2017 Mélange 5 by The Bruery

Rating: 6/6
2017 Mélange 5 by The Bruery is a 15% ABV Hybrid of 90% Old Ale and Wheatwine aged in bourbon barrels with 10% Rauchbier.


This trip down memory lane is rauch-y blend of our bourbon barrel-aged wheatwine-style ale anniversary ale and smoked beer.

It’s dirty business, rubbing shoulders with friends in the BBQ business. But we’re rolling up our sleeves and revisiting a favorite from an anniversary weekend years ago. Using malt smoked on our friend’s house smoker, we brewed a smoked beer and blended it with our bourbon barrel-aged wheatwine-style ale and anniversary ale. The result is a woody, smoky, blend you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

Released to Reserve and Hoarders Society, this is the newest entry in the awesome Mélange series of beer. Each one unique using different ingredients mainly including White Oak Wheatwine, their Anniversary Old Ale and/or Black Tuesday Imperial Stout. This time around, they blended a smoked beer adding some different kind of complexity to the beer. So far, I haven able to bring a good amount of these beers to the website and hope to continue the trend. I think there is no doubt in my mind that this series of beers have been nothing but pure exceptional gold. Let’s see what the smoke adds to the already awesome beer, cheers!

Dark fruit raisins, plums, raspberries, smokey oak, whiskey, bourbon, BBQ, honey, marshmallow, pecan pie, waffle cone, flan, sweetened condensed milk, Cadbury cream eggs, capirotada raisin bread pudding, smoked rye bread, nutmeg, oranges, tobacco, vanilla and bacon.
Maple syrup, BBQ, smokey oak, bourbon, whisky, dulce de leche caramel, caramelized bacon, honey ham, vanilla, toasted coconut, oranges, leather, molasses, tobacco, chocolate, Cadbury cream eggs, capirotada raisin bread pudding, toasted coconut, piloncillo sugar cone,burnt sugars, butterscotch, plantains, Belgian Candi sugar, dark fruit raisins, plums, clove spice, anise, coriander spice hints, smoked rye bread, nutmeg, flan, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallows, pecan pie, Raspberry chambord and waffle cone.
Finishes with BBQ, pulled pork hints, smokey notes, Cadbury chocolate caramel cream eggs, vanilla, honey, chocolate, and caramel. No alcohol in the taste, hazy orange full body, smooth, chewy, creamy and velvety mouthfeel with a sipping drinkability.
An exceptional brew. As, always, very complex like the other Mélanges and the Rauchbier does add some new complexity to the blend that makes it very enticing. Malty sweet and smokey notes to balance. Overall, like the many Bruery beers, it is a dessert on its own. Highly recommended.
Anime Corner:
Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown was chosen in this pairing as I wanted to mainly pair with the colors of the beer with the orange, black and brown colors. It was also an opportunity to bring this character to the Bruery series of beers as I have not used her in these pairings in the past. To prevent repeat characters, it is always hard to find all the needed characters. I think additionally, her colors and traits like complex personality would go great with the beer as well.

Simple Means by Jester King

14468662_10103598636804960_3498405864601383172_oRating: 5/5

Simple Means by Jester King is a 5.6% ABV Farmhouse Altbier brewed with smoked malt.

Batch #1 11.02.2015

We Looked inward and begged for meaning. Perhaps our great ancestors would make themselves known from within to share their wisdoms. Immediately, a guttural call emerged from the primal darkness in answer. It reverberated through our bodies. Embarrassed, we looked instead to history for our answer. Simple as it was, the inspiration we sought had been written in books all along.

Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin. We brew what we like, drink what we want, and offer the rest to those who share our tastes.

INGREDIENTS: ill Country Well Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Farmhouse Yeast, Native Yeast and Souring Bacteria from Texas Hill country

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

NOTES: The term Altbier. Though classically associated with the copper ales of Dusseldorf, can refer to any older-style beer in the German-speaking world. Both the use of smoked malts and mixed fermentation with native yeast and bacteria predate modern brewing techniques, lending flavors to our farmhouse altbier that are evocative of a simpler, much earlier time. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% bottle-conditioned.

