PKL FKR by New Braunfels Brewing

15128900_10103729927721910_5909407662739951759_oRating: 5/5
PKL FKR by New Braunfels Brewing is a 3.2% ABV Berliner Weisse refermented with Wild Yeast and Bacteria and blended with Pickle Juice.
Commercial Description:
Our lemon-lime Berliner Weisse gets a little star treatment.
Refermented 6 weeks to dry the beer and add a little funky notes to our normally crisply sour wheat beer.
After secondary fermentation, PKL FKR is blended with fresh pickle juice.
It’s a pucker party and you’re invited!
Pickle Fucker (Awesome Name) was sent to me thanks to my good friend and fellow beer reviewer, Aaron Mendiola of This is a definitely unique beer. I have not really seen a beer made with pickles anywhere. My friend William told me about a brew he tried that was made with pickles in a tap room one time but I can kind of see why pickle juice would work with something like this. The closest thing I can think of with special sour beers is the Srichelada from Angel City. That beer was definitely made in the form of a Michelada. Essentially a sour and salty type of brew that is typically made with tomato and clam juice. So, would this be more of a Gose instead of a Berliner Weisse? Well, let’s have a look, cheers!
Lemons, Pickles, biscuit bread, sea salt, pilsner grain, grape hints, stone fruit hints, pepper corn, earthy notes, cane sugar and tejuino maize drink.
Lots of pickle and cucumber juice, lemon, limes, salt, tejuino maize, biscuit bread, wheat bread, pilsner grain, grape hints, cherry hints, peppercorn, stone fruit apricot hints, mango hints, citrus, herbal and earthy notes, funky vegetable notes and cane sugar hints.
Finishing dry with notes of pickles, lemon, salt and fruity hints. No alcohol in the taste, golden pale light body, crisp, clean, refreshing and effervescent mouthfeel along with a very easy drinkability.
Damn session-ably delicious brew! I’ll be honest, this is pretty damn unique. I like my salty and lemon beers every not and again or even pickled foods like pickles, eggs or pigs feet. So let’s put it this way, if you do not like pickles or pickled anything, you probably will not like this. I definitely enjoyed this and would like to have it again. The perfect grading is mainly due to my own personal preference in the fact that I love umami like flavors, its uniqueness and the fact that this is exactly what they were going for, a pickle flavored beer.
Anime Corner:
Nitori Kawashiro from Touhou Project was chosen in this pairing as she represents Kappas. Kappas are these turtle like humanoids from Japanese folklore and love pickles/cucumbers. So her colors as well as theme she brings go with this beer as it is all about pickles and cucumbers.

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