with amazing people. We had a lot of fun brewing this experimental ale with our old friends who are now our new neighbors. Best enjoyed fresh, but may pleasantly evolve over time if cellared properly

The first collaboration of the year for The Bruery and maybe for Bottle Logic. This was a february release for the Reserve society but will also be released for the preserve society and possible to the markets soon next month. A saison is a delicious style of beer brewed in the French speaking parts of Belgium, or so I heard. They are very prominent by many breweries and even my favorites are from Stillwater Artisanal. So, for the brewery to make one with mango, this I had to see.

Mango, peppercorns, hibiscus, raspberries, grapefruit and herbal hops, citrus, coriander spice, strawberry, cilantro, lemons, biscuit bread, brettanomyces funk, stone fruits like apricots and peaches and apples.

Lots of flowers, spices, mango, grapefruit hops, tart raspberries, peppercorns, stone fruit apricots, peaches, sour apple, sage, grapes, funky brett, biscuit bread, farmhouse hay, lemongrass, cilantro herbs, pineapple, strawberry, chamomile and hibiscus.

Citrus, herbs, spices, mild mango, tart raspberry, herbal and grassy hops. There is no alcohol in the taste. This is moderate drinking beer.

If you love saisons, you may love this very delicious beer. At some points, the herbs were pretty sharp but I think that was the point when they needed to balance out the sweeter tropical notes of the beer. In this sense, it is not as sweet as other saisons but the bitter flowers, spices, herbs and some sweetness of the tropical fruits do come together nicely. 

Anime Corner:
Ignis from Jingai Makyō was chosen to for the pairing of Tumescence for the label, beer colors and flavors. Tumescence is actually the word for inflammation of something. In this case, Ignis representing the raspberries and Mango fights off the demons of the living Brettanomyces to maintain a place in the beer so that it does not sour out and shows the tropics a bit more. The surrounding red of her hair and the red of the background really shows the raspberry and mango aspects of the beer. Can you see any other art of this luminescent beer that pairs with the artwork?

Lips of Faith series Coconut Curry Hefeweizen by New Belgium

1240347_10101372958018090_1866690177_nRating: 4.3/5

Lips of Faith series Coconut Curry Hefeweizen by New Belgium is an 8% ABV Hefeweizen brewed with coconut, herbs and spices

The list of spices in this coconut curry hefeweizen is almost as long as the list of awards bestowed on home brewer, Remin Bonnart. Together we brewed up a traditional German-style wheat beer whose fruity estersand spicy phenols pair perfectly with the spicy and fruity character of curry spices. Pour yourself a plateful.

So here is the fall release of the the Lips of faith series. A coconut curry hefeweizen. Indeed a unique sort of beer that probably has not been done before. I have had other coconut beers and the curry beer Indra Kunindra from Ballast point. Very good indeed. This brings forth something different though, let us see where this goes

Aromas are very unique and very different. Citrus, curry, toasted coconut, oak, campfire, spicy chiles, cinnamon coriander, bananas, cloves, walnuts, chicken and gravy, biscuit bread, herbs, spices, floral burnt incense, citrus and lime.

The flavors are definitely like curry, rich toasted coconut, marshmallow, coriander, cumin, cayanne pepper, citrus, lime, cinnamon, tangerine, banana, clove, pecans, biscuit bread, caramel, chicken and gravy hints, ginger bread, flowers, burning incense, barbeque sauce hints, spices of India and mango.

Aftertaste is almost floral, bready, lemon and spicy. It is quite the easy sipper. Definitely take your time with this one. It is very odd and different. 

Overall I am amazed as to how different this beer is. I have had a curry beer before which was more chocolate and coffee curry This one is taking a lighter style like the heffeweizen and doing something very different things. Very good beer for sure but very unique and different. May be off putting to some. A beer that taste like a fancy Indian dish?? unheard of.. LMAO!!! Speaking of which, wonder how well it would fare with a nice curry dish. Could we reach the utmost highest levels of Nirvana? Possibly, if not, this definitely fits as one of the more exotic beer pairings of taste, art and experience, ciyarsa !!! 

Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder (Gradually, Quietly, Steadily) Collaboration by The Bruery and Dogfish Head

561586_10101353305317260_515181196_n 1238112_10101353308041800_1114235904_n 1004932_10101353309314250_926516231_n 1231294_10101353303510880_121072834_nRating: 4.6/5

Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder (Gradually, Quietly, Steadily) Collaboration by The Bruery and Dogfish Head is an 8.25% ABV Japanese Herb/Spiced Beer brewed with Kumquats, spices and Sake yeast

We brewed this beer to honor our brethren in Japan who stood strong in face of adversity when faced with disaster. Created with traditional Japanese ingredients and sake yeast, this beer is best consumed fresh.