Brought to you by, wholehearted Texas goodness and my good friend and brother beer reviewer, Aaron Mendiola of BeerMetalDude.com. Aaron graces us once again with a brew from one of the best breweries in Texas, if not, one of the best Farmhouse breweries in the country, Jester King! Many brews from JK I have had the fortune to try thanks to Aaron especially since many are only exclusive to JK. So for as many of the brews I could get, always end up here in the site. This brew I first had it once at a beer tasting sessions with my friends at the BeerBumz. They presented its as one of the offering and I remembered that I really liked it. Now that I have a bottle of it, I can carefully analyze and give you a thorough take. Let’s have a look shall we? Cheers!

Dulce de leche caramel, burnt caramel, vanilla, smokey oak, tobacco notes, leather, brown sugar, banana notes, peppercorns, sea salt, tejuino, wine grapes, citrus, mushrooms, ginger bread, fruit cake hints, beachwood, hibiscus, lavender hints, burnt oak, BBQ, bacon and farmhouse hay.

Smokey notes, graham crackers, dulce de leche caramel, salted caramel, toffee, smokey oak, peppercorns, farmhouse hay, tejuino notes, rye bread, citrus, marshmallow notes, sea salt hints, hibiscus, lavender, bananas, clove spice, brown sugar, butterscotch, mushrooms, beachwood, maple, bacon hints, mild BBQ notes, tobacco notes, leather, sweet potato pie, ginger bread, pecan pie, funky must and wine grape notes.

Finishes rich smokey oak and bacon forward with bacon, sweet potato notes, rye bread, caramel, marshmallow, banana and chocolate hints. No alcohol in the taste, Brown medium body, smooth, crisp, chewey and syrupy mouthfeel along with an easy drinkability.

A perfect Farmhouse Altbier. Very rich and nutty, smokey, funky with peppercorn sweets like bananas and other complex flavors. Jester King, while making lots of funky beers, definitely can differentiate itself from each beer made and especially the styles they make. Of the many saisons and wild ales I have had, Jester King is unique just like Stillwater Artisanals has its uniqueness and so does Jolly Pumpkin and other breweries as well. This one to me is a definite hit but then again I don’t know when JK wasn’t. I Highly recommend this one.
Anime Corner:
Ayla from Chrono Trigger was used in this pairing as I wanted to represent the Caveman era and “simple means” of hunter and gatherers. Ayla comes from the prehistoric times so using her in this pairing worked well. She represents a civilization where they had to live essentially like the beer says, simple means. I like these pairings since she also pairs well with the colors of the label and earthiness of the flavors and ingredients. Her holding a bone with meat is like some of the food that was cooked with the invention of fire in those time.


Nein by Surly brewing

12184248_10102889090765910_3829470539746128859_o 12191229_10102889091439560_3401080660801145018_oRating: 5.45/6

Nein by Surly brewing is a 10% ABV Smoked Dunkelweizen/Rauchbier aged in Charred Oak barrels.

Who would have thought, when we sold our first keg in 2006, that we would raise our 9th Anniversary glasses in a new brewery, restaurant, and beer hall? So much has changed in such a short time, both at Surly and across Minnesota. The state’s beer scene is exploding and we are proud to have been part of the boom. Two things, however, haven’t changed a bit – Todd’s distinctive take on beer styles and our local artists’ amazing talent. Erica Williams’ meticulous design for NEIN is the perfect match for Todd’s approach to his craft.

Cheers to nine years!

Inspired by a recent trip to Bamberg, Germany. NEIN is brewed with oak-smoked wheat malt, fermented with German Hefe yeast and aged on charred oak. It’s a huge, complex, dark beer, delivering the intense flavors of smoked banana, vanilla and clove.


