2013 Quingenti series Batch no. 8 Crime by Stone brewing

1460138_10101561183387940_855753986_n 1512435_10101561187444810_818161176_n 1475777_10101561191002680_1633661186_nRating: 3.5/5

2013 Quingenti series Batch no. 8 Crime by Stone brewing is a 9.6% ABV Chile beer which consist of Lukcy Bastard ale brewed with chile peppers and aged in bourbon barrels

On Arrogant Bastard Ales 13th birthday we threw all our bastards together—Arrogant Bastard Ale, OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale and Double Bastard Ale—to create Lukcy Bastard Ale. Later, a crime was committed against this gorgeous beer by adding an absurd amount of freshly harvested local 
peppers, including mid-level-heat red and green jalapeños and ultra hot black nagas. Caribbean red hots, Moruga scorpions and fatalis, and thus Crime was born.

I love spicy food more than the next guy. I would even try some of the hottest stuff, but damn, I wasn’t sure if I was up to the Arrogant Lukcy Bastard challenge. Especially one that is made with chile peppers. Considered the second hottest beer in the world, or so I have heard, don’t quote me on it. I am not sure how to approach this but I will do my best 

Rich chiles like my dad makes, fresh red and green japalapeño and piquin peppers, flowery notes, hints of caramel, hints of bourbon but hidden, oak, caramel, spices, grapefruit, vanilla and earthy hop notes

Caramel, bourbon, Pizza crust, flowers, very rich and hot pepper spice but the peppers are still distinct. Earthy hops, grapefruit, vanilla, oak, flowers and spices.

It keeps burning a but the flowery, peppery and fruit chiles are still distinct as well as some earthy hops, caramel spice, and oak lingers a bit. A strong Sipping beer, no alcohol, but still burns. Very careful with this one PLEASE

It is a good beer, but damn it is pretty hot. This would be perfect with a nice steak or chicken. The arrogant bastard taken to heights of new arrogance. Truly doth deserveth thy saying: “You’re not worthy!!” Many people will not like this unless you love beer and really hot chiles. This one is a little more tame and sweeter. I am sure the punishment will be my doom. By the way, this numbs the tongue and you will eventually lose the flavor. This is more of a novelty item. I would highly suggest not getting this beer unless you really love beer and chile, otherwise, you will not like it. This would probably be good for cooking too . But that is it. 

Anime Corner:
Lilith and Morrigan Aensland were used in this pairing because I have used them in some Arrogant bastard beers. Lilith steals the spotlight here because I used her in the lukcy bastard pairing before. The addition of Morrigan in the picture as well as Lilith having her mouth open can represent the “hot and heat” of the beer. Them sitting there almost looks like the home of a crime syndicate hence the name of the beer. The one where Lilith is sitting down represents the beer aging and the last one where it seems there are flowers below Lilith are the chiles that were added to this beer. Awesome stuff.

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