Two of the most out-of-the-box breweries around, The Bruery and Dogfish Head recently combined forces on a brew; the result is as intriguing as one might expect. Inspired by the strength of the Japanese people to remain sturdy during the recent earthquake that hit their small island nation, the beer’s depth of flavor comes from flavors steeped in tradition. The ale is brewed with a spin on the traditional shichimi togarashi, or Japanese seven spice blend. Ginger, cayenne, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and nori were added to a base blonde ale that was created using two kinds of rice. Replacing the typical orange peel included in shichimi, whole kumquats were pulverized and added to the whirlpool, giving the spiced beer a kick of fresh citrus. A blend of sake yeast and The Bruery’s house yeast was used to ferment this beer into a dry and complex ale, different than anything you’ve likely had before. One dollar from every bottle sold will be going to help the brewers and beer drinkers of Japan in need of our support to fight back from disaster.
First in the Collaboration Series for the Bruery.

I remember I had always wanted to get my hands on this beer but never got the chance. I found this one at the 38 degrees Grill in Alhambra California. It seems this beer was made in 2011 in commemoration of the March 11, 2011 Earthquake in Japan. It seems the beer was also named after that Daft Punk Song (Harder, Better, Faster Stronger). Regardless, the beer states best consumed fresh. Will this be past it’s prime or just at the perfect serving? Not too sure but keep reading to find out.

Aromas seem fresh still :). Citrus, peaches, apricot, kumquats, apples, mango, biscuit bread, caramel, wine grapes, coriander, wheat bread, herbs, flowers, hibiscus, lemon peel, green tea, funky notes and and slightly peppery

The flavors are of grapes, apples, citrus lemon peel, kumquats, peaches, honey, biscuit bread, coriander, rice sake, green tea, peppercorns, hints of caramel, peach cobbler, hints of mango, floral notes, herbs and spices

The aftertaste leaves pretty dry with only hints of the grapes, citrus, biscuit bread and sake notes. Still a refreshing beer amazingly and drinks smooth as well.

Overall the beer is surprisingly still awesome. Aged for 2 years and it is still awesome. So it makes me wonder how much fresher it was having it in 2011 and having it now. Regardless, still a pretty good beer. Biiru wa, totemo oishii desuyo!! Kanpai! ^_^b

Mountain Standard by Odell Brewing

549083_10101118066941850_1444964370_nRating: 4.75/5

Mountain Standard by Odell Brewing is a 9.5%ABV Double Black India Pale Ale

As winter sets in, we embrace the darkness, celebrating the change in season with this double black IPA releasing it as Daylight Savings falls back to MST. We handpick hops here in Colorado on the western slope. The robust hops and roasted malt character balance perfectly with just a bit of bitterness. Go ahead, Give in to the dark side.

This ales is very rich in flavor and fragrance. This beer screams rich mint, chocolate, caramel, some mocha, grassy and earthy hops, herbs, basil, spices, lemon citrus, and slight smoke. The flavors are of earthy grassy hops, herbs, spices, sweet and dark chocolate, mocha, caramel, mint, anise, molasses, some basil, sweet garlic, lemon, citrus, coffee cake and some slight nutty notes. This beer reminds me of Self-Righteous but with more chocolate flavor than the herbs and spices. While still bitter, it is somewhat smooth and drinkable hiding that 9.5%ABV which can be sensed later.

The Maharaja from the Dictator Series by Avery Brewing

527753_10101113024262420_123263704_n 530107_10101113025709520_69014882_nRating: 5/5

The Maharaja from the Dictator Series by Avery Brewing is a 10.4%ABV Double India Pale Ale

Maharaja is derived from the sanskrit words mahat, – “great” and rajan – “king”. Much like its namesake, this imperial IPA is regal, intense and mighty. With hops and malts as his servants, he rules both with a heavy hand. The Maharaja flaunts his authority over a deranged amount of hops: tangy, vibrant and pungent along with an insane amount of malted barley – fashioning a dark amber hue and exquisite malt essence. This newest Avery Dictator completes the “Dictator Series” joining the likes of The Kaiser & The Czar. Be aware that The Maharaja is a limited release only available for the summer. Welcome to his kingdom! 