Surly is one of those breweries that really stands on its own. An awesome complex and evil (in the demon theme) but deliciously good brewery that really stands out just like the Three Floyds. However, unlike Three Floyds, there is a sense of strong appreciation that is not overly hyped and yet consistently themed, especially since their beers maybe a little difficult but still obtainable if you are able to look hard enough. A world class brewery with so much to say about its awesome glory in the craft beer world that brings a lot of crazy awesome brews. Now for their 9th anniversary ale, it is my pleasure to bring it forth to the site. Cheers!

Smoked oak wood, dark chocolate, banana notes, clove spices, dark fruits like, raisins, figs, prunes, plums, cherry notes, oatmeal cookies, toasted coconut , fruit cake, brown sugar, clove spice, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, marshmallow smore hints, anise, and maple hints.

Dark chocolate, smoked biscuit, grilled bananas, plantain, clove spice, coriander spice, mint chocolate, rye bread, dark fruit raisins, figs, prunes, plums, cherry notes, blue berry notes, stone fruit peach, oatmeal cookies, molasses, anise, coffee cake, maple notes, dulce de leche, vanilla, biscuit bread, toasted coconut hints, flan, fruit cake, oak, smokey campfire, chocolate marshmallow smores, graham crackers, piloncillo sugar cone, banana nut bread, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie and boysenberry cobbler.

Smoked wheat, bananas, dark chocolate, earthy notes, clove spices, anise, fruit cake and oak. No alcohol in the taste, dark brown full body, creamy, smooth and chewy mouthfeel with a moderate to sipping drinkability.

Exceptional beer reminiscent of an old favorite of mine called “Art of Darkness” Ommegang but also some other smoked heffs I had a while back. Unique as always still, Surly has made this one quite unite not being overly smokey but still being everything it can be from the banana clovey and spicy notes that I enjoy from lots of my German beers. An imperial German beer at that and very much full force in terms of flavors. Get this one while it lasts! Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Mari Illustrious, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Sohryu Langley/Shikinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion were used in this pairing as I wanted to pair mainly with the 3 lions and the multiple eyes similarly to the way the Evas (Humanoid/Alien Robots from the show) appear but also right down to their core which is what these 3 awesome girls represent. On one hand, you have each representing the lion, especially with Asuka being the German Japanese influencer, Rei the dark fruit and Smoking hot yet intellectually mixed Mari and the other the lions as robots and then them wearing the dresses. The whole point of the dresses was for a celebration!!!!


Matt’s Burning Rosids (1.5 years aged) by Stone Brewing

12036842_10102849582959870_5159456874156938205_nRating: 5.5/6

Matt’s Burning Rosids (1.5 years aged) by Stone Brewing is a 10.5% ABV Imperial CherryWood Smoked Saison.

Honoring His Memory
Matt Courtright

Life is extraordinarily precious, joyous…and fragile. In 2013, we suffered the tragic loss of our dear friend and coworker, Matt Courtright. In the midst of our grief, we pulled together as the family we are, suggesting and exploring numerous ways to pay tribute to our dearly departed colleague. In the end, we felt there was no finer way to honor his memory than to brew one of his most recent and special beer recipes.

Everyone at Stone recognized Matt’s prowess and passion for brewing. He loved to explore all beer could be, rather than limit himself or his brews to accepted parameters. He conceived a Belgian-style saison with his Stone friend and compatriot, Brian Bishop. Infused with cherrywood-smoked malt, the beer was dubbed Burning Rosids, referencing the rosid plant family from which cherry trees hail.

Matt’s smile and voluminous laugh were infectious mainstays around the brewery. By no means a shrinking violet, he was exuberant, courageous, unfailingly positive and the type of stalwart friend that everyone was happy to have in their corner. He was larger than life in so many ways…and without a doubt, an incredible brewer. We, Matt’s brewing comrades and friends at Stone were proud to hoist our mash paddles and brew this recipe as a symbolic gesture of how much he meant to everyone and how immensely we will miss him.

