Folklore by Stillwater Artisanal (2013)

 71717_10101051880669670_606677221_nRating: 5/5

Folklore by Stillwater Artisanal is an 8.4%ABV Belgian Strong Dark Mythic Tradition Ale. This is the second time I try this brew and yes… the beer is quite legendary. A favorite of mine from the Stillwater Artisanal line.


Human history is filled with myths and legends that shape and define our culture. Rituals, celebrations, gatherings.. whatever. One thing that’s for sure, is we enjoy a proper shindig. So let’s get the stories flowing and share a little ’Folklore’. A bracingly deep ale, built dark and rich with an elegantly lean body, accompanied by heady aromas of Belgian yeast, earthy hops and gently kissed by a wisp of smoke.


There is a good amount of smoke and roasted notes in the fragrance. Chocolate, sweet bread, grapes, raisins, cherry, caramel, champurrado, port wine, floral spices and peppercorns. The flavors are of a dark saison leaning toward Belgian Chocolate Stout. Mocha Coffee, dark and bakers chocolate, dark cherries, raisins, caramel dulce de leche bread, earthy hop bitterness, port wine, champurrado and a glaze of honey smoke. The aftertaste is left with lingering bread, plum and chocolate sweetness. Simply fantastic. A Rauch Black Saison/ Belgian Sweet Chocolate Stout hybrid. Evil looking, almost macabre and so good for the taste.. and the soul..
2012 Review:
Have you ever wondered if there was an ale out there that people talk about it in myths in legends? Well maybe not beer. More like actual historical and cultural myths and legends. Folklore Mythic Tradition Ale by Stillwater Artisanal (gypsy/gangster) brewer for me is such a beer. Well mainly because I have been looking for this beer for a while. LOL but seriously, the ale is a respective tribute to the human history and how with the myths and legends that people tell define what people cultures are. Whether it be through traditions of rituals, gatherings or any form of celebration within the cultures, one thing for sure is, it is about being social and sharing stories. This brew has both good and evil written all over. It is what is awesome about the our cultures that we have both elements to bring about awareness as well as a guide as to how lead ones life through decisions. Tribute to this super fine ale. This is a Belgian yeast beer with earth hops, roasted malts and smokey oak flavor. Chocolate, cherry, plum and caramel bread overwhelms the palette with minor pine bitterness that lingers after. This ale drinks like a stout but it is not heavy like a stout. It flows well. There also seems to be some floral notes in here as well. There is also a bit of sourness too it that stays after but then is immediately replace with sweet and bitterness after every sip. Wish they would sell more Stillwater Ales here in California. Beer aside, the art is very detailed and well rich. This bottle, like the Stateside Saison or any of the other Stillwater beers is worth collecting on its own. An awesome find, legendary and mythical at that because if you ever find it, then you know the story of this ale was true >:)


Folklore, The Tale of Van Winkle by Stillwater Artisanal

Rating: 5/5

And so it was written, a return of Folklore. I have previously stated much about the original beer, the beer of myth and legends (

The Folklore Mythic Tradition ale by Gypsy Brewer Stillwater Artisanal now brings forth a chapter in brewing arts…Folklore, The Tale of Van Winkle. The original Folklore aged in freshly emptied 20year old Pappy Van Winkle Oak Bourbon Barrels coming in at 8.4%ABV.

A recent chapter in the tribute to human history which the myths and legends shape the cultures all over the world. Rituals, gatherings, celebrations or just being social and sharing stories. The original Folklore had elements of good and evil which is important in cultures and decision making. This barrel aged version bring a tale as well….similar to the show of life….Doth Fate Raise the Curtains and let the show commence…..

-=The Show of Life=-

by Billy Shakesbad, begins….OLD NICK: Woe be woman, whose fate it is to serve.MEPHISTA: May thy tongue shrivel, that it spews such falsehoods.

OLD NICK: Ah, but does not a man pull thy strings?

MEPHISTA: We are all but puppets of greater powers.

OLD NICK: Puppets? As in the Show of Life? Truly, birth doth draw wide the curtains. And woman, are thy lines scripted? In that I can be no one but myself, I can say only my lines. So sad, to be so constrained.

MEPHISTA: It is I who feel for thee. Thine own role and fate has ever been written, while mine own changes with each breath. Yea, tho puppet I be, it is hope, faith, and love that pulls my strings.

OLD NICK: Woman, mine ears do sting from thy tongue. I shall away in search of easier folly!
Original Story by Squaresoft Inc. from the Secret of Evermore SNES Game

So what is brought forth in terms of smell and flavor…the original was like a Belgian Stout full of flavors or chocolate, coffee, bread and dark fruits. The fragrance of this is similar with the chocolate, coffee, but there is a rush of caramel and vanilla bourbon. The flavors are similar of oak, cherry, raisins, rye bread, dark chocolate, coffee cake, vanilla, dulce de leche, vanilla, whiskey, molasses, and licorice. The aftertaste is like a dipped peach in chocolate and whiskey. I recommend this one simply because Stillwater has yet to provide a disappointing beer. I love the art work and I love the beer it comes with. Some day I am sure California will have this more often >:)…..

Thus the curtains close on this fine tale/brew and many a brew be brought forth for many morrows…….