This is considered a world class IPA according to a lot of Reviews standing at 102 IBUs. Upon opening the bottle, there was very nice tropical fruit fragrance that overwhelmed. The aromas have a more sweet tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, peach, orange juice, and rich caramel base coming forward followed by the floral, grassy, piney and grapefruit hops, garlic and onion bread scent, but very nice along with some herbs and spices. The flavors are similar to the fragrance of this one which are of caramel, grassy, piney, floral, and grapefruit hops, some peach, pineapple, garlic and sweet onion bread, biscuit bread, toffee, strawberries, flowers, some peppers, herbs and other nice spices. It surely quite the DIPA. While it doesn’t focus all the way into the regions of tropics, it has enough to balance the other herbs, spices and strong hops allowing for a very bitter but extra sweet beer. It leaves off pretty dry which is interesting for 102 IBUs. Doesn’t leave a lot of bitterness so it allows you to take even more sweetness next time around. Surely a great DIPA to get and one that is best fresh!

Belgo Belgian India Pale Ale by New Belgium

601638_10101089982054190_1473596584_nRating: 4.5/5

Belgo Belgian India Pale Ale by New Belgium is a 7%ABV Belgian IPA. I have tried this several times but I finally got one to sit down and review.

Friday night and the lights are low; Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe, looking for a place to belGO. Get in on bottle condition beats and hop aroma blasts as India Pale Ale grooves with Belgian yeast.

Fragrance of this beer reminds me so much of all those delicious Belgian IPAs and Belgian Pales I have tried many times although in a lighter sense. With a mix of sweet honey, biscuit bread, citrus, floral and grassy hops, herbs, spices, rye, peppercorns, grapefruit, peach and apples. The taste is where it saves the beer. Flavors are of herbs and spices, apples, grassy and grapefruit hops, biscuit bread, a little bit of peppercorns, slight flowery flavor but to the level of Saison,citrus orange, honey, peach, slight caramel and a bit of those tripel clove esters. While a lot of the flavors of the delicious BPAs and BIPAs are there, they are not full frontal and overwhelming. Meaning it is a beer to enjoy the flavors one enjoys from the awesome Belgian Pales but without too much of a full body giving way to a beer of very good flavors but still light crisp and refreshing. They mostly sell this in a 6 pack and it is a major winner for me. From the regular stuff (not Lips of Faith series) I would call this one number 2 next to the their Abbey ale. The Abbey ale is simply world class awesome. I will review that one as soon as I get my hands on one 😀

Migdal Bavel (AKA Tower of Babel) collaboration by Stillwater Artisanal and Extraomnes

420354_10101060596353370_621134300_n 28992_10101060588050010_309083145_nRating: 4.75/5

Migdal Bavel (AKA Tower of Babel) collaboration by Stillwater Artisanal and Extraomnes is a 6.66%ABV Italian Saison made with Myrrh an Szechuan Peppercorns.

a crisp blond farmhouse ale brewed with Myrrh & Szechuan Peppercorns.

Been looking all over the place for this one. Took almost half a year for me to find to so reviewing this one was gonna be such an awesome task. Aside from the eerie 6.66%ABV, this beer has some mysterious aromas and flavors. The aromas start off herbal, floral and spicy. Fragrances of bread notes, flowers, mango, peppercorns, citrus, grapefruit, oak wood, pears and pineapple. The taste is very rich in herbs, spices and funky wild yeast. Flavors can gather are of citrus orange, slight pineapple, lemon, herbs, flowers, honey, vanilla, peppercorns, a bit of wine grapes, banana bread, bubble gum, pears, mushrooms, basil, coriander and spices. The after taste leaves with some nice grassy and spice bitterness which still complemented by flowery sweetness. I am unsure as to how Myrrh taste but possibly the little bit of herbal and spicy bitterness maybe a result. Either way, another awesome saison and an awesome collaboration. Saison and Farmhouse ale fans will enjoy this one 😛

Fillmore Fusion by Lagunitas Brewing

11212_10101059919784220_1027903425_n 551403_10101059919414960_1880041555_nRating: 4.75/5

Fillmore Fusion by Lagunitas Brewing is a 5%ABV American Pale Ale

Brewed to honor the 100th Anniversary of the building housing the historic Fillmore Theater in San Francisco. The resulting 5% ABV beer utilizes a new, experimental hop called ADHA 483.

