2015 Quingenti Millitre Series Batch No. 07 Xocoveza Mocha Stout Charred Collaboration by Chris Banker, Stone Brewing and Cerveceria Insurgente de Mexico

12794584_10103093368496700_1276024572108918571_n 12747942_10103093368087520_1315413844490123267_o 12778780_10103093367378940_1444468068061274692_oRating: 7/7

2015 Quingenti Millitre Series Batch No. 07 Xocoveza Mocha Stout Charred Collaboration by Chris Banker, Stone Brewing and Cerveceria Insurgente de Mexico is an 10% ABV World Class Milk/Sweet Stout brewed with cocoa, coffee, peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg then aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Pronuced (SHO-CO-VAY-ZA)

Brewed August 17
The base beer is the recipe of 2014 Stone Homebrew Competition winner Chris Banker, an intensely flavorful milk stout brewed with coffee and spices to mimic the rich flavors of Mexican hot chocolate.

In The Mash
U.S. Pale, Maris Otter Pale, Crystal, Black Patent, Coffee Malt & Chocolate Malt

In The Boil
Challenger & East Kent Golding Hops.

Special Ingredients
Lactose, Flaked Oats, Coffee, Vanilla, Pasilla Peppers, Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Cocoa

Unfiltered and Aged 3 months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

CELLAR NOTES: Time spent in bourbon barrels gave an already complex beer even more complexity and flavor intensity, layering additional caramel-like and vanilla flavors on top of those already present. Aromas of rich coffee and dark chocolate are followed by nutmeg and cinnamon; a lush, heavy mouthfeel laden with charred oak and toffee engulfs the palate on the first sip. Lingering pasilla pepper and soft oak flavors persist through an exceptionally long finish in this intensely rich and satisfying beer.

I received this one as a gift by my new friend Joseph Taitano whom I was introduced by my friend Augie Escobedo, both of BeerBumz on Facebook. I had tried the Tequila variant but missed out on getting the Charred one. However, thanks to the wonderful donation, now I can share my thoughts on the beer. The reason I got it was as a special thanks as I had shared my homebrew on a beer tasting session. Every one of which who enjoyed my beers a whole lot. I even got a name, calling me “The Prodigy” of homebrewing. It is true, I have only been brewing beer for a year but the fact that I have been inspired by awesome beers that already exist make me take matters into my on hands and come up with recipes that mimic some of the best beers in the world. While I know I hope to one day make my own brewery, I still need years of experience as well to make it big. So to Augie, Joseph, My friend Will Carranza who introduced me to Augie and to all the BeerBumz as well as my fellow homebrewer Richard Avila, to my friend Aaron Mendiola of BeerMetalDude.com from Texas and people reading my blogs, Cheers to all and a sincerest Thank You!!! Someday, I hope you get to try my brews.

Rich Chocolate Abuelita, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Dulce De leche cajeta/caramel, Kahlua Liqueur, Ancho chile, pasilla chile, Molé, cinnamon, nutmeg, smokey oak, bourbon, pan dulce, piloncillo sugar cone, capirotada raisin bread pudding, marshmallow smores, butterscotch, rocky road ice cream, mocha, roasted coffee notes, cafe con leche, Mexican vanilla, coconut hints, cocada mexican coconut candy hints, dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, Milk sugar, flan, sweetened condensed milk, tres leches cake, Champurrado, earthy notes, molasses, clove spice, grilled platanitos/bananas and Churros.

Charred smokey oak, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel/ cajeta, toffee, rye, Rich Chocolate Abuelita, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Molé, cinnamon, nutmeg, tres leches cake, Champurrado, earthy notes, molasses, clove spice, toasted coconut, rocky road ice cream, cookies and cream, dark fruit raisins, dark cherry, grilled platanitos/bananas, Churros, marshmallows, campfire smores, graham crackers, honey comb, Kahlua Liqueur, Ancho chile, pasilla chile spices but no heat, Milk sugar, flan, sweetened condensed milk, pan dulce, piloncillo sugar cone, capirotada raisin bread pudding, butterscotch, cocada mexican coconut candy hints, mocha, roasted coffee notes, Jericalla Mexican custard, espresso, cafe con leche and Mexican vanilla.

Lots of smokey oak, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, bourbon notes, marshmallow, dark chocolate, campfire smores, piloncillo, chocolate abuelita, pumpkin notes,spicy chile notes, earthy notes, dulce de leche and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV, ridiculously smooth drinkability, very creamy, velvety and smooth mouthfeel, and pitch black body just like the original.

