Japanese Green Tea IPA collaboration by Baird, Stone and Ishii brewing

10931552_10102341252593000_8740547401777090240_n 10419954_10102341253032120_2060022365432984757_nRating: 5.2/5

Japanese Green Tea IPA collaboration by Baird, Stone and Ishii brewing is a 10.1% Double India Pale Ale brewed with Green Tea.

Our style of brewing has always been about taking chances. It’s an extension of our “what-if” mentality, wherein we ask ourselves what would happen if we did things di¬fferently in the brewhouse, such as fermenting with a di¬fferent strain of yeast or, in the case of this beer, incorporating whole-leaf green tea imported from Japan. The answer, embodied in this IPA when we first released it in 2011, was something truly magnificent, delicious and as proven by the reissued edition you hold in your hand in 2015, well worth brewing again. But what if we changed it up a bit? Yes, it’s riskier to change something most people thought to be liquid perfection, including out two-time collaborators Bryan Baird of Japan’s Baird Brewing Company and Toshi Ishiii, a former Stone brewer and the founder of Guam’s Ishii Brewing Co., but we’ve found that, when approached with cautious curiosity and logic-driven creativity, reward often follows such risk. So, in bringing this IPA back to life, we followed the same recipe developed four years ago, but exchanged Pacifica hops from New Zealand,a hop-growing region that was becoming quite popular in 2011, for Helga hops from Australia, an area with burgeoning botanical scene right now. The result is an IPA that’s as bright, herbaceous and bitingly hoppy as the one that’s had our fans requesting its return ever since its depletion from store shelves, but with a modern, hop-driven twist that makes this second draft unique and tasty in its own right.


Oh My God It’s Back!! The Green Tea IPA is back! The one beer that actually managed to nail the green tea flavors. The original brew was made in support of the Japanese Tsunami from March 2011. I had received my first sample from my friend Julio who got me a bottle of this and had traded for a St. Bernardus back in 2011. This beer was very special and as I remember it was very delicious. It’s return and especially in a bigger quantity is baffling. I am hoping and praying and a return of the Chocolate Cherry Stout collab. That beer was damn out of this world and even aged well too. Well, let us take a look at the re-release, Cheers!

Green Tea, caramel, vanilla, grassy, piney, herbal, floral and mild grapefruit hops, stone fruit like lychee, apricot, pears, apple, guava, dragon fruit, green tea ice cream, mango, purple sweet potato ice cream, sweetened condenced milk, vanilla, oranges, tangerines, prickly pears, lemon grass and brown sugar.

Rich Green Tea Ice cream, vanilla, biscuit bread, grassy, piney, herbal, floral and mild grapefruit hops, garlic and oniony notes, citrus, pineapple, rich Green tea leaves, spearmint/yerba buena, sweetened condensed milk, strawberry notes, flan, dragon fruit, lychee, pears, apples, stone fruit hints, purple sweet potato ice cream, guava, tangerines, oranges, coriander spice, lemon peel, lemon grass, mango, pineapple hints and prickly pear.

Green tea, rich vanilla, caramel, sweetened condensed milk hints, rich hoppy, grassy notes, citrus and honey. No alcohol in the taste, clear golden body, creamy, crisp, refreshing and smooth mouthfeel, easy to drink. 10% really ain’t nothing for this beer.

Damn perfect IPA. Just as good as what I can remember from when I first had it in 2011 but maybe better. It is like a fusion between an IPA and a Green Tea Ice cream. So far, it is showing me it is the best Double IPA in 2015 and very damn unique. The variety and change slightly in the recipe is showing me some stuff I have not seen before. I would highly recommend this one as it has become one of my favorite IPAs.

Anime Corner:
Fuu Kasami from Samurai Champloo was used in the original review way back in 2011. I chose her for the review in this pairing since I wanted to pair with the aspect of Japanese Culture and Green Tea. Fuu has a back up of Samurais by the names of Mugen and Jin so if she is in trouble they are there to protect. The overall aspect of Japanese influence in this beer is insane so the perfect pairing back then was just the one for this one too. Definitely even at 10%, it has Samurai Champloo all over it.


Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder (Gradually, Quietly, Steadily) Collaboration by The Bruery and Dogfish Head

561586_10101353305317260_515181196_n 1238112_10101353308041800_1114235904_n 1004932_10101353309314250_926516231_n 1231294_10101353303510880_121072834_nRating: 4.6/5

Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder (Gradually, Quietly, Steadily) Collaboration by The Bruery and Dogfish Head is an 8.25% ABV Japanese Herb/Spiced Beer brewed with Kumquats, spices and Sake yeast

We brewed this beer to honor our brethren in Japan who stood strong in face of adversity when faced with disaster. Created with traditional Japanese ingredients and sake yeast, this beer is best consumed fresh.

Two of the most out-of-the-box breweries around, The Bruery and Dogfish Head recently combined forces on a brew; the result is as intriguing as one might expect. Inspired by the strength of the Japanese people to remain sturdy during the recent earthquake that hit their small island nation, the beer’s depth of flavor comes from flavors steeped in tradition. The ale is brewed with a spin on the traditional shichimi togarashi, or Japanese seven spice blend. Ginger, cayenne, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and nori were added to a base blonde ale that was created using two kinds of rice. Replacing the typical orange peel included in shichimi, whole kumquats were pulverized and added to the whirlpool, giving the spiced beer a kick of fresh citrus. A blend of sake yeast and The Bruery’s house yeast was used to ferment this beer into a dry and complex ale, different than anything you’ve likely had before. One dollar from every bottle sold will be going to help the brewers and beer drinkers of Japan in need of our support to fight back from disaster.
First in the Collaboration Series for the Bruery.

I remember I had always wanted to get my hands on this beer but never got the chance. I found this one at the 38 degrees Grill in Alhambra California. It seems this beer was made in 2011 in commemoration of the March 11, 2011 Earthquake in Japan. It seems the beer was also named after that Daft Punk Song (Harder, Better, Faster Stronger). Regardless, the beer states best consumed fresh. Will this be past it’s prime or just at the perfect serving? Not too sure but keep reading to find out.

Aromas seem fresh still :). Citrus, peaches, apricot, kumquats, apples, mango, biscuit bread, caramel, wine grapes, coriander, wheat bread, herbs, flowers, hibiscus, lemon peel, green tea, funky notes and and slightly peppery

The flavors are of grapes, apples, citrus lemon peel, kumquats, peaches, honey, biscuit bread, coriander, rice sake, green tea, peppercorns, hints of caramel, peach cobbler, hints of mango, floral notes, herbs and spices

The aftertaste leaves pretty dry with only hints of the grapes, citrus, biscuit bread and sake notes. Still a refreshing beer amazingly and drinks smooth as well.

Overall the beer is surprisingly still awesome. Aged for 2 years and it is still awesome. So it makes me wonder how much fresher it was having it in 2011 and having it now. Regardless, still a pretty good beer. Biiru wa, totemo oishii desuyo!! Kanpai! ^_^b