Upon opening this beer, I knew something was quite different about this beer. This was in a good way of course. The hoppy fragrance is quite different adding like an exotic fruit character like a lychee, kumquat, dragon fruit or persimmon like aroma. Some of the grassy and pine notes are subtle and give way through some more tropical fruit flavors such as the grapefruit, mango, oranges, tangerines, caramel, cherries, and like a gummy bear sweetness. The Flavors are awesome. Starts off with typical west coast California grassy, piney and grapefruit hops followed by those exotic fruits like a persimmon, dragon fruit, lychee or kumquat. We also come a nice tangerine, orange, lemon, mango, papaya, pear, slight cherry, apple, herbs and spices. A very crisp and sweet Pale Ale. Refreshing as well. Definitely a summer type of beer with some very interesting flavors. A must try.

Birra Etrusca Bronze collaboration with DogFish Head, Birra del Borgo, Baladin and Dr Patrick McGovern

25975_10100990484083920_983623981_nRating: 4.75/5

Birra Etrusca Bronze collaboration with DogFish Head, Birra del Borgo, Baladin and Dr Patrick McGovern is an 8.5%ABV Traditional Spiced and Spiced Ale brewed with honey, hazelnut flour, heirloom wheat, myrrh, gentian root, raisins, pomegranate juice & Pomegranates

Dogfish Head worked with our Birreria Brother Brewers (Birra del Borgo and Baladin) and biomolecular archeologist Dr. Patrick Mcgovern to create this Ancient Ale. We made a research pilgrimage together to earl Etrusca warrior tombs in the hills and along the coast of Tuscany. The 8th c. B.C. Recipe is based on chemical and botanical evidence of tree resins; beeswax and honey; whole pomegranates; hazelnuts; grapes; and apples found inside ancient jars and drinking-bowls. It represents the prehistoric mixed beverage of Italy before the arrival of wine. Our version is fermented with bronze, a popular material brewing and cooking in the Etruscan era.

Dogfish Head has been known to come out with some really awesome ales. Especially those with a lot of history behind them and research. This one is one of their latest coming all the way from Rome
Upon opening the beer, there was a great amount of fragrance that reminded me of the Shati beer. Honey, biscuit, herbs, spices, Banana cloves, flowers, citrus, grapes, cherries, pomegranate, sweet bread, brown sugar, hazelnuts and almost like a corn or wheat tortilla smell. The flavors are kinda mixed and complex. Hazelnut and caramel biscuit bread, candi sugar, oranges, banana cloves, raisins, pear, grapes, pomegranate, herbs, spices and slight peppercorn. I almost feels like sugary and fruity wheat or corn tortilla in the after taste. Not a bad thing at all really. It is different in a good way. Some of the ingredients I have not tried so I can only guess as to how close the flavors are of the beers to something I can relate to. Another Delicious Ancient Masterpiece brought to life by Dogfish Head. Give it a try 😛

Stillwater Artisanal Sensory Series v.1 – Lower Dens

481299_10100988286318260_1859954446_n 306548_10100988287530830_109302783_nRating: 4.5/5

Stillwater Artisanal Sensory Series v.1 – Lower Dens is a 6% ABV Spiced and Herbed collaboration ale brewed with Jamaica (Hibiscus Flowers) between the Lower Dens band and the genius that is Stillwater Artisanal.

welcome to the sensory series 
a collaboration to create the experience to stimulate the 5 senses: Sound, sight, smell, touch, taste
In this first collaboration, Stillwater works with Lower Dens to make an ale based on an interpretation of their song, “In the End is the Beginning.” On the bottle itself, a QR code will link to an exclusive Lower Dens performance of the song.

Needless to say I scanned the barcode just for the full effect :P. Initial aromas are very floral and sweet like that of Eucalyptus, Roses, Hibuscus and peppercorns. Lots of tropical aromas like Mango, Orange, papaya, pineapple, lime and also a bit of bubble gum. The Flavors are that of a Saison with its nice bready yeast, peppercorns,herbs, pineapple, hibiscus, mango, papaya, stone fruit, tangerine, peaches, pears, apples, roses, manzanilla (Chamomile tea), cane sugar, banana cloves and biscuit bread. The after taste is of nice buttery bread with orange and sugar cane. This would probably go good with some nice cheese. I think this beer reminds me a lot of the stateside but with more tropical flavors. It is pretty good

While you watch the video: you get sense of what it is about. It is pretty good stuff

Ranger IPA by New Belgium

268023_10100964262157870_1834729844_nRating: 3.6/5

Ranger by New Belgium is a 6.5%ABV India Pale Ale

Are you a hopinista? Thank our Beer Rangers for inspiring (and begging for) this well-balanced Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hopped IPA. 70 IBUs

