Simple Means by Jester King

14468662_10103598636804960_3498405864601383172_oRating: 5/5

Simple Means by Jester King is a 5.6% ABV Farmhouse Altbier brewed with smoked malt.

Batch #1 11.02.2015

We Looked inward and begged for meaning. Perhaps our great ancestors would make themselves known from within to share their wisdoms. Immediately, a guttural call emerged from the primal darkness in answer. It reverberated through our bodies. Embarrassed, we looked instead to history for our answer. Simple as it was, the inspiration we sought had been written in books all along.

Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin. We brew what we like, drink what we want, and offer the rest to those who share our tastes.

INGREDIENTS: ill Country Well Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Farmhouse Yeast, Native Yeast and Souring Bacteria from Texas Hill country

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

NOTES: The term Altbier. Though classically associated with the copper ales of Dusseldorf, can refer to any older-style beer in the German-speaking world. Both the use of smoked malts and mixed fermentation with native yeast and bacteria predate modern brewing techniques, lending flavors to our farmhouse altbier that are evocative of a simpler, much earlier time. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% bottle-conditioned.

Brought to you by, wholehearted Texas goodness and my good friend and brother beer reviewer, Aaron Mendiola of Aaron graces us once again with a brew from one of the best breweries in Texas, if not, one of the best Farmhouse breweries in the country, Jester King! Many brews from JK I have had the fortune to try thanks to Aaron especially since many are only exclusive to JK. So for as many of the brews I could get, always end up here in the site. This brew I first had it once at a beer tasting sessions with my friends at the BeerBumz. They presented its as one of the offering and I remembered that I really liked it. Now that I have a bottle of it, I can carefully analyze and give you a thorough take. Let’s have a look shall we? Cheers!

Dulce de leche caramel, burnt caramel, vanilla, smokey oak, tobacco notes, leather, brown sugar, banana notes, peppercorns, sea salt, tejuino, wine grapes, citrus, mushrooms, ginger bread, fruit cake hints, beachwood, hibiscus, lavender hints, burnt oak, BBQ, bacon and farmhouse hay.

Smokey notes, graham crackers, dulce de leche caramel, salted caramel, toffee, smokey oak, peppercorns, farmhouse hay, tejuino notes, rye bread, citrus, marshmallow notes, sea salt hints, hibiscus, lavender, bananas, clove spice, brown sugar, butterscotch, mushrooms, beachwood, maple, bacon hints, mild BBQ notes, tobacco notes, leather, sweet potato pie, ginger bread, pecan pie, funky must and wine grape notes.

Finishes rich smokey oak and bacon forward with bacon, sweet potato notes, rye bread, caramel, marshmallow, banana and chocolate hints. No alcohol in the taste, Brown medium body, smooth, crisp, chewey and syrupy mouthfeel along with an easy drinkability.

A perfect Farmhouse Altbier. Very rich and nutty, smokey, funky with peppercorn sweets like bananas and other complex flavors. Jester King, while making lots of funky beers, definitely can differentiate itself from each beer made and especially the styles they make. Of the many saisons and wild ales I have had, Jester King is unique just like Stillwater Artisanals has its uniqueness and so does Jolly Pumpkin and other breweries as well. This one to me is a definite hit but then again I don’t know when JK wasn’t. I Highly recommend this one.
Anime Corner:
Ayla from Chrono Trigger was used in this pairing as I wanted to represent the Caveman era and “simple means” of hunter and gatherers. Ayla comes from the prehistoric times so using her in this pairing worked well. She represents a civilization where they had to live essentially like the beer says, simple means. I like these pairings since she also pairs well with the colors of the label and earthiness of the flavors and ingredients. Her holding a bone with meat is like some of the food that was cooked with the invention of fire in those time.