Rather than regarding Burning Rosids as a somber memento, please think of it as a celebration of Matt. We do. When you drink this very special beer, please join us in raising your glass, both in Matt’s memory and in tribute to everything he so passionately stood for: caring for others, passion and skill for his art, and laughter…lots of laughter. Among the long list of things he held dear were GoDesignInc.org, a charity committed to fulfilling the architectural needs of developing communities around the world; and TKF, a non-profit working to stop youth violence by educating, mentoring and making positive impacts on high-risk communities. We are proudly contributing funds earned through the sale of this beer to this worthy organization in Matt’s honor.

Enjoy, and please remember that life and those we hold dear are precious gifts to be cherished every day. Consider sharing this beer, conversations on life’s passions and, again, lots of laughter, with good friends as we remember ours.



Picked this one up as it is no longer brewed. I love that it is still around in some locations. Never got a chance to do a review but since I do remember how good this one was back then, I wanted to do the review. It is a special beer in honor of someone who lived and died for their passion, which was craft brewing. Many would say how they die by the sword as an honor to serve the greater purpose. Life is short and the meaning is to live for something you love. In this modern society case, we live and breathe craft beer and share with our loved ones our passion for what the craft beer movement really stands for. So much so, that as for me, trying different beers, to reviewing them and now home brewing to share that passion and educate others is something that I really do love. Everyone has something they cherish. Well, for me, my family and friends are very important, but also share the love Anime and Craftbeer. So to bring this beer forth and review but also reflect on life and its own treasures of the senses and experience, I can simply just raise that glass and say cheers to life, to Matt and all other passionate people that really work hard to make that difference in people’s life for even the smallest influence and contribution changes the world for the better. Cheers!

Rich honey, orange preserves, orange peel, tangerine marmalade, floral notes like lavender, hibiscus, roses, sakura cake, rich stone fruit peaches, peach nectar, apricots, mango hints, bananas, clove spice, peppercorn, coriander spice, lemon notes, rye bread, toffee, butterscotch, dulce de leche caramel, phenolic notes, candy sugar, maple syrup, guava quince cheese (Membrillo), butterscotch and brown sugar.

Rich Honey, honeysuckle, sakura cake, rich stone fruit peaches, peach nectar, apricots, mango hints, bananas, clove spice, peppercorn, smokey notes, plum sauce, mild tartness, Tejuino hints, white raisins, dark fruit raisins, plums, figs, dark cherries, waffle cone, marshmallows, grapefruit, oranges, coriander spice, lemon notes, rye bread, toffee, butterscotch, floral notes of lavender, raw like the sun orange preserves on toasted biscuit bread, Rich tangerine marmalade, guava quince cheese (Membrillo), dulce de leche caramel, phenolic notes, candy sugar, maple syrup and Mexican sweet bread.

Finishes with some smokey notes, stone fruit peach, orange preserves, earthy notes, grapefruit and floral hops and bananas. No alcohol in the taste as it has mellowed over time, easy to moderate drinkability, creamy, syrupy and a Golden Cherry light to medium body.

1 year and a half later and this beer is damn phenomenal. So much more richer flavors than when I first tried it on tap sometime last year. The rich phenolic flavors of the Belgian styles, Saisons along with the smokiness that brings about delicious flavors that developed overtime. Essentially, giving way to much stronger fruits and flowers. Much like the way the flowers blossom when they are ripe. This is very delicious and if you ever find more of this beer, it is worth saving a couple of bottles. In Matt’s memory, he would have loved this beer. Cheers to you Matt!

Anime Corner:
Vocaloid Sakura Miku was used in this pairing for the Cherry blossoms/Sakura aspect of the flavors and cherry wood. I have not used this Cherry version of Miku as I never knew it existed. My original pairing for the beer was mainly to be something with cherries, the forest or even burning rosids. I found this artwork as I feel it pairs the best. Very lighthearted, innocent but yet power and delicious like the beer and the tribute to Matt.


The Devil is People by Stillwater Artisanal

12002606_10102814079139810_3836984808573614896_o 12004107_10102814079294500_5945325456982187033_nRating: 4.75/5

The Devil is People by Stillwater Artisanal is a 6.66% ABV Sour Smoked Wheat Ale/ Smoked Gose.