Supremely above and beyond. I had no idea the Xocoveza could take it to another level of enjoyment. Granted, I enjoyed the Tequila version but this is also just as good in its own league. The bourbon and charred oak brings about more smokey caramel and marshmallow flavors forward that you would find in the regular Xocoveza or even the Tequila and Wine one. Complexity on its own terms essentially. With that being said, I would highly recommend this one as well. Heck, I would recommend all 3 brews, they were one of the biggest hits for Stone Brewing.

Anime Corner:
Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach, art by trzaraki of Deviantart.com and May from Backstreet Billiards for the PS1 were chosen in this pairing for different reasons. The original Xocoveza I used May as she represents the Mexican culture of where the recipe was inspired from especially the Mexican brewers that helped Stone with the creation. Since the upgrade using the bourbon barrel aging, I wanted to pair with one of my favorite anime characters, Yoruichi, since I wanted to show case how this was a more powerful beer than the original. I found a pic where she is what looks to be indigenous attire but also the colors of both pictures represent the colors and flavors of the beer. Her becoming a Goddess of Thunder with the purple hair represents the increase in the complexity and strength of the brew bringing the beer to a new league of its own.



2013 Quingenti series Batch no. 8 Crime by Stone brewing

1460138_10101561183387940_855753986_n 1512435_10101561187444810_818161176_n 1475777_10101561191002680_1633661186_nRating: 3.5/5

2013 Quingenti series Batch no. 8 Crime by Stone brewing is a 9.6% ABV Chile beer which consist of Lukcy Bastard ale brewed with chile peppers and aged in bourbon barrels

On Arrogant Bastard Ales 13th birthday we threw all our bastards together—Arrogant Bastard Ale, OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale and Double Bastard Ale—to create Lukcy Bastard Ale. Later, a crime was committed against this gorgeous beer by adding an absurd amount of freshly harvested local 
peppers, including mid-level-heat red and green jalapeños and ultra hot black nagas. Caribbean red hots, Moruga scorpions and fatalis, and thus Crime was born.

I love spicy food more than the next guy. I would even try some of the hottest stuff, but damn, I wasn’t sure if I was up to the Arrogant Lukcy Bastard challenge. Especially one that is made with chile peppers. Considered the second hottest beer in the world, or so I have heard, don’t quote me on it. I am not sure how to approach this but I will do my best 

Rich chiles like my dad makes, fresh red and green japalapeño and piquin peppers, flowery notes, hints of caramel, hints of bourbon but hidden, oak, caramel, spices, grapefruit, vanilla and earthy hop notes

Caramel, bourbon, Pizza crust, flowers, very rich and hot pepper spice but the peppers are still distinct. Earthy hops, grapefruit, vanilla, oak, flowers and spices.

It keeps burning a but the flowery, peppery and fruit chiles are still distinct as well as some earthy hops, caramel spice, and oak lingers a bit. A strong Sipping beer, no alcohol, but still burns. Very careful with this one PLEASE

It is a good beer, but damn it is pretty hot. This would be perfect with a nice steak or chicken. The arrogant bastard taken to heights of new arrogance. Truly doth deserveth thy saying: “You’re not worthy!!” Many people will not like this unless you love beer and really hot chiles. This one is a little more tame and sweeter. I am sure the punishment will be my doom. By the way, this numbs the tongue and you will eventually lose the flavor. This is more of a novelty item. I would highly suggest not getting this beer unless you really love beer and chile, otherwise, you will not like it. This would probably be good for cooking too . But that is it. 

Anime Corner:
Lilith and Morrigan Aensland were used in this pairing because I have used them in some Arrogant bastard beers. Lilith steals the spotlight here because I used her in the lukcy bastard pairing before. The addition of Morrigan in the picture as well as Lilith having her mouth open can represent the “hot and heat” of the beer. Them sitting there almost looks like the home of a crime syndicate hence the name of the beer. The one where Lilith is sitting down represents the beer aging and the last one where it seems there are flowers below Lilith are the chiles that were added to this beer. Awesome stuff.

Quingenti Millilitre Series Stone Ruination IPA (Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels) 2013 Series Batch #6

69490_10101119931405450_1421400816_n 10200_10101119931430400_386104468_nRating: 5.5/5

Quingenti Millilitre Series Stone Ruination IPA (Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels) 2013 Series Batch #6 is a 7.8%ABV Imperial India Pale Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels

Brewed September 17th, 2011
Our “Liquid poem to the glory of the hop,” Stone Ruination IPA has been assaulting palates for 11 years with over 100 IBUs of deliciously intense bitterness and vibrant hop flavors

In the mash
Pale & Crystal malt

In the boil 
Columbus Hops

In the whirlpool
Columbus hops

Unfiltered and aged
16 months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrels

IBUs 59 ABV: 7.8% 
Bottled February 2013 

Cellar Notes: Intense hop flavors still shine brightly despite the lengthy aging time. The barrels lend a pleasantly astringent aftertaste with plentiful walnut and almond tones. Despite an expected loss of IBUs from aging, a robust hop bitterness lingers to meld effortlessly with the oak tannins.

