Chimay Grand Reserve Ale by S.A Bieres De Chimay

Delicious little bottle. I could only find the small one way in the back of the shelf but there is a reason it is always gone from the shelves. The Chimay Grand Reserve Ale is a very delicious ale filled with the great tasting Belgium yeast as well as dark fruit and chocolate like flavors. The other best part about this beer is that it has some bitterness to it which makes it balanced with the ove
rwhelming taste. A must try and definitely worth the hype.

REVISIT: I found the larger bottle of the Chimay so I decided I give it a review. Let’s learn a little bit about this masterpiece and why it is so great. The Chimay blue, or Peres Trappists Grand Reserve ale is an ale brewed at Scourmont abbey and bottled by S.A Bieres De Chimay in Belgium. Served at 9% ABV is considered a world class beer.A Brew trademarked “Trappist” meaning it was brewed under the walls of a real Belgian Monastery and controlled by the Trappist community of Belgium. The revenue of this brew is used by monks to support charity. Since this brew is made with special yeast stored by Father Theodore and combined by the purtiy of the well protected abbey’s wells gives Chimay a unique and complex richness in flavor. Only natural ingredients can be found as the brew has not been pasteurized nor filtered. Ofcourse like more Belgian abbey’s this brew can be aged for years giving an even more complex flavor. The flavor of this magic brew is like I had explained previously from the last time I tried it. Bready caramel sugar candy, dark fruit and chocolate flavors. Like the St Bernardus 12 but there is minor sense of hops that seem herbal and spicy in a way. very foamy and smells brown sugar like. Surely for those that are into the Trappist style should get this one as well as other beers in the dark Belgian line up *ahem* Trois Pistoles…lol. This brew does not disappoint 😛

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