“Bonnie Stillwater is a conceptual collaboration of artistry & friendship. Indie folk-punk legend, Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), experimental music ensemble, Watter, and post modern beer designers, Stillwater Artisanal, assembled in Louisville

The collective then set out to create a unique sensory experience built on existential philosophy and the love of craftsmanship.”

12” single available at: temporaryresidence.com

Finally got around to bringing another Stillwater Artisanal beer to the site. It surely has been a minute and my reviews have been lacking but dying to bring some Stillwater goodness to the site. This time I bring an interesting beer. Aside from the whole occult aspect which really intrigues me, this is a smoked wheat beer. I want to say that my first experience with sour wheat ales has really been from Texas. Thanks to my friend Aaron Mendiola of beermetaldude.com, I have tried the style in the past a couple of times. So to have it from Stillwater, this is going to be an experience for sure. Let us take a dip into the darkness that is, this light looking beer! Cheers!

Lemon peel, straw hay, crackers, farmhouse hay, smoked jerky, peppercorns, wheat, coriander spice, Oranges, White grapes, Sage spice, Sour grapes, funky must, mushrooms, earthy notes, Tejuino, sea salt, lavender, hibiscus, rose hips, juniper berries, lemon drop and smokey campfire notes.

Oranges, Lemon peel, White grapes, Sage spice, Sour grapes, funky must, mushrooms, earthy notes, oak, vanilla hints, smokey campfire notes, Tejuino, sea salt, lavender, hibiscus, rose hips, juniper berries, lemon drops, crackers, farmhouse hay, smoked jerky, peppercorns, wheat, coriander spice, beachwood, stone fruit tart apricots, tart green apple hints, mango and pears.

Finishes dry with some sour notes, sea salt, smokey notes, tart fruits and flowers. No alcohol in the taste, light golden body, crisp, refreshing and moderate mouthfeel with a moderate drinkability.

If you love smokey and sour beers, damn this is a damn delicious blend! Stuff is very pleasant sour and smokey with hints of sweet and sour and salty goodness. For the Gypsy brewer who focuses on the saisons and wild ales, this is definitely a winner in my book. Aside from the captivation and great art work, Stillwater has yet to let me down and the beers are always some of the best out there. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Battleship Symbiotic Hime from Kantai Collection/ KanColle was used in this pairing to pair with the woman in the label but also the skeleton/devil figure of the label. It is kind of ironic how this piece actually contributes to both the Metal Pairings my friend Aaron does and the Anime Pairings I do. It is almost like the beer was made for both Anime and Metal!? Yes, this does exist!!

Here is a link to the song this beer references: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLYK1AfRBmY


Lips of Faith series Grätzer collaboration by New Belgium and 3 Floyds

10492249_10101935637379140_6127348643821595713_n 10488251_10101935638322250_8591663400361695156_nRating: 4.25/5

Lips of Faith series Grätzer collaboration by New Belgium and 3 Floyds is a 4.5% ABV Grätzer style or Smoked Beer.

It’s not dead, but Gratzer is definitely a long-buried style from Poland. Together with 3Floyds we unearthed its robust smokiness with oak smoked wheat and Midnight Wheat. Polish Lublin hops for a bitter bite and lacto for a slightly sour finish, this pours out a billowing, foamy mouth worth indulging.

The next in line of zombie beers out there and brought by an unlikely collaboration with the Awesome 3 Floyds brewing and New Belgium. Prior to looking up this beer, I saw the type of style Grätzer was and long behold it is a smoked beer style like the German Rauchbeer. So I I guess going into this, you would definitely have to have a palate for smokey bitter beers if you would really appreciate it. Then again if you wanna know what grave stones, dirt and zombies taste like and enjoy the label, then awesome. So let us check it out.

