Habanero Cider by Finnriver

10592834_10102417090518190_4060156040130635280_nRating: 4/5* Cider Rating

Habanero Cider by Finnriver is a 6.5% ABV Apple cider made with Washington Organic Apples, Organic Habanero chillies and Organic Cane sugar.

Batch 814
Finnriver’s Habanero Cider release was inspired by the quest for something strange and a hankering for heat. In the winter of 2013, cold days on the farm coincided with the annual Strange Brew Festival in Port Townsend, WA. This gave our crew the inspiration to take the hottest thing we could get our hands on and blend it into out had cider. The combination of chili he4arr and tart apple, mellowed by a dash of sweet, makes for a memorable fermented adventure. Enjoy in any latitude with rice and beans, fish tacos burritos of all kinds, or just a crackling bowl of chips & salsa.


My friend Aaron Mendiola from www.beermetaldude.com provided me with this special cider from Washington. I have never really seen this one. Aaron advised he has not tried this one and I do feel the honor to bring it to the site to see how it is. Seeing as I love spicy foods, habanero and apple cider seem like a very awesome combination. Let us see what this one is all about.

A whiff and you can tell the habanero is there, apples, vanilla, caramel, honey, sugar cane, brown sugar, biscuit bread, orange hints and bubble gum.

Fruity yet peppery notes of Habanero heat, apples, chardonay, mild vanilla, caramel, honey, sugar cane, biscuit notes, orange hints and bubble gum hints.

Finishes dry with notes of apple, and habanero spice. No alcohol in the taste. Clear light golden body, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, but moderate drinkability due to the Habanero attack.

As soon as you drink it the heat flows up into the nostrils through the nasal cavity in the back of the throat. I eat chilis all the time and this one is not too hot, but its almost like habanero fruitiness does travel to mess with the your breathing a bit. So basically the heat does not stay on the tongue for long and you do get to enjoy it, but make sure you sip this one as to not choke while drinking this. I think trying to get a good flavor profile was the challenge here. Even so, get this one if you love hot stuff. It is a well made cider for being one with habeneros.

Anime Corner:
Original Vampire Girl character was used in this pairing since I wanted to show something sweet and at the same time evil. While the cider is sweet, the habanero could be seen as evil. This is why I included both. The colors also compliment the label and the vampire girl eating the apple is like the habanero infusing itself into the apples of this cider.


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