New Belgium makes some nice beers like their Fat Tire Ale. This is their IPA. I have tried many IPAs so I will try to find what is good about this one. The aromas of the Ranger IPA start off with alittle bit of citrus, grassy pine, grapefruit and minor honey biscuit.The flavors are as many IPAs go. Grassy, Pine, Grapefruit, citrus, subtle caramel, biscuit, some herbs and spices, minor notes of peach or a mango but not too fruity. It has a nice hoppy, grassy and bitter aftertaste. While it is quite balanced with flavors, it has nothing new that blows me away. Yet, this is still a good IPA to have. I have tried other bad ones, but this one won’t let you down. Especially if your into IPAs for the hops mainly.

Johnny Cask/75 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head

302859_10100940997590250_1777288784_nRating: 4.75/5

Johnny Cask/75 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head is a 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale made with maple syrup. So here’s the thing, the original intention of DFH was to put Johnny Cash in the label for their 75 minute IPA but due to legal reason they had to “slightly modify” the original label. Either way, that is still Johnny Cash as you can see from their website here: ( Also, it is the same beer too just one from a cask and the other bottled. 

Label (Johnny Cask): 
Johnny Cask has entered the building! We’ve retrofitted a 15 barrel tank to perfectly produce a very special cask conditioned ale (so, we have a little time to play around during winters at the Delaware coast). This beer, known as Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA is a blend of 60 and 90 Minute IPAs with a special whole leaf cascade dry-hopping session. Post-hopping the beer gest transferred into firkins and dosed with fresh yeast and maple syrup from the ole family homestead (actually the first batch will be re-fermented with maple syrup from the farm up the road from ours since ours won’t be ready until late March. 

New label:
There are some situations when 90 is too much. There are other situations when 60 is too little. There are many situations when 75is juuuust riight. Bottle-Conditioned with pure maple syrup for complexity and dry-hopped out the bejeezum boards.
The fragrance of the Johnny Cash/Cask beer is kind of piney and hoppy but there is some biscuit bread and caramel notes in the smell. Some orange and roasted peanut aromas as well. The flavors are pretty good. Biscuit bread, caramel, minor herbs and spices, grassy, floral hops, grapefruit, orange (but slight, not like the 90 minute gummy bears orange), slight tangerine, some maple, oak wood and grape. Not at the lowest of bitterness as 90 minute IPA, yet still alittle bit bitter. The truth is when it comes to how bitter and sweet this beer is, it is quite balanced. Not too extreme like the 90 minute or the 120 minute which is not for unprepared palates, but just right in the middle. Sweet and bitter still get along so you still get a bit of both flavors. Not quite a double IPA and not quite an IPA but an IPA and a half. Still pretty awesome stuff.

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew by Dog Fish Head

Rating: 4.85/5

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew by Dog Fish Head is a 9%ABV Imperial Stout blended with authentic Tej which is an African Honey Liquor as brewed in Ethiopian culture. They also add Gesho Root which is a plant also found in Ethiopian. This beer was actually a collaboration with Sam Calagione and Miles Davis’ family. Bringing forth history in the form of good music and beer :P.


Miles Davis’ seminal Bitches Brew album was a game changer – a bold fusion of rock, funk and jazz. To honor the 40th anniversary release, Dogfish Head has created a bold, dark beer that’s a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root. Like the album, this beer will age with the best of ’em. To hear the music and the story that inspired this beer , go to

For Information on the inspiration for this beer: 

This is an awesome beer. I have been meaning to pick this up for quite a while since I kept seeing it online. I was hopeful that maybe one day they would re-release this beer again in the stores. I was finally able to find it at Total Wine in Redondo Beach. Not sure how long this one is going to last so if you love historical beers, and well DFH is know for historical beers :P, go get this while it last. Upon opening this beer, I got the awesome whiff of Folklore, a similar Historical Belgian stout saison bybrid by Stillwater Artisanal. There is an an overall strong essence of dark chocolate and coffee like other stouts. Soon after, there comes some sweet honey, caramel, vanilla, toffee, grapes, raisins, cherries, minor lemon zest, herbs and spices as well as some minor bready notes. Not quite like a Belgian but the dark fruits and sweet dulce de leche like make up for it. Which is more like of what I remember from Folklore. However, unlike folklore, this is more fruity. The chocolate, coffee, honey, grapes and cherries push more than the other complexities. This is quite a unique stout and should definitely be tried for sure!! 😛