Good amount of smoke, oak, dark fruit hints, ash, dark chocolate, burnt caramel, biscuit, smoked peat, licorice, anise, molasses, zombie brains, iron, coriander, wheat, rye bread, maple, brown sugar and earthy hops.

Earthy hops, Smoked malts, oak, dark fruit hints, ash, molasses, dark chocolate hints, burnt caramel, biscuit bread, licorice hints, anise, molasses, grains, coriander, wheat, rye bread, hints of brown sugar, oatmeal, bacon and barbecue hints…oh yeah and zombie brains 

Finishing up dry with hints of smoke, oak and earthy hops. No alcohol in the taste, easy to medium drinkability, pitch black body and refreshing.

This one is very good for a smoked beer. Nothing is overwhelming here giving way to hints and flavors here and there while still maintaining a bitter and smokey balance that sweetens out as you drink it and warms up. For Smokey beer lovers only or just fans that are willing to try a zombie beer. Just realize, its not only evil in appearance…

Anime Corner:
Original character, Shizuka Marikawa and Rika Minami from High School of The Dead represent all aspects of zombies and ass kickery. Basically Shizuka (NB) and Rika (3F) are like the breweries collaborating and destroying zombies to add to the mash and boil. Sounds pretty gruesome but hey, it’s all in the zombie fanaticism anyway. Their creation, Gratzer, is representative of the original character with the samurai swords. This is one bad ass beer and well basically a bad ass collaboration so I really wanted to show the zombie aspects to fit with this one.


Firebird by Gigantic brewing

10150639_10101820424855960_8816744483120056967_nRating: 4.65/5

Firebird by Gigantic brewing is a 6.1% ABV Smoked Hefeweizen.

Beer# 18 in the endless series of limited edition artist and artisan beers.
Firebird Smoked Hefeweizen
A refreshingly complex wheat beer. Aromas of clove and banana intermingle with the light smoke imparted from German malt kilned over beechwood fires.

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss”
-Douglas Adams

A smoked hefeweizen? Never had such a thing but it sure does sound tasty. I got this one online on the bringonthebeer.com site. I have had Gigantic beers in the past and they really have some nice labels that pair awesomely with some of the anime art work. They do this in the name of beer and the arts, so to that, I say cheers!! Now let us see what this one is like.

Burnt sugar, grilled bananas, smokey campfire but doesn’t overwhelm the hefeweizen, sugar cream, oranges, citrus, coriander spice, brown sugar, waffle cone, biscuit bread, honey glazed ham, old orange, peppercorn and clove spice.

Smoked ham, grilled bananas, burnt sugar, clove spice, coriander spice, smokey campfire notes, old oranges, citrus, biscuit bread, brown sugar, honey, graham crackers, toffee, caramel, vanilla, oak, bubblegum and BBQ.

Ending pretty dry at the end with a small bit of the smokey oak, banana and clove spice fading. No alcohol in the taste. Easy to moderate drinkability with a light to moderate mouthfeel.

A very good hefeweizen if you enjoy hefeweizens and the smoked beer styles. If not, then this one you may not like. However, the way this is done, not one style over powers the other. It is pretty well balanced keeping the beer smoke and the sweetness in line. Definitely recommended if you can find it.

Anime Corner:
Youmu Konpaku from the Touhou series was used in reference to the beer label and the ashy smokey aspect of the beer that blends well with the hefeweizen style. The feather in the back of her sword suggests that she is the firebird referenced in the beer label itself. Any other things you can find from this beer that seem awesome?

Take the Black Stout collaboration by Game of Thrones and Ommegang

1382812_10101435699803050_1709517878_n 1375745_10101435699798060_796599398_n 1381171_10101435699823010_1410032006_nRating: 4.5/5

Take the Black Stout collaboration by Game of Thrones and Ommegang is a 7% ABV Belgian Dark Ale brewed with licorice root and star anise.

A stout as dark at the winters that once engulfed Westeros, as robust as the men who swear their oaths at the weir wood tree. Chocolate and caramel sweetness are balanced by hop bitterness. Roasty, woodsy notes, and an earthy finish.