I first had the honer to try this with my friend Rich at the Stone Company Store in Pasadena California. We were able to pour a bottle at the cafe area to taste it. It was then that I realize this was something very special. Even if it was 500ml, which I wish they sold if for less than what I got this for or atleast had it on tap, regardless it was good, unique and quite the different Gold Ruination. I have tried the Gold IPA standard, Ruination IPA and the 10th Ruination IPA before and I realize that these beers are very good so I wanted to see how epic this beer was true to the original. Upon opening the beer, there was an aggressive yet tamed rush of grassy, piney, grapefruit hops which I am used to but then they were immediately followed by bourbon whiskey, vanilla, citrus, caramel, flan, herbs, wine grapes, flowers, honey, almost like an expensive wine cheese, apples, raspberries, peach, mango, oak, almost like a champagne and tamarind. The flavors are of rich oak, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, non-over-powering whiskey, expensive wine cheese, rich grassy and piney bitterness, grapefruit, coconuts, citrus, mango, tangerines, kumquats, Italian herbs, spices, Sweetened condensed milk, maple, crème brulee, flan, burnt sugar, hazelnut nectar, walnuts, pecan pie, mint, flowers, peppercorns, tamarind, raspberries, champagne, bready banana and vanilla cake. As the beer gets warmer that is where you start to get more like a berry taste. While yes it is not the the usual IPA that is best drunk fresh, this is is like taking that same Epic Gold standard and equipping it with golden armor ready to take on years of aging. Almost like sending a man to the moon, this beer explores for the first time (at least to my knowledge) the idea that India Pale Ales CAN be aged… give the right preparation… Go on golden hop warrior and evolve into a heavenly knight of justice ready to strike all the evil beers with less flavors… YES!!!! Just remember, I came into this beer with a very open mind considering the IPA loss vs the Bourbon gain. So if you go into this believing in pure IPA, it may not fit you really. Many IPA lovers might find this one a bit not right but those that love both IPAs and Bourbon beers will ascend into a new realm of nirvana. Enjoy this one if you find it…

Quingenti Millilitre Series Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11 (Aged in Red Wine version)

578489_10100991498281460_1736874845_n 320905_10100991498171680_1978002014_nRating: 5.11/5

Quingenti Millilitre Series Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11 (Aged in Red Wine version) is a 10.6% ABV Chile Beer brewed with Anaheim Chilies and cinnamon aged in Red Wine Barrels. BRILLIANT 😛

Our Stone 11.11.11 Vertical Epic Ale proved to be an eccentric diversion from our previous lineup of innovative Belgian-inspired brews. And considering we’re Stone, that’s really saying something. This unprecedented beer was brewed with cinnamon stick and Anaheim green chiles, giving it an amazing flavor profile unlike anything that came before it. It certainly didn’t need any enhancement, but we just don’t know when to leave well enough alone (and we’ve demonstrated before that you can, indeed, improve upon perfection). So we decided to tinker with it a bit and laid a small portion to rest in wine barrels. Not wanting to limit our experiment to only red or white wine barrels, we chose both. Treat yourself to a bottle of each and compare. All in the name of science, of course…

An already awesome Chile beer that came out in 2011. One which I had already reviewed in 2012 (https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/stone-vertical-epic-11-11-11/) but now aged in Red Wine. Very Interesting. Fragrance of Red Wine grapes, apples, possibly some pepper plan, tamarind, smells like that tamarind Mexican candy as well with the chili powder, some caramel, a slight aroma of Belgian yeast and banana bread and cloves. The flavors are of Mexican Tamarind candy, tamarind juice, chile peppers, cinnamon, chile powder, pears, bananas, red wine, a bit of sour grapes, cranberries, raspberries, plums, raisins, sour apple, dulce de leche caramel, banana bread, cloves, oak wood, and vanilla. The aftertaste leaves those awesome Belgian banana esters with the chile peppers (with out the heat ) wine and tamarind. This one is pretty freaking awesome. The original, the beer I aged and the Red Wine version are remarkable beers. Especially for being chile beers. Now this is another level of awesome. If you can find it, try it. It goes down so nicely and the alcohol….hmmm what alcohol :P.