Pour slowly so as to not disturb the yeast sediment, but with enough vigor to create a luxurious head and release the rich bouquet.

The second release of Game of Throne series of beers is one that is a Belgian Stout. One of my favorite styles. Ommegang decided to brew many of these so make sure to pick this one up before it is gone. Also, even if this could be a gimmick, similarly like the last beer, you can never go wrong with Ommegang beers.

Aromas are similar to a Black Ale, with fragrances of chocolate, licorice, chocolate, caramel, dark fruit, roasted malt, peppercorns, earthy hops, fudge brownie, incense, oak and brown sugar.

The flavors are of roasty and lightly smoked malts, dark chocolate, anise, mint, licorice notes, cola, dark fruit, raisins, plums, clove spice, caramel, earthy hops, pepper, oak, plums, espresso and mocha

The aftertaste is of sweet chocolate, earthy bitterness, dark fruit, and brownie notes. This is a full bodied beer so it is best enjoyed sipping. As it warms up, the beer becomes more balanced. Initially it was pretty roasty but as it warmed up, stuff started to fit together.

Overall this is a very good beer. If you watch the show this may be more enjoyable. I actually do not watch it, but I like good beers and this one is good stuff. Looking at the label with the tree, all dark, woodsy and deep roots in the earth, the flavors make a lot of sense. Might go with Lord of the Rings movies too, who knows. Belgian beer lovers and even those that don’t like licorice will like this one.

Mohshinobi: http://mohshinobi.deviantart.com/

Salt Lick (Censored) by Jester King and The Salt Lick BBQ collaboration

1150312_10101347411298920_1176994635_nRating: 4.5/5

Salt Lick (Censored) by Jester King and The Salt Lick BBQ collaboration is a 6.7% Pecan Wood Smoked Saison/Farmhouse ale barrel-aged in wild yeast.

First came the witches, and soon after there were vampires. They came in droves and each time one popped up it seems to be better looking then the last., each polished to a blinding luster. For a brief moment even werewolves even had there moment in the spotlight, plucked and preened to studio perfection. Then, to our astonishment, monsters comprised of nothing more than smoke joined this pop phenomenon – and that we couldn’t resist.

Crafted in the once commonplace, Old World tradition of bière de coupage, young, dry hopped ale is blended with old, barrel-aged sour beer fermented with native yeast. A portion of the malt was smoked over pecan wood at The Salt Lick BBQ (Censored) in Driftwood, Texas. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally conditioned.

Last year, this beer used to be called Salt Lick but per Texas law below, they had to change it:
Update: Our original label application for Salt Lick Pecan Wood Smoked Saison was rejected by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), after having been approved by the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB). We have renamed this beer “Censored” for sale in Texas.

Here is the original label: http://beerpulse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Jester-King-Salt-Lick-Pecan-Wood-Smoked-Saison.png

Along with Das Wunderkind!, I was able to get this one online as well. Jester King makes some of the finest Saisons out there. Goes to show that each Brewery does not have to brew a particular variety of styles but when focused a certain style can go into depths that no other beer can. Yes I am looking at those breweries like Jolly Pumpkin (Sours), Stillwater Artisanal (Gypsy Saisons), The Bruery (Belgian Styles) and many more . I will definitely try to get more amazing JK reviews going . So far I have 5 beers. Check out my other reviews .

One thing to not about this beer, when I opened it, sat it down on the table to take pictures. The beer came to life . Unlike my previous experience with Fantome Boo! Where the beer came gushing out to no ends, this one slowly but surely started to rise, little by little as it came out the bottle and surprised me about a minute later. Now I understand what the label meant about the paranormal :S

Aromas of this beer are quite intriguing. Very Smokey, campfire oak, honey glazed ham, pineapple, peppercorns, tart citrus, musty grapes, minor flower notes, herbs, rotting wood, hidden spices, peaches, apples, salt, hay, lemon juice, tobacco and BBQ pit with spices.

The flavors are of lemon, citrus, salt, smokey honey glazed ham, biscuit bread, Tejuino (Mexican fermented corn drink with lime, sugar and salt), tamarind, hazalenut, over matured orange, sourdough wheat bread, coriander, lemon pepper spice, white peppercorns, barn yard hay, very oaky, musty grapes, a touch of apricot, apples, butter, apple cider vinegar notes, black pepper, sage and other earthy spices.

The aftertaste is somewhere between, salty, smokey, tart, slight sour, fruity and spicy. Quite the combination and smooth and moderately refreshing in fact. This seems way too good to be true. Like drinking this around late august, early September is like perfect because you get nice refreshing notes and that campfire warmth feel you would get as the times approach the fall.

Amazingly this is the first time I have had a beer that is both strictly smokey and slightly sour. Reminds me a lot of Tejuino which is a Mexican fermented corn drink with lime, sugar and salt and sometimes chile added. Very Unique, very interesting, and very delicious. You probably will bee to have an acquired taste for sours or even smoked beers to greatly enjoy this one. Although to me, the balances with the saison is not too overwhelmingly smokey or sour. It fits perfectly in both sides of the universe. Excellent stuff and very awesome if you can find it .

Folklore by Stillwater Artisanal (2013)

 71717_10101051880669670_606677221_nRating: 5/5

Folklore by Stillwater Artisanal is an 8.4%ABV Belgian Strong Dark Mythic Tradition Ale. This is the second time I try this brew and yes… the beer is quite legendary. A favorite of mine from the Stillwater Artisanal line.


Human history is filled with myths and legends that shape and define our culture. Rituals, celebrations, gatherings.. whatever. One thing that’s for sure, is we enjoy a proper shindig. So let’s get the stories flowing and share a little ’Folklore’. A bracingly deep ale, built dark and rich with an elegantly lean body, accompanied by heady aromas of Belgian yeast, earthy hops and gently kissed by a wisp of smoke.


There is a good amount of smoke and roasted notes in the fragrance. Chocolate, sweet bread, grapes, raisins, cherry, caramel, champurrado, port wine, floral spices and peppercorns. The flavors are of a dark saison leaning toward Belgian Chocolate Stout. Mocha Coffee, dark and bakers chocolate, dark cherries, raisins, caramel dulce de leche bread, earthy hop bitterness, port wine, champurrado and a glaze of honey smoke. The aftertaste is left with lingering bread, plum and chocolate sweetness. Simply fantastic. A Rauch Black Saison/ Belgian Sweet Chocolate Stout hybrid. Evil looking, almost macabre and so good for the taste.. and the soul..
2012 Review:
Have you ever wondered if there was an ale out there that people talk about it in myths in legends? Well maybe not beer. More like actual historical and cultural myths and legends. Folklore Mythic Tradition Ale by Stillwater Artisanal (gypsy/gangster) brewer for me is such a beer. Well mainly because I have been looking for this beer for a while. LOL but seriously, the ale is a respective tribute to the human history and how with the myths and legends that people tell define what people cultures are. Whether it be through traditions of rituals, gatherings or any form of celebration within the cultures, one thing for sure is, it is about being social and sharing stories. This brew has both good and evil written all over. It is what is awesome about the our cultures that we have both elements to bring about awareness as well as a guide as to how lead ones life through decisions. Tribute to this super fine ale. This is a Belgian yeast beer with earth hops, roasted malts and smokey oak flavor. Chocolate, cherry, plum and caramel bread overwhelms the palette with minor pine bitterness that lingers after. This ale drinks like a stout but it is not heavy like a stout. It flows well. There also seems to be some floral notes in here as well. There is also a bit of sourness too it that stays after but then is immediately replace with sweet and bitterness after every sip. Wish they would sell more Stillwater Ales here in California. Beer aside, the art is very detailed and well rich. This bottle, like the Stateside Saison or any of the other Stillwater beers is worth collecting on its own. An awesome find, legendary and mythical at that because if you ever find it, then you know the story of this ale was true >:)